Mavenoid, Which Automates Technical Support And Onboarding For Hardware Companies, Raises $30m –

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Mavenoidis a Swedish company that provides both human being and AI-powered back up and troubleshooting tools for hardware companies and has raised $30 million in Series B funding.

Founded in Stockholm in 2017, Mavenoid works with hardware and consumer electronics companies such as HP, Husqvarna and Jabra to provide technical support and onboarding for customers of everything from printers and ovens to electric scooters and industrial equipment. We provide automation services.

Providing technical support for physical products comes with many unique challenges. These problems cannot be solved by screen sharing or other solutions borrowed from the software realm.

Normally, anyone with a problem with a new dishwasher or coffee maker would take to render the product to the store where it was purchased, or the company would transport a field service agent to physically inspect the item, but Mavenoid has We employ a dual AI-guided cocky-service approach and agent-assisted live video back up to avoid the cost of

“The manner we bargain with physical production bug and the tools we need to be successful is actually quite different from the fashion we bargain with software and service issues,” said Mavenoid co-founder and CEO.
Shahan Lilja explained to TechCrunch. “I believe it’southward improve to utilise the right tool for the job than trying to use a generic solution for a detail problem. Hardware problems are recurring, difficult to fix, and time consuming. By automating almost of these repetitive but oftentimes complex support requests, businesses tin can reduce overhead and relieve costs by allocating resource elsewhere within the organisation. ”

technical support

With live back up, Mavenoid gives enterprises admission to interactive video tools. This connects customers straight with a human agent.

Mavenoid: i-click video

The agent asks the client to point the smartphone photographic camera at the production. Agents can zoom in and draw on the screen to signal which components need to be addressed and share links to guides on how to resolve issues.

Mavenoid: fix description

Meanwhile, on the AI-guided cocky-service side, Mavenoid helps companies compile technical documentation, FAQs, and how-to guides into a format that can exist easily accessed and queried via a chatbot-style interface.

Mavenoid Chatbot

To do this, mavenoids combine Open AI GPT-iii We use language models and proprietary algorithms to create what nosotros telephone call “loftier quality support models”.

This basically means that Mavenoid handles all content scraping (documentation, manuals, FAQs, etc.) and optimizes the knowledge base construction specifically for automated hardware back up. It’s designed for the more complex questions that traditional bot authors are likely to struggle with, using natural language understanding (NLU) to identify the true intent behind a user’south support request. while following a nonlinear model that takes into business relationship the idiosyncrasies of the problem.

In short, Mavenoid is committed to truly understanding your queries, rather than just finding and matching keywords. This increases the chances of finding a solution to the problem instead of simply diverting inquiries and complaints from the client back up team.

“Deviation oftentimes ways that customers don’t get the assistance they need and come back angrier than before. Information technology costs businesses more, but it hurts client satisfaction and loyalty, Lilia said.

It’due south also worth noting that at the finish of a human being-led live support session, agents can suggest feedback that can be incorporated into Mavenoid’s machine learning models to improve the self-service product in the future.

“Over time, Mavenoid’southward AI, like all conversations, will acquire from the implemented suggestions and improve the self-service banana’s ability to automate.”
Added Lilya.

As for deployment, companies can copy and paste a brusk code to embed the Mavenoid engine into whatsoever website or application. Y’all tin can so publish links to your product banana in emails, customer back up tickets, social networks, and even her QR code. guide.

Mavenoid can also exist integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software, ticketing systems, eastward-commerce stores, knowledge bases, and more.

all changes

Mavenoid has undergone many changes since its inception $eight million Series A round over two years agowith a new interface and endless new features AI search, etc.It enables companies to turn their product documentation into snippets of relevant answers, indexable and searchable via the Mavenoid cocky-service product banana. This is a chip like how Google displays the answers to specific questions directly in search results.

Mavenoid: AI search

On elevation of that, Mavenoid has expanded to over 50 languages ​​and introduced numerous third political party integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, Zapier and more.

Mavenoid previously raised about $10 million and said it plans to bank another $30 one thousand thousand to double downwardly on AI and product development and expand the applied science globally.

Mavenoid’s Series B round was led by Smedvig Capital, with participation from Creandum, Mosaic, Point Nine Capital letter, NordicNinja and ABB Technology Ventures.