Need for Speed Unbound Highlights New Car Customisation Features

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Need for Speed Unbound: Hidden Reveal Details You May Take Missed

It’s been a busy few days since the Need for Speed Unbound reveal trailer dropped, along with it a bunch of new information including details on the campaign, narrative, map and all-new driving physics – all of which we’ve covered in our reveal breakdown – also as a full machine list reveal.

However in between this have been several smaller details that surfaced online, whether through official production information or throughout the trailer, that many have nonetheless to pick up on.

Below we’ve compiled all these details you lot may take missed!

Single Player and Multiplayer Volition Have ‘Split up Campaigns’

While its been confirmed Need for Speed Unbound will have its single player component fully playable offline, it appears that non but will Multiplayer be its own split thing but volition also have a campaign mode to play through.

In the production description listing for the game, a sentence clearly states that it will feature “separate single and multiplayer campaigns”, in addition to a pre-order bonus offering $150,000 Bank which can only be used in multiplayer.

While this could just be wording to suggest that single player and multiplayer are divide from one another and your unmarried thespian cars and banking concern don’t carry over, its exciting to hear that multiplayer may accept its own entrada to play with through friends and others online.

The Eclipse Robocar Bodykit Is In The Game

Dom Dub, who is known online for his recreation’s of classic Fast & Furious cars, has revealed that his replica of Brian O’Connor’s Eclipse from the first film has been used to create the digital car model in Need for Speed Unbound.

Posting over on his Instagram account, he confirmed that Speedhunters reached out to him ‘more than than 2 years agone’ to 3D scan his car in for a secret Need for Speed project, comparing the press screenshot to his own machine undergoing the scan process.

Not only this, but Dom also confirmed that the Robocar bodykit that was featured on the Fast & Furious Eclipse will exist in Demand for Speed Unbound as a customization option.

New License Plates

While new customization options are to be expected, license plates in previous Ghost Need for Speed titles rarely received any new additions outside of new 1’southward based on the games location, and a nod to previous titles such as Rivals, 2015 and Payback.

With Unbound so far, two new license plates have been spotted throughout the trailer, with an additional one coming every bit a pre-club bonus. A$AP Rocky’due south 190E features a New York plate, while the S14 prominently features a Japanese temporary plate – a fan-favourite plate style that has been modded into the PC version over previous entries.

The pre-order bonus plate will feature the similar grey texture with green text every bit shown throughout the teasers, with a ‘Mashman’ License Plate coming equally office of the PALACE Edition, however images or details on what Mashman is have yet to be shared.

The UI Might Be Customizable

Over on an EA Play product page for Demand for Speed Unbound, one of the benefits for EA Play Pro subscribers seems to suggest the game will feature a customizable UI of some form.

Scrolling through the list of in-game benefits Pro subscribers will receive, ane of those benefits are an exclusive

Custom Game Interface’, alongside an exclusive Streetwear Collection, Car Customization Toolkit, Style Pack and habiliment collection.

While information technology’s yet to exist confirmed what exactly a ‘custom game interface’ could be in this context, this could potentially mean alongside car and character customization, we can also customize how the speedometer gauge and mini map look while on screen.

AEM Parts Appear To Be Returning to the Franchise

Aftermarket machine performance parts brand AEM announced to exist featured in Need for Speed Unbound, based on a disclaimer at the end of the reveal trailer.

At the end of the reveal trailer is disclaimer text reading “Vehicles may have been customized past EA using fictitious AEM parts” indicating we’ll run into performance parts and decals with AEM branding used in Unbound’southward car customization.

AEM performance parts were used in various NFS titles such as the Underground games, with the last appearance in the franchise beingness with Demand for Speed The Run, which featured a signature AEM Nissan 370Z and Challenge Series event.

(Special Thanks to
Kadaras | Mundo Motorsport

for pointing this out!)

Map Location Named Later on A$AP Mob Founder

EA have posted an interactive map over on the Demand for Speed website, letting you visit key points of interest around the Lakeshore City map including the urban center center, mountain district and more than.

One key detail that’s been revealed from this map is one of the names of the districts effectually Lakeshore is called ‘Yams Park’. With A$AP Rocky and then heavily engrained into NFS Unbound, Yams Park is a clear reference to A$AP Mob Collective founder ‘A$AP Yams’, who had passed abroad in January 2015.

The Map Features An Airport

Afterward Palm Metropolis lacked one in Need for Speed Oestrus, Lakeshore City appears to accept an airport on the map that players will be able to go to. At the showtime of the reveal trailer, yous can see cars heading to an underground Meetup which to the side of the tunnel is a sign reading ‘Aerodrome Style’ pointing left.

People online take seemingly constitute where this airport volition be on the map using the online Interactive Map, with it potentially in the bottom South East side of the map southward of the city commune.

Whether or not this is the actual location and if information technology tin exist accessed remains to be determined, withal afterwards lacking a runway playground surface area in Rut, this would exist great fun in Unbound multiplayer.

Four Exclusive Palace Edition Cars

Demand for Speed Unbound’southward premium edition, the Palace Edition, offers four ‘stunningly intense new Custom Cars’. While these types of custom cars aren’t even so known, the wording of them about certainly sound akin to KS Edition cars that were featured in the Demand for Speed Estrus Deluxe Edition.

Images teasing these new cars have been shown on the production page, which are variants of:
Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, Mercedes-AMG G63, Volkswagen Golf GTI MK1
BMW M3 Evolution II

Confirmed Clothing Brands And then Far

Demand for Speed Rut introduced character customization into the franchise for the start time back in 2019, featuring various big name brands such every bit Adidas, PUMA and Givenchy. With Unbound, EA appears to be going all-in on introducing mod fashion to the game.

The Need for Speed Twitter account goes out of its style to outline A$AP Rocky’southward fit showcased in the reveal trailer, which is made upwards of article of clothing from
and shoes from
Vans, with wear from these brands nearly certain to characteristic in the games character customization.

PALACE Skateboards
streetwear is too confirmed to make an actualization, with a special edition of the game revolving around PALACE and including 20 unique clothing items.