People who strongly identify as ‘gamers’ more prone to racism and sexism, study suggests

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This has kinda been known for a while, but here’southward an official study.

That’s according to ‘Identity fusion and extremism in gaming cultures’, a research paper by Take This, a mental wellness advocacy organization with a focus on the game manufacture. Toxicity has long been known to exist within some parts of the video game community, and this inquiry seeks to empathise how this occurs.

The enquiry explores the potential part of ‘identity fusion’ in toxic sections of gaming communities. Identity fusion is described equally “a deep, visceral sense of alignment” with a grouping or cause that strongly pervades an private’s personal life, to the indicate where information technology compels people to enact pro-group behaviours even when it is personally costly to do so.

Speaking to Vice, 1 of the authors of the study, Dr. Rachel Kowert, emphasised that its findings refer to this smaller, toxic portion of the gaming customs who show signs of ‘gamer’ civilisation taking over their personal identities, and that there’s no proffer that the wider populace of players is extreme.

“Identity fusion is when the social identity, the individual identity, fuses together and you tin’t tear them autonomously…. The way in which fusion is shown to develop makes them more susceptible to more extreme behaviours.”

The research was comprised of three studies which surveyed hundreds of people who played video games, and analysed their beliefs such every bit whether they related to right-wing absolutism or the alt-right movement, or their views on women and minorities.

The studies then attempted to correlate identify fusion past request questions such as whether they believed they “make gaming culture strong”, and how willing they would be to “fight someone” for “making fun of gaming culture”.


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that’s not surprising at all, unfortunately


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strongly identifying
every bit a



Saw the truth backside the copied door

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information technology aint called a gamer moment for zero



Truly Gargantuan

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It’s obvious this was the ultimate goal of gamergate one time it became a major part of the civilization war and right wing ideologists saw the opportunity.

B. Spaceman

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Those who place equally ‘gamers’, they sicken me securely


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I don’t personally place every bit a gamer but medically speaking I am i afterwards being duped into drinking a bit of gamergirl bathwater. Luckily just the sometime group is decumbent to bigotry and I have non experienced whatever serious symptoms due to my short exposure to the gamer toxin.


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Well, yes.

In my experience people who base their whole identity around a hobby are already dubious. Cocky-identifying as a “gamer” is king of the carmine flags, though.


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Our parents were right after all


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Besides can’t forget homophobia. It took 1 ranked lucifer of OW2 with squad chat turned on to hear a teammate say “Soldier, that ult was HIV positive” to a teammate who did a bad ult…

Literally the first and only time I turned that on. Gamers are awful.



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Isn’t it the fact that most of the engagements happening in the Gaming sphere is done in anonymity?
A pure sense of disinhibition(deindividuation maybe), in mass.


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Came hither looking for this video.

Am non disappointed


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lmfao. Gets me every fourth dimension.

Mass Effect


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Good matter not of us are gamers here. I play the shit out of games, simply would never ever telephone call myself a gamer.

How almost videogame enthusiast or conneseiur of electronic gaming? Then once more I audio like I am tipping a fedora, m’lady.



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Gaming is simply what I
do, it’south not who I

Dead Man Typing

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strongly identifying
every bit a

I do most nothing just play games, listen to game podcasts and mail service here on this gaming forum.

I would never think to call myself a gamer.


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The closest I came to existence a gamer was wanting that Garfield shirt nigh being a gamer.


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Pretty sure I read somewhere this research was fabricated with an incredibly pocket-sized range of people and such information technology might not exist completely reliable, merely I might be incorrect.
That said, I still believe it, and history taught u.s. this is all true and virtually
are almost a disgrace to our society.


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I’m not a Role player I’m a Gamer.


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Yep, and this is more often than not why, even though I play video games practically every day, I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer.


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“Gamer” should just be a neutral term like “picture show goer” or “music listener” but assholes accept to ruin everything.

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Isn’t it the fact that most of the engagements happening in the Gaming sphere is done in anonymity?
A pure sense of disinhibition(deindividuation possibly), in mass.

That’s what I thought for a long time, too. Merely in contempo years people are much more brazen and posting impaired, harmful shit on their ain social media accounts or streaming alive, and in both situations, their names and faces are exposed to everyone.


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Who strongly identifies as a gamer? I play games every bit my only existent recreation and it wouldn’t even say that…

I don’t personally identify equally a gamer but medically speaking I am i after being duped into drinking a chip of gamergirl bathwater. Luckily but the former grouping is decumbent to discrimination and I take non experienced any serious symptoms due to my short exposure to the gamer toxin.

Really lol’ed at my desk-bound at this


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The mode I audibly laughed at this…

Oh man, anyhow. This isn’t shocking unfortunately. To take a page from the late cracking Mitch Hedberg “I hope they just phone call me a dude that games”.



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Don’t forget the Moms.

Back in my Left 4 Expressionless days somebody told me they were gonna come up to my house, slit my throat, and rape my Mom (if she is hot).

Haven’t been into MP games in years considering of that if I am honest. Didn’t intendance about the killing me bit, information technology was the Mom matter that hit me.


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Is anyone truly surprised?

Cow Mengde

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Been saying for a long time that “gamers” will be the next baby boomer.


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In other news, h2o is wet.


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really don’t know why video game journalists run stories based off of 1 research report that is done. in that location’s been no replications of the methodology and the written report itself fifty-fifty states the phenomenon behind the correlation is unknown. a written report like this is not even substantiated however in the earth of inquiry. like sure, i desire to believe it and it seems to align with my behavior, just in the world of science that kind of logical fallacy doesn’t cut information technology.

the thought of these articles is merely to generate clicks and garner stiff reactions when the takeaway should be “huh, i‘m curious to run across how further studies build off of this.” if you fifty-fifty read the damn paper you lot would see how pocket-size the sample size is. taking this study every bit close to testify is absurd.

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Yeah, in my youth before I had much of a social consciousness outside of the passive one I picked up from my very bourgeois, military-brat surroundings, I definitely passively developed sexist, homophobic, and racist views.

It took my college educational activity — which gave me both physical distance and cultural upheaval — to have whatsoever chance of getting out of information technology. I’yard not even sure I would’ve always found ResetEra bonny to hang out on as my main gaming discussion site if it weren’t for my college education finally giving me another perspective. I’one thousand non a perfect homo when it comes to having my political agreement and advocacy in good graces (I’m trying), but I’ve made a major shift away from the passive environment I grew up in.

And while I was a little shitstain of a youth, I did proudly identify with the characterization “gamer.” I try to keep my distance from it now. Information technology’s all the same a media culture that more oftentimes than not enables its worst qualities.


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That’southward what I thought for a long fourth dimension, too. But people are much more brazen and posting impaired, harmful shit on their own social media accounts or streaming live, and in both situations, their names and faces are exposed to everyone.

You are right, it’s totally normalized now.


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“Gamer” should just exist a neutral term like “picture goer” or “music listener” but assholes accept to ruin everything.

This definitely. People in here will go “I’d never call myself a gamer, ew” but it’s like… that’s an piece of cake shorthand for people to know the big topic I’m knowledgeable in. I do lots of other things, simply well, sometimes it would be overnice and easy to use it, but it has a shitty connotation, so I don’t.


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Shit like this makes me aback I even indulge in the hobby. And I outright reject this label onto myself.


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Expert thing I identify as a gaymer.
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Mass Effect

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Isn’t it the fact that most of the engagements happening in the Gaming sphere is done in anonymity?
A pure sense of disinhibition(deindividuation maybe), in mass.

I hateful nosotros have literal world leaders, billionaires, and people all upwards and down the totem pole constantly shitposting online with their names and faces exposed.

It’s more similar people just don’t requite a fuck anymore.


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Sounds about right. Despite playing tons of games, I refused to identify as gamer.

( Beat 35 games terminal year )



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I mean we have literal world leaders, billionaires, and people all up and down the totem pole constantly shitposting online with their names and faces exposed.

Information technology’s more like people only don’t give a fuck anymore.

Yea information technology’south fucked.


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In this forum though “gamer” is seen as “nerdy” which evidently its also bad. Why exercise people hate the label? If you lot eat video games for many years of your life and it’southward withal a hobby yous like and partake in…yous might be a gamer.

At present if y’all are a toxic person playing games, that really shouldn’t automatically brand all gamers exist toxic. Information technology’s just that the person who likes gaming is an asshole. I hateful if you lot were to look into their social media or existent life social groups, likely they are assholes in general. Sounds like information technology’due south not about the hobby but more than of the person.

I exercise feel the anonymity of gaming attracts assholes keep being toxic online simply I don’t come across a deviation if they used twitter or whatever to do the same and harass others because they feel like they are untouchable. (And privileged also)

Idk but think it’s a bigger problem within society. We know the more than the cyberspace remains a wild west like identify, people will just be jerks online. Unfortunately I feel that down the line this behavior will need to exist clamped down. Here in the US we have these idiots MAGATs because of the like shooting fish in a barrel of access to lies and deception. No one tin can stop it and so it keeps growing. People who are “in the right” tin’t do shit most it. Fifty-fifty if i day humanity needs to go out earth on from it dying, you have people on the left still taking these assholes with them which ultimately means these assholes go and spread their dumb shit on other planets. What I’one thousand saying is, this would need to be curved or regulated on a federal level where nosotros don’t have shitlords in power.

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Those who identify as ‘gamers’, they sicken me deeply

I’m really curios who exactly identifies hisself as gamer. I play a lot of videogames and listen to gaming podcasts, but it’southward a hobby. I wouldn’t place myself as gamer. Only in that location seems to be a lot of people out there which identify also much with there hobby. This perhaps also drives some of the toxic behavior in this industry (in respect to the consumers).


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Strongly place?

Never heard of people strongly identifying as a golf player or knitter

People are weird


Lobster Roll

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I remember there’s a clear stardom between [lowercase yard] “gamers” and [uppercase g] “Gamers”. Nosotros’re all active users on a gaming enthusiast forum. Past definition, we are all gamers. The term “Gamers”, though, as used as a term to
self-place, does carry a lot of negative connotation and the correlation to racism and sexism is not the to the lowest degree bit surprising. Just if somebody were to say “Era is where gamers talk over games”, I don’t call back I’d disagree with that type of usage.


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