Marvel Cinematic Universe: Here Are All the Phase 5 and 6 Release Dates

Curiosity Stage 5 and half-dozen confirmed — here’s all the new movies and shows

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Marvel returned to Comic-Con later on a three-year hiatus, and we now have a adept idea of what the adjacent few years look similar.

The Disney-endemic studio confirmed the 12 movies and shows that would brand up Stage 5, once Phase 4 ends with Blackness Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11. And although 9 of the 12 were already known about in some chapters, information technology’s even so great to become the total Phase 5 schedule with some firm dates in the diary.

When the MCU Stage four roadmap was revealed in 2019, information technology was in a world before anybody had ever heard of Covid-19, and you could experience the relief that the studio could finally return to San Diego. There, Curiosity gave us a large list of updates nearly its upcoming Curiosity movies and series.

“Three years agone we were here and information technology’due south been a hell of a long fourth dimension since then,” said Marvel boss Kevin Feige. “At that place have been moments I thought ‘Will I ever be in Hall H again and the answer is Thank God, yes.”

MCU Phase 5: Release dates

This is the full list of movies and shows that come under the Marvel Phase 5 umbrella, forth with their release dates.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Equally the championship suggests, you tin can expect to learn a lot more about the Quantum Realm when Ant-Human being and the Wasp: Quantumania arrives side by side February. Jonathan Majors will play Kang the Conquerer, with Paul Rudd reprising his role as Scott Lang/Emmet-Human being.

Release date: February 17, 2023

Hole-and-corner Invasion

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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The upcoming Secret Invasion series follows Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Loma (Cobie Smulders) taking on aliens like Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). We’ve been told to expect a nighttime thriller where you tin’t exist sure who’s human and who isn’t when it arrives on Disney Plus next jump. And here’s why Secret Invasion sounds like the biggest Marvel testify yet.

Release date: Leap 2023

Guardians of the Milky way Vol. three

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Peter Quill and his band of galaxy defenders render for the third outing in May, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, still coping with the loss of Gamora. Volition Poulter joins the bandage as Adam Warlock, and nosotros’re set to larn more almost Rocket’due south past and what turned him into the unique graphic symbol nosotros know and dearest today.

Release date: May five, 2023


Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Very little has been revealed about Echo — the Eagle spinoff centering on the deaf antihero Maya Lopez, played by Alaqua Cox. An origin story, we follow Lopez who must “face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots, and comprehend the meaning of family unit and community.”

Release date: Summer 2023

Loki Season two

Loki season 2 title card

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Equally petty is known about Loki Flavor 2 at this point, other than that it’s coming adjacent summer. Though reading betwixt the lines of Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s interview with Jimmy Fallon
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, we can expect more time travel shenanigans.

“It’s really not bad to exist back and it kind of feels like, because my graphic symbol deals with fourth dimension and the Time Variance Authority, being back in that earth, information technology’s like no fourth dimension has passed,” she said.

Release date: Summer 2023

The Marvels

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Some other moving picture with side by side to nothing known nearly it for the time existence. Still, The Marvels, the defacto Captain Curiosity 2 film has entered production, ready for release in late July 2023.

Release appointment: July 28, 2023


Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Originally appear dorsum at Comic-Con 2019 with confirmation that Mahershala Ali will be playing the vampire-hunting vampire, there wasn’t much new this year, other than to confirm a release engagement. What was once a space for an “untitled Marvel movie” is now Blade, and it’southward coming Nov 3, 2023.

Release appointment: November 3, 2023


Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Following her arrival in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Dominique Thorne will get her own Disney Plus series chosen Ironheart, which will explore Riri Williams’ character in more particular. It’south coming next autumn.

Release date: Fall 2023

Agatha: Coven of Chaos

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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The star of a one thousand thousand winking memes
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, Wandavision’s Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) will return in her ain spin-off. It’s coming at the stop of 2023, or the outset of 2024.

Release date: Wintertime 2023/2024

Daredevil: Born Over again

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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The rumors were true! A alive-action Daredevil serial is coming to Disney Plus in the spring of 2024. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio are ready to reprise their roles from the Netflix-partnered original, playing Daredevil and the Kingpin respectively.

Release date: Spring 2024

Captain America: New Earth Society

Marvel Phase 5 release date

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Captain America: New Globe Lodge has an official release date: May 2024. Very few details at the moment, other than the ominous-sounding title and confirmation that Anthony Mackie wil play the lead after taking on the role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Release engagement: May iii, 2024


Marvel Phase 5 release date

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The final motion picture in Phase 5 is Thunderbolts, which is best described as an MCU take on Suicide Squad. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine looks fix to get together a team of baddies to action her ain vision of justice, and it’s coming in July 2024.

Release engagement: July 26, 2024

What nearly Phase 6?

Aye, we did get our commencement glimpse at MCU Phase 6 with iii projects gear up to arrive in November 2024. These are:

Fantastic Four
— November 28, 2024

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty
— May two, 2025

Avengers: Secret War
— Nov 7, 2025

Not much detail on whatsoever of these, at this point, but the prospect of two Avengers movies in a year is apparently extremely heady.

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