Multi Camera Video Recording Software

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Multi Webcam Video Recorder
is a lightweight webcam recording awarding designed to help you capture video streams from numerous webcams simultaneously and salve the clips to your local disk or drive in Windows Media Format. Yous tin playback using Windows Media Thespian directly without another role player or codec. Plus,Multi Webcam recording software can take snapshots from webcams under a user-defined time and save them in. BMP or. JPG formats.

Part ane. Specifications and Key Features

1. Clear and Friendly UI: With an inviting and like shooting fish in a barrel to sympathise blueprint, the software opens up with a preview of the video streaming section in the main window. The best part about the GUI is that you can screen different webcams simultaneously.

2. Connect Multiple Webcams: The application allows y’all to monitor your webcams using four groups and shows upwardly to 9 panels of each webcam. Essentially, it tin can record up to 36 webcams all the while and display nine webcams simultaneously.

iii. Preview, Snapshot Timer, and Full-Screen Style: A right-click on the preferred panel opens upward many helpful features like preview, save the current prune, snapshot timer, total-screen way, and more available options. With a few bright buttons designed on the layout, you can easily access the desired webcam preview window.

4. Recording Abilities and Formats: Multi Webcam Video Recorder offers you the ability to capture and save the recordings straight to your difficult drive. The recorded videos will salvage to WMV document design.

v. Schedule Recordings and Screen Capture: Additionally, y’all can automatically have snapshots at custom fourth dimension intervals and salve the pictures to BMP or JPG document design, record videos and accept screen captures simultaneously, and change the video resolution, size, and frame rate for each capture. A couple of general setup settings help you naturally run the Windows startup program and open up information technology in a minimized window and check for updates and notifications.

6. Powerful and Sturdy: Whether you need to record numerous webcams or/and accept depictions, you tin depend on gratis Multi Webcam Video Recorder to exercise such assignments. It doesn’t overpower you with many complicated blueprint settings. However, it gives a central and instinctive feature pack. Organisation Requirements

Part two. Pros and Cons of Multi Webcam Recorder


  1. Simple to install and effective software
  2. It works well with multiple webcams, especially on Windows viii.
  3. Multi Webcam Video Recorder tin can take previews from webcams under a user-divers fourth dimension and save them in. BMP or. JPG formats.
  4. It is free software
  5. The images are apparent, and videos are saved in Windows Media Format to play them easily.
  6. The User Interface is straightforward and looks great.


  1. A few features are disabled
  2. Information technology has a limitation of daily downloads.
  3. It crashes with multiple cameras on particular older version Operating Systems.

Part 3. All-time Alternatives to Multi Webcam Recorder

i. Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator offers screen recording, webcam recording, and microphone audio capturing at the same time, which are great choices for Vloggers, tutors, trainers, and other media dissemination professionals. With screen recording assistance, you can permit others to come across things you are doing on your PC. At that place are unlimited user guides and tutorials about each kind of application on the Cyberspace. The entirety of this is conceivable with the assist of video recording software.

record webcam democreator

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downlaod democreatorSecure Download

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downlaod democreatorSecure Download

They tin be utilized for presentations, educational videos, troubleshooting, in addition to other things like demonstrations.

You may frequently have to add unlike things, for example, captions, markings, arrows, or undesirable trim pieces of the video, remove background noise, and add more than pictures and clips. Yous may even need to tape yourself from the webcam while introducing what is on your presentation. With Wondershare’s DemoCreator, you can perform all these actions and more.

Key Features

  1. Convenient Layout and Interface
  2. Customizable Screen Recording: You lot tin can use the default expanse or customize a size to capture on your screen.
  3. Webcam and Sound Capture: This video recording tool besides allows you lot to capture webcam, system audio and microphone sound.
  4. Screen Drawing Tools: The real-time screen cartoon feature is an amazing feature every bit it helps you stress whatsoever key point while recording.
  5. More Advanced Editing Tools: The built-in video editor enables you lot to add text, annotations, stickers and more to brand your video stunning.

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    downlaod democreatorSecure Download

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    downlaod democreatorSecure Download

2. Free2X Webcam Recorder

Free2X allows you to record whatsoever goes on with your webcam. The program is free though donations are welcome as the arrangement backside information technology is a non-benefit. The program looks basic yet takes care of business concern well. The interface is bones and intuitive and will assistance you record in minutes.

free2x screen recorder

Key Features

  1. Compatible with almost webcams or computerized camcorders.
  2. Supports many different file formats such as AVI, MP4, or WMV.
  3. You can take screen captures, which can increase the value of demonstrations or presentations.
  4. It is 100% Costless.
  5. You lot tin record sound from any source, a microphone, line-in, or speakers.
  6. Piece of cake to use.

3. EatCam WebCam Recorder

EatCam Webcam Recorder records in AVI format. Working with ICQ Messenger, you lot can record audio from any source. With EatCam Webcam Recorder, you can replay a portion of your favorite moment. Information technology can record all that can prove on your screen – webcams, live video, video chat, and instant messaging. It is one of the almost straightforward and quickest approaches to record your video on the hard drive to activate playback later on.

eatcam webcam recorder

Key Features

  1. Record videos in AVI, WMV (Windows Media Video), and FLV (Flash Video) format.
  2. Records, both sound and video streams.
  3. Record videos from online video discussions.
  4. Compress the webcam streams in real-time.
  5. It is free, though with a trial version.
  6. Clear paradigm and video outputs.

4. Logitech Webcam Software

Logitech HD Webcam Software is a camera plan that lets you command your Logitech HD Webcam settings. Personal computers don’t generally come with vital cameras to make video chats and calls, so you’ll demand to get external webcams from the different brands accessible. Be that as it may, utilizing an external webcam isn’t so easy, and most do non connect naturally.

logitech recorder software

Yous’ll have to utilize its configuration software to control its settings and alter information technology to your desired settings—and this webcam programme that was previously known as QuickCam Express happens to be 1 of that software to assistance you with PC and Webcam configurations.

Key Features

  1. Record from multiple sources.
  2. Make a vertical video for mobile viewing or broadcast yourself to your favorite platforms like YouTube.
  3. Alive text overlays.
  4. Studio-Mode controls.
  5. Piece of cake camera customizations.
  6. Simple, articulate, and straightforward interface.

5. Camersoft Webcam Capture

Camersoft Webcam Capture is a straightforward and free webcam recording plan associated with your Windows PC. The program is extraordinary for recording from the camera incorporated into the PC. If y’all have more than one webcam associated with your PC, you can choose an image source in the program settings. The application doesn’t have advanced features – open it and press the Record button. The video saves to the AVI format afterward recording.

Central Features

select webcam camersoft

one. Automatically recognize webcams connected to the PC.

  1. Tape videos with a webcam and saves them to your PC.
  2. Ability to pause during recording.
  3. Show the recordings’ date and elapsing of the video.
  4. Take an epitome in the BMP format.
  5. It is free


Probably the best thing about Multi Webcam Video Recorder Gratis is that information technology is entirely compatible with practically all webcams, either newly introduced to or installed on your PC or working equally a standalone. Even so, nigh webcam software has few limitations, depending on different users’ needs. To get ahead, you need software that overshadows about limitations, is feature-laden, and has a fresh and futuristic interface called the Wondershare DemoCreator. This tool will assistance you have screen recording and images and even assist you practise some final touches on the videos, such as calculation effects and transitions.