Neo Geo Aes Emulator Mac

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The Neo Geo AES was in one case 1 of the most expensive home consoles of all fourth dimension, but cheers to the best Neo Geo emulators, anyone tin can at present play these classic games!

These consoles still cost a pretty penny on eBay as well. We’re talking anywhere between $400 and $800!

That’s more than the PS5, for crying out loud!

Then, the best Neo Geo emulators are doing much more than keeping retro games alive; they’re also keeping our bank balances good for you and usa out of the dog house with parents or partners… ‘You spent how much on what?!?’

Nosotros all know that playing retro games on the go via a laptop or smartphone is way better than replaying Candy Vanquish for the millionth time. That’s why the best retro handhelds be, afterwards all.

But the question remains; which are the best Neo Geo emulators for recreating archetype titles such as Turf Masters and Crossed Swords?

Fearfulness not, for we have the answers correct hither!


  • Open up Source
  • Multiple Platforms

MAME is the best Neo Geo emulator on the web. It’s simple to use, loads smoothly, and works on a whole variety of systems with nifty results.

I know that the word MAME might make people think most being mauled by a wild animal, but hear u.s.a. out.

MAME is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Auto Emulator. Like RetroArch, it’south a bit of a Jack of all trades in the sense that information technology tin emulate multiple consoles and machines.

Nicola Salmoria (yes, a beau Italian) came upwardly with the concept of MAME back in 1997. Its main use was every bit a research tool, one that users could equip to study how arcade machines tick.

The fact that it plays all the best arcade games is just a happy coincidence, honestly!

MAME is a bona fide encyclopaedia for video games, and it plays all of the best Neo Geo games and Neo Geo CD games too! It’s the perfect plan for keeping one-time games alive and a reliable emulator for all your Neo Geo needs!

2. FinalBurn Neo

  • Source Available
  • Windows, Mac OSX, RetroPie

Next upwardly in our list of the best Neo Geo emulators is FinalBurn Neo.

At present, some of y’all might well accept come across FinalBurn Blastoff in the past or during your travels beyond the internet. Well, Neo is the newer active fork of Alpha, a program that is no longer being supported.

With electric current updates and articles posted regularly on the FinalBurn Neo website by members of the retro gaming customs, there’southward enough of data to be gleaned by prospective users.

Y’all all know I love a expert emulator website, and FBN ticks all the boxes!

One thing I dislike, however, is the lack of a games compatibility section. It would be overnice to run across how many games work for this emulator before downloading.

Still, FBN’s reputation precedes it, and it’s a solid 2nd choice that won’t permit y’all down.

3. Nebula

Best Neo Geo emulators - Nebula
  • Freeware
  • Windows

Nebula is known for being 1 of the best Neo Geo emulators on Windows. It’s i of the near powerful emulators in the retro gaming world and a dab-hand at recreating all your favourite games from Metal Slug to King of Fighters.

Some other thing that Nebula is well known for having is a sleek-looking interface. Loading upward and sorting your existing Neo Geo ROMs is simple, and the program works well on most Windows machines, not only newer models.

In terms of updates, withal, it falls a little by the wayside. The concluding build was uploaded in 2014, so it’s non the most up-to-date emulator on the web.

Still, if you have a Windows machine and desire a program that only Microsoft users can run, so go wild!

4. RetroArch

  • Open up Source
  • Multiple Platforms

If you’ve read whatever of my manufactures on the all-time emulators before, then you’ll know all about RetroArch. It’south like a magic box filled with exciting tricks, capable of emulating everything from the best N64 games to the best Commodore 64 games!

Ok, and so information technology’s not really a magic box, but it is a very clever program.

By using cores, it can emulate multiple emulators, saving you from having to download unlike programs for all your favourite consoles.

Essentially, cores are like digital versions of the wires and chips inside your classic machines. Users can run FinalBurn Alpha or MAME cores inside RetroArch to make their ROMs work.

The best bit about RetroArch is that it works on pretty much any motorcar and whatsoever operating system too. We’re talking everything from a brand new MacBook to a decrepit old ThinkPad.

five. Mame4Droid

  • Android App
  • Android

Mame4Droid takes the final spot in this list of the best Neo Geo emulators of 2021. Specifically for Android, this is i of the best go-to emulators for portable gaming fans.

As the proper noun might suggest, this is a portable version of the MAME emulator and works like a charm on Android devices. Users need to upload their own ROMs, but the program supports upward to viii,000 titles on a variety of different consoles.

Playing Neo Geo classics like The Super Spy and Tiptop Hunter on the bus or in the function has never been easier. And, with image smoothing, overlay filters, and a whole host of other customisable features, it’s as well ane of the most malleable emulators around too!

The touch screen controls are a joy to use, and Make4Droid offers WiFi play for multiplayer activeness. What a package!