Philips launches new gaming brand Evnia

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Why Philips launched Evnia, and what’s coming commencement

This commodity was first published on 25 Oct 2022.

Gaming products needed to reverberate electric current appetites and reinvent how gamers are represented.

That representation, from Philips’ perspective, comes with Mini-LED, OLED, Breakthrough-Dot OLED monitors, Blood-red MX mechanical keyboards, and 20,000 DPI gaming mice, all designed to include every type of gamer on our globe.

While the brand is well-established in home appliances, Philips has decided that gamers could employ better-looking, better-specced, and better-designed video gaming tools. To that finish, Philips (with its monitor manufacturing arm TPV Technology Limited) launched
– a new gaming make that primarily offers gaming monitors and accessories – on xx October 2022 in Stade de France, Paris.

Why Evnia?

Co-ordinate to Philips, video gaming today is very different from how it was offset introduced in the 70s to 80s.

Gaming – casual, hardcore, or competitive – is no longer limited to teenagers. At Evnia’s global press launch, Philips said that the
average gamer in Asia is xxx years quondam, and 46% of the gamers on our side of the pond being female (with a 14.eight% year-on-year increment, too).

But stereotypes are hard to break, which is why Evnia exists to satisfy a more diverse bunch of video gamers effectually the globe. It’s for users who can appreciate gaming-quality specifications, regardless of taste (in monitor design or games played) or identities (casual gamers with a corporate 24-hour interval job or full-time game streamers and eastward-sports athletes).

To drive this point home, Philips chose Sylvia Gathoni, a.grand.a. QueenArrow – Kenya’due south first female pro esports athlete – to exist an administrator, face, and butt-kicker of Evnia.

The brand’s new name also represents a dissimilar perspective on gaming equally a mainstream lifestyle choice. “Evnia” comes from the Greek discussion

, which translates to “well-minded” or “smart thinking”.

The term itself is typically used in the context of luck and a prove of interest in supporting and protecting someone or something. By adopting Evnia as Philips’due south new gaming make, the company hopes that it tin inspire others to create a welcoming community of gamers that looks by stereotypes while retaining the competitive spirit of gaming at its cadre.

Evnia product lineup

That sense of community and variety in gaming is a significant office to alive up to, particularly when Philips has to ensure that Evnia can satisfy about every type of pro-level need. At its launch, Evnia showcased 240Hz refresh charge per unit monitors for players of start-person shooters, and Quantum-Dot OLED monitors for RPG and MMORPG gamers, and a host of Cherry MX mechanical keyboards, high DPI gaming mice, and everything else in between.

Evnia comes in 3 tiers, with a
range acting as its entry-level lineup, a midrange
that combines affordability with crucial specs and features, all topped off with a flagship
7000 and 8000-series
for gamers who want the best of nearly everything.

Each series will come with monitors and gaming accessories like headsets, gaming mice, and keyboards – a few of which were displayed at Evnia’s launch.

Besides having a unique design to appeal to gamers from all walks of life, Evnia monitors also come with command-and-control software, letting users intuitively adjust their monitor’s settings.

The starting time volley: Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV (monitor).

While many Evnia products and accessories already have a roadmap and plan to hit retail, Philips is selectively launching one monitor to lead the charge.

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV
is a curved
34-inch mini-LED monitor
with QHD (iii,440 10 i,440 pixels) resolution, VESA’south
DisplayHDR 1400
certification, 165Hz refresh rate, “ultra-low input lag”, and Adaptive-Sync compatibility.

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV.

The monitor itself comes with USB-C ports, as well every bit
KVM support (which is a boon to employ multiple systems with a single set of input/output devices) and height-adjustable stand for amend flexibility and gaming comfort. Other features include
Ambiglow, the Evnia’due south aesthetic RGB lighting that emits from the dorsum of the monitor to bounce off walls and create additional gaming ambience. Ambiglow is basically Ambilight tech that you would be familiar with on Philips TVs, but it’s now scaled down in complexity for utilise with their monitors.

It starts retail in
December 2022
(~Due south$2,907.93), with local availability and price to be advised.

If a 165Hz mini-LED monitor for gaming isn’t for you, head on to the adjacent page to see its OLED, QD OLED, and VA panels. In that location’south also new gaming keyboards, mice, and an Ambiglow mouse mat.