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Latest Oculus Quest 2 update lets you film yourself in VR – if you own an iPhone

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The latest Oculus Quest 2 update brings mixed reality casting to the VR headset, finer allowing you to motion picture yourself in a virtual reality space. So far simply six of the best VR games are compatible – like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip – merely the new feature is able to quite convincingly film you superimposed over the game you’re playing.

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, this new Quest and Quest 2 feature is unfortunately merely compatible with Apple handsets, specifically the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, SE (2d gen), and the total iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone thirteen ranges. So you’ll accept to own ane of Apple tree’s flagship phones in club to try out mixed reality casting.

There’s currently no give-and-take on whether or not the feature will brand its way to Android phones in future, but we certainly promise it does.

Frequent Oculus Quest users may recollect a like characteristic by the name of Live Overlay, which could also place an epitome of the player in-game, in place of the usual avatar. However, the new mixed reality casting differs in that information technology better integrates the thespian into the game – though that increased complexity is likely why the characteristic is merely available in six games right at present.

Mixed reality casting isn’t the only feature added in the latest v35 update, either. It’southward joined past global cloud saves, a much-needed feature that will automatically backup your Oculus Quest two game save files. Need to uninstall Resident Evil iv VR for something else? Worry not, as your saves will be stored in the cloud for later on retrieval.

Another new arrival is the addition of voice calls to the Facebook Messenger app for Oculus Quest devices. You may not see this characteristic right abroad, though, as Meta has confirmed it’ll exist rolling out “over the coming weeks,” and so don’t be surprised if the characteristic doesn’t launch immediately alongside the new update.

Analysis: Practice nosotros demand mixed reality casting?

Oculus Quest 2’s new mixed reality casting feature, as you lot tin can meet in the video above, isn’t perfect. It’s easy to spot choppy outlines around the role player, made all the more apparent by a supremely kinetic game like Beat Saber.

However, the addition of the feature is a internet plus, overall. Similar setups can exist achieved with expensive, complex dark-green screen setups. Simply we’d wager that nigh Oculus Quest 2 users won’t have the resource (or the room) to make this a reality. Instead, having a much easier solution baked into the VR headset is a fantastic alternative.

So, who stands to gain? For one, smaller content creators who dabble in VR have a whole new feature to play with. Having a second person operating the phone camera to capture the event could lead to some pretty creative entertainment, all without having to spend a penny extra on a professional person setup.

Our only real complaint would be that we’d love to come across mixed reality casting utilise to more Oculus Quest two games in time to come, especially the aforementioned Resident Evil 4 VR, or other horror games like Border of Nowhere or Dreadhalls.

Update v35 has rolled around at just the right fourth dimension, too, equally we’ve merely seen some pretty good Cyber Monday Oculus Quest 2 deals go live over the past few days, meaning in that location’south probable more than than a few new adopters of the Meta VR headset.

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