Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro arrives: Here’s what you need to know

From 1st
September 2022, Microsoft has changed the way Microsoft Teams Rooms are licenced. Here are the official blog and docs.

This is what we had before:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard
    – $fifteen per device per calendar month
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium
    – $fifty per device per month
Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium
Microsoft Teams



Teams Phone



PSTN Audio Conferencing





Azure AD P1



Microsoft Teams Rooms Management Console


Room Planning / Inventory Management


Remote Managed Operations, security, and support from Microsoft


Price $15 Per device per calendar month $fifty per device per month

Microsoft Teams Rooms features were identical in Standard and Premium. Premium gave you lot the additions of the management portal and managed service (a dedicated to this service team of people at Microsoft doing remote e-mail/chat support).

The new model from ist
September 2022 is:

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Bones
    – $0 per device per month, basic features, limited to 25 devices per tenant. Basic experience, express features.
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro
    – $forty per device per calendar month with an annual commitment or $48 per device per month, month to month. The full experience, management portal, monitoring, alerting, reporting and new features. Unlike Premium, no dedicated people-based Microsoft-managed service squad.

Notation information technology is not a 1:ane feature mapping between Standard and Basic and Premium and Pro. Basic is something new. Pro removes the Microsoft people-based managed service team only will add new features also. There are of import changes to empathize.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic vs Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro characteristic comparison

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro
Meeting bring together



Join Teams meetings with 1-touch, proximity, and meeting ID



Start advertizement hoc meetings from the room



Direct Guest Join for Zoom and Webex meetings



Join meetings across Microsoft clouds (commercial to GCC)


Teams Panel (room check-in)


Share and interact
Share and view all Teams content types X X
Content Capture Camera – webcam to capture content from concrete traditional whiteboards X
Coming together engagement
Teams video gallery with multiple layout options X X
Front row Ten
Conversation, Loop content Ten
Together way Ten
Large gallery (upwards to 50 videos) X
Separate gallery across two screens 10
Make and receive peer-to-peer and group calls (VoIP) X X
Microsoft 365 Phone Arrangement / Teams Phone 10
PSTN Calling Add on a Calling Plan, Operator Connect or Straight Routing
Intelligent audio & video

(features may require additional specific peripherals)
Intelligent Speaker live transcript with speaker identification X
Multi-stream people feed for intelligent cameras (roadmap) X
Multi-camera back up 10
Panoramic room view X
Remote PTZ controls (roadmap) Ten
AI racket suppression Ten
People counting X
Security & Compliance
Secure operating system X 10
Organisation level security (Secure boot. Assigned Access mode, etc.) X X
Azure Advertising Conditional Access policies 10
Device management
Teams Admin Center enrolment and inventory X X
Automatic software updates X X
Detailed system and configuration information Ten
Peripheral health management 10
Remote configuration 10
Device history and activeness X
ITSM integration X
Custom wellness alerts 10
Device analytics X
Awarding updates and Al-powered remediation service X

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic Primal Points

  • Basic is free for upward to 25 devices
  • Basic is, every bit the name suggests, Bones. It does non include a lot of “advanced” features such every bit Front Row, Chat, intelligent cameras and speakers, dual screens, Teams Console, Azure AD Premium P1 and It does not include a Teams Telephone licence to allow the room to make/receive PSTN calls
  • The Basic license covers MTR Android devices with a touch console equally one device sharing one account
  • Microsoft positions Basic every bit for the SMB or for smaller organisations who do not need the direction or advanced features and as an easy complimentary on-ramp to get started with Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Basic licences support MTR Android, MTR Windows, and Surface Hub
  • To become the total Microsoft Teams Rooms experience, you lot need Pro

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Key Points

  • This is the licence to get all the Microsoft Teams Rooms features, management portal and monitoring/alerting/patching management
  • Pro includes admission to the Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services portal which includes advanced health monitoring
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium previously included remote managed operations and support from Microsoft, a team of remote support people. This people-based managed remote service volition no longer be offered by Microsoft. Partners will offer managed service options on top of Pro.
  • If you were buying Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium for the management tooling more the Microsoft remote managed service, yous tin now save $10 per room per month.
  • Pro will add more automatic monitoring and dashboards
  • Further features and value will proceed to be delivered in Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro. Expect out for more feature announcements soon. Subscribe to my email update to hear nigh all the new features kickoff.

$xl a calendar month volition exist a big toll jump for lots of customers who have gone with Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard ($15) licencing today and want to maintain the features they accept today and have the time to come advanced features. There is no getting effectually that. With Pro, you are getting more functionality than what Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard offers, especially around management, but you now must move upward to Pro to maintain all features (at the terminate of your contract term).

A lot of functionality has been added to Microsoft Teams Rooms since the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard licence was introduced many years ago. Microsoft will point out that $40 per room compares well to the competition and that I retrieve they are the only vendor with a completely free (reduced functionality) option with Basic.

For comparison Zoom is $49 per room/per month/or $499 a year, as well another $499 a year if you want SIP/H.232 support “Conference Room Connector”. Cisco Webex Rooms might be $29 per room per month, only I tin can’t notice a Cisco link to confirm, tin can anyone help me understand the Cisco pricing?

Will I have to change my existing Microsoft Teams Rooms licences?

Any existing licences will exist valid until the contract time ends (typically a twelvemonth from the initial buy if buying directly from Microsoft). Larger customers with volume licence agreements will exist able to continue using and ownership Microsoft Teams Room Standard licences until their licence agreement expires.

However, most new features moving forward will non come up to Standard or Premium, only Pro. So Microsoft will be encouraging you lot to look at Pro. Standard will not lose any features it already has today. Look out for more than feature announcements at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite event (I volition cover all the new feature news in my monthly email update here).

For customers without an enterprise agreement, who buy direct from Microsoft or a CSP, you will not be able to buy new Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard or Premium licences; for new rooms, yous will take to use either Basic or Pro licences. Once your licence term expires for your existing licences, you must motility to Basic or Pro.

Does Microsoft Teams Room Pro include Teams Phone PSTN Calling?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro includes the Teams Phone licence, which is the power for the room to too be a Phone, just you will need to add a phone number and connectivity via Microsoft Calling programme, Operator Connect or Directly Routing. This allows the Room System to take a telephone number and make and receive straight PSTN calls (that are not meetings).

Microsoft Teams Room Basic does not include Teams Phone. Note this does not mean it does non have PSTN dial in and out for meetings. That feature is called (PSTN) Audio Conferencing and is related to the person who schedules the meeting having that licence.

Do Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic and Pro include PSTN Audio Conferencing?

Aye, both Microsoft Teams Room Basic and Microsoft Teams Room Pro includes Microsoft’southward PSTN Audio Conferencing (in markets where the service is bachelor). Meaning when a meeting is initiated from the Room (Meet Now), there will be PSTN Phone numbers to dial into and out of meetings.

This is subject to the regional availability of PSTN Sound Conferencing.

Can customers move from Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard to free Microsoft Teams Rooms Bones?

Yep, customers with under 25 Rooms could move from Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard to Basic and save $xv per device per month, merely but if they are happy with the bones feature set up.

Can I have some Basic Rooms and some Pro Rooms?

Yeah, you lot tin can if you want, only the functionality will exist dissimilar for the users which might exist confusing. More importantly, the direction and admin experience will exist unlike for the Rooms. You lot are still express to a maximum of 25 Basic Rooms/devices.

How do I get the Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic licence?

The licence volition exist a $0 licence yous can society from the Microsoft 365 admin portal. You will exist capped to 25 of these licences per tenant.

How do I licence a Teams Console?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro includes the licence for a Teams Panel for that room.

If you lot have a apply case for Panels without Microsoft Teams Rooms, a low-cost (i.e. aforementioned cost as CAP license) license which can be used with Panels standalone is coming very soon.

What does it mean that Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic cannot “Join meetings beyond Microsoft clouds”?

This is a corner instance. It won’t affect typical commercial customers. Microsoft Teams Room Basic can join meetings on other commercial tenants (most organisations worldwide are on Microsoft’s commercial cloud, and so if you lot accept E plans or Business plans you are on this deject). Microsoft has specific “clouds” for US Government (Authorities Customs Cloud, GCC High and DoD). Simply approved Us Regime agencies you are on the GCC cloud your licence will exist a GX licence. If you demand to telephone call between GCC/GCC Loftier/DoD and commercial tenants, both organisations’ rooms will need a Microsoft Teams Room Pro licence.

Tin you add together a Teams Telephone licence and/or AAD P1 licence to Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic if y’all don’t want to jump to Pro but needed Teams Phone/AAD on your room?

This technically works but is not an intended use case. If yous want Teams Phone or Azure Advert Premium ane, yous demand to movement upwards to Pro. This may piece of work at launch only is not supported and may exist blocked from working in the future.

Tin I use user licences (for instance E3, E5) for Microsoft Teams Rooms instead?

No, this is not supported/against terms of service (reference). E licences are not for shared devices.

It does technically work today, and I know of some organisations doing it. If you lot are doing this, you volition need to move to the new Basic/Pro licencing.
Accounts with user licenses will be blocked from sign-in in on Teams Rooms systems afterwards July 1st, 2023.

If y’all are running an Android device for personal employ, for example, a Teams Display in a personal part, this is OK to run signed in as a user with a user licence (E3, E5 etc.). This will run the device in a personal mode; it won’t be part of the MTR management portal.

Got questions? Permit me know

Many cheers to numerous friends at Microsoft, partners and device vendors who helped with questions and answers for the weblog. If you accept whatever other questions or thoughts. Please allow me know.

Be sure to subscribe for all the updates and wait out for more Pro characteristic news coming at Microsoft Ignite.


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Microsoft docs: Microsoft Teams Rooms licenses

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