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The Nighttime Oak Wood is one of the all-time biomes in Minecraft. Information technology is dwelling to one of the rarest and well-nigh valuable generated structures in the game and has some of the best trees growing there. Dark oak is beautiful woods that many gamers love to build with. The only issue is that it’due south fairly rare and difficult to come up by.

One way to alleviate this upshot is by using a seed. Seeds are attached to a certain earth generation, and so if the world generates positively to something (a village, jungle temple or other structure), then that seed commonly gets shared and reused.

Dark oak forests are non as uncommon every bit other things that players employ seeds for, just they’re still worth looking at. Here are a few seeds that will help.

Nighttime oak forest seeds to try in Minecraft

5) Seed: 6025

Monster spawner (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

This seed will spawn players correct in a sprawling Nighttime Oak Forest. Mushroom trees and nighttime oak trees are aplenty hither. At that place’s fifty-fifty a absurd floating stone structure nearby that could be fun to build with. The bonus is that this seed has a dungeon with a zombie spawner most directly beneath spawn at coordinates: (10,-40,79).

4) Seed: 12345

An example of sheer cliffs (Image via u/Matt_o_lantern on Reddit)
An example of sheer cliffs (Prototype via u/Matt_o_lantern on Reddit)

This rather uncomplicated seed hither has a tremendous world fastened to information technology. Crafters will spawn in a dark oak forest that is surrounded past mountains. It’s one of the nearly unique spawns for a seed and it also has sheer cliffs that drib down into the ocean. For a unique place to alive and build, players can do much worse than this.

@_LadyAgnes iirc, the seed “12345” is incredible – a dark oak forest surrounded by mountains, with sheer cliffs that drop straight into the ocean

@_LadyAgnes iirc, the seed “12345” is incredible – a dark oak forest surrounded by mountains, with sheer cliffs that drop directly into the ocean

three) Seed: 8128914698709172964

Heyy, Establish this absurd, seed for Minecraft Java

Seed: 8128914698709172964

Woodland Mansion cavern: x:196 y:68 z:-11919
Bellow is a strong hold: x:140 y:10 z:-11887

Heyy, Establish this cool, seed for Minecraft JavaSeed: 8128914698709172964LocationsWoodland Mansion cave: x:196 y:68 z:-11919Bellow is a strong hold: x:140 y:10 z:-11887 https://t.co/8dzLfgOFoB

This seed spawns players near a Woodland Mansion in a Dark Oak Forest. The Mansion is institute near coordinates: (196, 68, -11919). Near that, players can also find a structure that is arguably rarer than a Woodland Mansion: a stronghold. The stronghold is institute at coordinates: (140, 10, -11887).

2) Seed: 89276354

Lush Cave (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Lush Cave (Epitome via Minecraft Wiki)

One of the best parts of the 1.xviii update is that Mojang fabricated seeds universal across Boulder and Java. They will spawn a picayune differently, but they’ll exist usable on both. Information technology too added lush caves, one of which can be institute in this seed at these coordinates: (-xviii,16,54). The spawn biome is a Dark Oak Woods, besides.

1) Seed: 92182

Woodland Mansion (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Woodland Mansion (Prototype via Minecraft Wiki)

Woodland Mansions spawn in the Dark Oak Forest, so if a player is lucky enough to discover a seed with one right about spawn, they’ve hitting the jackpot. Woodland Mansions are far less common than dark oak forests, but there can be no mansion without the forest.

This is a slap-up seed for those seeking a Dark Oak Wood, and it also contains incredible loot. This is easily one of the all-time seeds bachelor correct at present.

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