MIJIA Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro with a 280000mAh battery, 1800W output launched

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Xiaomi released its starting time outdoor power production — Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro, which likewise means that Xiaomi officially entered the mobile free energy storage market. The Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro, as its name suggests, carries a ability reserve of 1 degree (1000Wh), supports 1800W sine wave output, 1.5 hours of extremely fast charging, dual 100W PD fast charging, and all configurations are pulled total circle.

Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro has a simple and elegant white beat with a blackness panel design, the interface layout presents a sense of symmetry, and the redundant interface is hidden past a cover, which looks like an ITX figurer host, in contrast to most outdoor power supplies on the marketplace.

The torso is made of V0 form environmentally friendly flame retardant material, and the bottom is made of soft back up feet to absorb bear on and prevent slippage. Both sides with cooling holes, born active cooling fan, high-power output rapidly take away heat. Two elevation integrated handle role, piece of cake to motility, but also can be carried together with two people to reduce the sense of weight. The unabridged summit is flat, more user-friendly for transport and storage.

Every bit a Xiaomi product, Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro supports Bluetooth Mesh gateway access to Mijia Smart Ecology, which allows you lot to remotely control the switch of each interface of the outdoor ability supply, lighting, ability consumption, and remaining power through the mobile APP.

4A2C fast charging performance pull full

On the front end is a huge LCD information screen, showing the remaining ability percentage, available battery life, input ability, output power, part indicator and other parameters.

In the middle is the 4A2C USB fast charging module, 2 USB-C support 100W PD fast charging output, the left ii USB-A support 22.5W multi-protocol fast charging; the right 2 USB-A support 5V2.4A. Up to six USB output ports, friends and family a group of people travel to play, merely also can fully cope with the task of charging electronic products, and tin even provide 100W to the laptop PD fast charging, no need to bear an extra charger.

The lesser of the panel has a encompass to hide the ports that are non commonly used, including two DC 552A DC output ports that back up 12V5A DC output and a car cigarette lighter power supply port that supports 12V10A DC output.

1800W Powerful Sine Wave Inverter Output

The other side is the Ac output jack and input charging port. A total of four new national standards ii+3 AC interfaces are equipped, which can output 220V AC ability with the same pure sinewave waveform as the household utility, which is more compatible with electrical equipment and does not impairment the equipment. Above the interface is a soft LED calorie-free shade, which tin be set to high, medium vivid, SOS flashing three modes, power outage dim or night camping, for the user to illuminate the nearby surround, the inundation light irradiation is soft and not harsh.

The bottom of the same cover volition not be used to hibernate the input charging office, open the cover can be seen on the left side of the xanthous high-current plug, is the DC input charging interface; the right pintle plug is the 220V Air conditioning input charging interface.

With an inverter output of up to 1800W, the Mi Outdoor Power 1000Pro is powerful enough to handle common modest appliances and power tools, and can run a car refrigerator for 15.3 hours, a projector for 13.4 hours, an electric frying pan for 0.92 hours, and a cutter for 1.37 hours.

1 degree power reserve, mixed solid-liquid electrolyte battery

The total power reserve of Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro is 1022Wh, and the battery capacity is still greater than 80% after 1000 cycles of charging and discharging, with a long service life. In add-on to long life and high energy density, the battery also passed the pinprick test and the battery pack meets the IP67 protection rating. In that location are upward to 21 temperature sensors in the body, with low temperature protection, differential pressure protection, curt circuit protection, overcurrent protection and other protective measures, and the BMS battery management system is in total control to create a more comprehensive protection.

Currently common outdoor ability supply generally cull cylindrical steel shell prison cell production, that is, the common 18650, 21700 and other specifications, cylindrical steel beat out cell production using industrial standards to facilitate bulk procurement packet into different specifications, but cylindrical cells in the bundle, volition also go out a “gap”, unmarried capacity is depression, hundreds of cells after the package consistency and bombardment management is more circuitous, the overall energy density of the battery pack is also lower, resulting in outdoor power supply volume is also larger.

The Mi Outdoor Power 1000Pro battery pack innovatively adopts a “hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte lithium battery”, using merely x square single-cell PACKs, which significantly reduces the total number of cells in the battery pack and makes consistency and battery management more convenient. The capacity of the single cell is 28Ah, the total capacity of 10 pieces is 280Ah, and the total energy is 1022Wh when calculated at 3.65V voltage platform.

Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro page has a nominal free energy density of 500Wh/Fifty. We don’t know notwithstanding whether it is the density of a unmarried cell or the density of the battery pack. Battery free energy density in the industry is mostly marked by mass-energy density, that is, Wh/kg, another less common way of marking is book energy density Wh/Fifty, and Mijia uses the latter as the marking unit hither.

Citing other categories in the industry for comparing, a new energy vehicle using a large monomer ternary lithium prison cell single cell free energy density of virtually 569Wh/Fifty, another large monomer lithium iron phosphate jail cell single jail cell energy density of about 381Wh/L, it can be seen that Xiaomi the bombardment density parameters are withal quite high.

Xiaomi as the leader of the jail cell telephone industry fast charging functioning in the book, outdoor power supply fast charging performance of course also to let the industry book. The Mi Outdoor Power 1000Pro is equipped with bi-directional inverter flash charging technology, eliminating the need to carry a huge and beefy power adapter and charging directly on a household outlet using the Pinzgauer cable, charging 80% of the power in just l minutes and taking merely 1.five hours to fully accuse, using the brusk break in the journey to charge to full blood.

In add-on to high-operation fast charging, information technology can also exist set to a 7-hour slow charging manner with a soft sound, making the entire charging process near noiseless and suitable for charging at dark while sleeping, then y’all can wake upward with a full charge. Solar console charging is also supported, with a maximum of 200W solar charging input, so even if you enter the wilderness, as long equally there is calorie-free, you tin ensure the power supply.

Xiaomi also synchronously released the Mi Solar Console 100W, which is designed with a folding construction, 3-piece folding way with a more portable, with a support plate on the dorsum to facilitate the adjustment of the angle to the sun, to obtain a better photovoltaic conversion rate. Support for two solar panels in parallel to the Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro charging (200W Max).

Cage frame structure

The main skeleton is made upward of a ring-shaped aluminum blend frame and stamped sheet metal parts, somewhat similar to the gantry structure of a machine engine compartment, creating a stronger and more impact-resistant primary structure while being every bit lightweight as possible.

The internal core components are completely encapsulated in independent shells to avert water vapor, sand and dust from entering, and to avoid internal fracture parts from intruding into the battery pack and causing safety accidents when encountering extreme weather, thus achieving higher reliability and rubber.

Charging caput network summary

Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro adopts a fashionable white appliance design language, symmetrical blueprint aesthetics, low usage of the interface using the cover to hide, the overall look and experience simple temper. The internal muzzle frame structure concept is used to produce a higher level of safety and protection.

Four 220V sine wave inverter output ports, the output power can accomplish 1800W; 4A2C USB fast charging module with two 100W USB-C PD fast charging interface, the performance specifications are absolutely meridian beingness.

The battery pack is made of mixed solid-liquid electrolyte lithium battery, 28Ah x 10 foursquare high-capacity bombardment pack, with up to 1022Wh ability reserve, chiliad cycles of charge and belch life, and passed the puncture test, with long life, safety, high density and other characteristics.

Adapter-free bi-directional inverter fast charging solution, the mains self-charging l minutes to 80%, 1.5 hours to 100%, support 200W solar console charging, can exist set to silent tedious charging mode does not impact overnight sleep.

With its high-ability inverter functioning, multi-port fast charging USB module, and large power reserve, the Mijia Outdoor Power 1000Pro tin can be used for mutual civilian applications such equally outdoor camping ground, self-driving tours, mobile offices, and home emergency power supply, as well every bit for special applications such as aerial photography, structure work, political and corporate ability protection, disaster relief, and medical emergency response.

Mi Outdoor Ability 1000Pro is now on the shelves of Xiaomi Jingdong flagship store, the pre-sale cost of RMB 6399, pay a RMB 100 eolith on the terminal payment of RMB 400, the actual arrival price of RMB 5999 . A search on Jingdong shows that the 2000W ability section of the large brands of outdoor power supply, the price bridge of near RMB 6000~ RMB 12000, Mijia outdoor power supply 1000Pro this performance and design work, can be seen to have a expert toll, interested partners can get on their own.

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