No More Buyer’s Remorse: How to Return a Steam Game and Get a Refund

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Steam’south Refund Policy Streamlined: Everything You Demand To Know

Steam has a lenient render policy for most purchases, but the rules are non e’er clear for anybody. If that’s why you’re here, worry not.
We will explain everything well-nigh Steam’s refund policy and tell you how to

apply our app

to send a return request in no time

What Is Steam’s Render Policy on Software?

Steam allows yous to request a refund for most games—whether a game is:

  • Purchased by mistake
  • Incompatible with your device
  • Not to your liking

To get a refund, yous must file a request within 14 days of purchase, provided that you have non played the game in question for more than two hours.
This also applies to pre-purchased titles and bundles unless stated otherwise.

You will receive a total refund within ane calendar week of the request review.
Your money will exist sent to your initial payment method, be information technology through the Steam Wallet or other payment processors. Some payment options on Steam that allow refunds include:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Observe

If your original payment method doesn’t support a refund, the money will be credited to your Steam Wallet in full.

What Is Steam’southward Return Policy on Downloadable Content (DLC)?

Steam can refund unused, unmodified, untransferred DLC of a game that has been played for less than two hours, provided that you file a request within two weeks of buy.
Keep in heed that this policy doesn’t apply to DLCs that are marked equally non-refundable on the Shop folio.

Steam’s Render Policy on In-Game Content

Refunds for in-game purchases are only applicable to games developed past Valve every bit long as they haven’t been modified, used, or transferred in whatever way.
You must send a refund request within 48 hours of purchase

Unless otherwise stated on the checkout folio, Steam doesn’t offering refunds for in-game content created by third-political party developers.

Does Steam’south Return Policy Utilise to Steam Wallet Top-Ups?

You can ask for your Steam Wallet funds to be refunded within two weeks of purchase, as long as you lot’ve purchased the funds on Steam and haven’t used them.

Will Steam Refund a Souvenir?

If a Steam gift is unredeemed by the recipient, you volition get a refund within the standard Steam’s refund period. Gifts that have been redeemed can also be refunded and so long as the giftee initiates the refund.
Go along in mind that the two-hr playtime limit also applies to refunds on redeemed gifts.

Steam’s Refund Policy—Exceptions

You tin can’t enquire for a game refund if you’ve been banned past the Valve Anti-Cheat Organisation (VAC) or if Steam deems that you’re abusing the refund organization.

Video content like movies, series, clips, and tutorials are not-refundable
unless the video in question belongs to a refundable non-video content.

What Is Steam’s Render Policy on Hardware?

About hardware purchased on Steam is eligible for a refund, as long as it’southward undamaged and uncompromised.
Yous will be responsible for any damages that occur to the hardware while information technology’s in your intendance.

Exist sure to request a return within the following time frame:

Production Category Refund Asking Borderline
Valve Index Hardware Within fourteen days of the transaction date
Other Hardware Within thirty days of purchase

Yous will exist reimbursed upwardly to two weeks later on Steam receives the item. The reimbursed corporeality will exist the price you paid plus the initial commitment charges.
Keep in mind that the latter applies to the to the lowest degree expensive delivery method only.

How To Return a Game on Steam

You tin request a refund for a game purchased on Steam by following these steps:

  1. Get to Steam Back up
  2. Log in to your Steam account
  3. Select
  4. Click on the game you desire to get a refund for
  5. Choose the reasons for requesting a refund
  6. Fill in the request form
  7. Select the payment method from the drop-down menu
  8. Submit the class

You volition receive a confirmation email once the course is successfully submitted.

How To Return Steam Hardware

You can return hardware purchased on Steam by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your account to initiate a request via Hardware Steam Back up
  2. Fill out the
    Return Merchandise Dominance (RMA)

  3. Pack the particular alongside the RMA sheet in its original packaging or another suitable container
  4. Attach a shipping characterization to the box
  5. Mail service the parcel

Be certain not to lose your shipping receipt in case you lot need to confirm your delivery.

DoNotPay Offers a Hassle-Free Method of Filing a Return Request

Filing a return request with Steam can take up and then much of your fourth dimension. The skillful news is, you don’t have to go through all of that hassle because DoNotPay tin help. Hither’due south how our app works:

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Our app volition transport a return request letter within minutes and generate a free shipping characterization for your convenience.
The alphabetic character will state the solution you demand from the merchant and fix a deadline for its timely completion

Tin can DoNotPay Help Sending Render Requests to Other Stores?

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