Phone Wifi Keeps Turning Off

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The modern world is fueled by the internet and existence connected to information technology is vital for many things in both our personal and professional lives. Smartphones have fabricated the internet more accessible and nosotros rely heavily on Wi-Fi to piece of work properly. Thus, when you are working, it can be frustrating when wifi on telephone keeps turning off on its own. It is an issue faced by many Android users and many forums are filled with questions like why my wifi keeps turning off automatically. If you are dealing with the event of wifi keeps turning off Android so yous are at the right place. Nosotros bring to you lot a helpful guide that will teach you how to stop wifi from turning off automatically on Android.

Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

How to Prepare WiFi Keeps Turning Off Automatically on Android

If you are wondering why my WiFi keeps turning off automatically on Android, then here is a list of some plausible reasons behind it.

  • Bug with Wi-Fi router
  • VPN service interfering with Wi-Fi
  • Incorrect phone settings
  • Battery saver mode stopping Wi-Fi from connecting
  • Connectedness optimizers switching Wi-Fi networks
  • Apps causing Wi-Fi to disconnect
  • Corrupt Cache files

After understanding why wifi on phone keeps turning off, permit us get over the methods and acquire how to end wifi from turning off automatically Android. We will commencement with some bones methods and move towards complex ones in the cease.

Smartphones don’t take the same Settings options. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so check the right settings before changing whatsoever.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

These are some basic troubleshooting methods that we recommended you perform earlier trying other methods. They might fix the issue.

1. Restart telephone:
Restarting your Android device can fix various issues similar apps crashing, screen freezing or lagging etc. It may likewise ready wifi on phone keeps turning off issue. You can restart your phone by post-obit our guide on How to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone.

Restart or Reboot Android

ii. Check Router:
If your wifi keeps disconnecting from other devices as well then it might be a instance of faulty router causing this issue. You lot tin also endeavor and move closer to your router and if doing that resolves the effect and so you are probably facing the problem considering your wifi betoken strength is depression.

iii. Update Android:
Wifi keeps turning off Android outcome forth with many other issues tin can occur if you are using outdated version of Android. Make sure your Android device is updated. You can follow our guide on How To Manually Update Android To Latest Version to practice that. It might set up the problem.

update android. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

iv. Disable VPN:
If you use any VPN service or app to browse the internet on your device, then effort disabling it and cheque if it resolves the issue. If it does, and then this issue is acquired because of VPN and you tin either go along it disabled or switch to different one to resolve the outcome.

v. Disable Battery saver fashion:
In some phones, wifi gets automatically disconnected when Bombardment saver mode is enabled. If you use your phone on battery saver manner then disable it and check if you however face the upshot.

disable battery saver

6. Uninstall new apps:
If you started facing this upshot after installing a certain app then it is likely to be caused by that app. Uninstall some recently downloaded apps and check if the issue is resolved.

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Here, are all possible troubleshooting methods to fix the outcome.

Method i: Reconnect to WiFi Network

1 of the easiest means to resolve this WiFi keeps turning off on Android issue is by reconnecting to the problematic network after forgetting it. It will constitute a fresh connection and may fix any previous issues. You can do that past following these steps.

ane. Swipe down the
notification bar
from the superlative of the screen.

2. Press the
Wi-Fi icon
to open up the Wi-Fi settings.

press the wifi icon in notification menu. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

three. And so, tap on the
connected network.

tap on wifi network

4. Next, select the

tap on forget to disconnect wifi network. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

4. At present, tap on the
to connect again.

tap on wifi network

5. Enter the password and tap on

connect to wifi network

Method 2: Modify Connections Settings

Many users have reported that they were able to fix wifi keeps turning off Android by enabling turning wifi on automatically choice and disabling Wifi power saving mode, which tin can disconnect wifi if information technology consumes a lot of power, nether Connections settings. To do that, follow these steps.

ane. Open
Wi-Fi settings
as shown in
Method two.

ii. Tap on the
iii dots icon

three. Then, select the


select wifi plus in wifi setting. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

iv. Toggle

toggle off wifi plus feature

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Method 3: Clear Settings App Data

Settings app of Android contains many types of data including information about Networks and wifi connections. Sometimes this data can become corrupt and cause problems like wifi turning off automatically. You can resolve this WiFi keeps turning off on Android issue by clearing information of Settings app using the following steps.

1. Launch your device

2. Locate and open the Apps setting, then open the all


tap on Apps to open list of All application in apps settings

iii. Search and select the

open settings app setting

4. Tap on the

tap on storage in settings app info. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android

5. Finally, tap on the
Clear Cache
option, then select
Clear Information.

tap on clear data and clear cache of settings app

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Method iv: Perform Factory Reset

If you are still facing wifi keeps turning off Android issue and then this is the final option. Manufactory reset will revert your device to its default settings and all new data will exist erased. It tin resolve many issues and might fix the ane we are discussing. Y’all can perform manufactory reset past following our guide on How to Reset Your Android Phone.

Make a backup of all your important files and other data before proceeding.

Tap on Reset phone at the bottom. Fix WiFi Keeps Turning Off on Android


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We hope that this guide was helpful and yous were able to fix
WiFi keeps turning off on Android
. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If y’all have any queries or suggestions and then experience costless to drop them in the comments section.