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This wikiHow teaches you lot how to make a door that opens when you stride on a pressure plate in Minecraft’s Creative way. This is doable in computer, mobile, and panel versions of Minecraft.

  1. i

    Start a game in Creative fashion.
    While you tin build an automated piston door in Survival way, finding the necessary resource and then crafting the components is incredibly time-consuming unless you lot already have the items.

  2. 2

    Add the necessary components to your equip bar.
    You lot’ll need the post-obit items to create an automatic piston door:

    • Redstone
    • Redstone Torches
    • Cobblestone
      (or a similar solid block such equally wood)
    • Sticky Pistons
    • Rock Pressure Plates


  3. 3

    Find a place to build your door.
    If you already take a dwelling to which y’all’d like to add the door, become to it. Otherwise, find somewhere flat. Once you lot find the identify in which you want to build, you lot can movement on to laying the wiring.

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  1. ane

    Dig a 2-past-ii-past-iii hole.
    This means that the hole should be two blocks deep, two blocks long, and three blocks wide.

  2. ii

    Dig two wire channels.
    When facing a iii-cake-broad side, dig a ii-block-tall, two-block long corridor from the middle cake, so remove the top block in front end of you. Repeat this on the other wide side of the hole.

  3. 3

    Place redstone on the bottom of the hole.
    This will create a two-by-three filigree of redstone.

  4. 4

    Place a redstone torch at the end of each channel.
    This torch will keep the raised cake at the end of each corridor.

  5. 5

    Line the corridors with redstone.
    Y’all’ll place two redstone on the floor of each corridor to connect the redstone torches to the redstone on the flooring of the pigsty.

  6. 6

    Place a cobblestone cake over both redstone torches.
    You may commencement have to place a cake to the side of the torch and so attach a second cake to that cake for this to work.

    • You tin can likewise use wood or another solid block.
  7. vii

    Encompass up the hole and channels.
    Y’all should be able to place blocks at footing level to embrace the hole. In one case yous’ve covered up the hole and everything is even (with the exception of the blocks over the redstone torches), you tin can proceed to creating the door.

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  1. one

    Equip the sticky pistons.
    Select the pasty pistons in the equip bar.

  2. 2

    Place a viscous piston in forepart of each of the raised blocks.
    Face one of the blocks that’s covering a redstone torch, place the gluey piston in front of it, and repeat for the other raised block.

  3. three

    Place a viscid piston on top of both glutinous pistons.
    Face one of the sticky pistons, select the acme of it, and repeat for the other piston.

  4. 4

    Place redstone on each of the raised blocks.
    Doing so will activate the summit gluey pistons.

  5. five

    Place your door’s textile on each sticky piston’s forepart.
    All told, you should stop upward with four solid blocks (e.g., cobblestone) in the center of the sticky piston frame.

  6. 6

    Place two pressure plates in front of and behind the door.
    This will go out you with a pressure plate on the ground directly in front end of and backside each cavalcade of door material.

  7. 7

    Exam out your door.
    Step on both pressure plates at in one case to prompt the doors to open, then walk through your door. You should be able to get through without any trouble.

    • You can build effectually your door to disguise the mechanism.
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  • Question

    Tin can I make a three block high door by adding one more than piston above the two pistons?

    Community Answer

    Aye, only you’ll have to connect it to the rest with more redstone. It might take up more than room, but it should still work, as long equally it’southward connected properly.

  • Question

    When I put the redstone dust on top of the block to a higher place the redstone torch, information technology made a line instead of a blob. What happened?

    Community Answer

    It depends on the edition of Minecraft you have. A single piece of redstone dust will make a line in Minecraft: Boulder Edition (mainly for Pocket Edition), but information technology volition make a hulk in Minecraft: Coffee Edition (mainly for PC users).

  • Question

    Why didn’t my doors close once again after I connected the 2 redstone torches?



    Community Answer

    The redstone torches are creating an endless power source, causing the doors to stay open.

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  • When adding this mechanism to your existing house, y’all tin can add decorations (e.g., paintings) over the mechanism to avoid having to place actress blocks.

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  • This is a great manner to disguise a secret door. To disguise the pressure level plate, if it is a weighted pressure plate (light and heavy weighted) you tin place a gold or iron cake underneath depending on the pressure plate. For a wood and stone plate, you tin place a woods plank block or a stone block. Yous can cover the redstone mechanism with blocks and existing blocks with the face up of a mount, walls of your firm or something else to hide it.

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  • If you become defenseless in the door while playing on Survival way, your character will die.

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1. Dig a 2 x iii hole.
2. Dig 2 wire channels.
three. Identify redstones at the lesser.
4. Identify redstone torches at the ends of each aqueduct.
5. Line the corridors with redstone.
six. Identify a cobblestone cake over both torches.
seven. Embrace the pigsty and channels.
8. Place gluey pistons.
nine. Place restone on each raised block.
10. Place the door’south material and pressure plates.

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