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Wii vs PS3 –
Choosing the Killer Video Games Console

The Wii vs PS3 are both awesome video game consoles and in this article I’ll look at the nigh important features of each one.

Some of these key features are very unlike from each other so I’ll definitely be highlighting what these are. Remember that the Wii and PS3 are aimed at totally dissimilar people, so we may non be able to say that one console is better than the other.

Because the Wii vs PS3 take been designed for very different people, I won’t declare which console is the winner. After reading this article though, you’ll definitely know which one is the killer panel for Y’all!

I’one thousand going to compare the following features between the Wii vs PS3…

wii vs ps3

  • Who is the Wii and PS3 aimed at?
  • Popular Games
  • Playing Old Games
  • Graphics
  • Internet Access
  • Wii vs PS3 as an Entertainment System
  • Price of the Wii vs PS3
  • The Conclusion


The Wii vs PS3 have been designed to give completely different entertainment experiences.

The Wii console and the Wii’due south games have been specifically designed for people who have never played video games seriously earlier. This includes adults, female gamers, and younger children.

The Wii is a auto that thrives on quirky, simple games that bring people together. The master Wii remote controller (called a “Wii mote”) is the key to these games. This controller is a existent gem that immerses yous in the Wii’due south games.

In a sword fighting game, the remote controller works like a real sword. Y’all’ll be hacking and slashing with the Wii remote to perform actions on the screen. Y’all tin read more about the Wii mote on its ain defended page (I’ll open this folio in a new window so you don’t lose your place hither)..

In dissimilarity, Sony’s Playstation iii (or PS3) has been created with more hard-cadre, experienced gamers in heed. The PS3 is a powerful automobile designed to play complex games, using the latest High Definition graphics. While the Wii has a actually simple pick-up-and-play remote controller aimed at newcomers, the PS3 has a complex controller with 2 joysticks, 4 buttons, 4 triggers, and a direction pad.

When comparing the Wii vs PS3, 1 of the about important questions to inquire yourself is “what type of gamer am I…?”

If you’re an occasional gamer (or haven’t played video games before) and you’re looking to become your friends (and family) together for a actually great express mirth, then the Nintendo Wii’south a existent winner. The games are fun, and all the features of the console are actually easy to apply.

The Wii also has a broad range of games, and with the Wii there’due south literally something for all ages and interests.

If you’re a more serious gamer or you’re looking to become more than seriously into video games, then the PS3 might just be your console. The games are complex with engaging story lines. A lot of the PS3’s games accept a fairly steep learning curve for new gamers, but will keep serious and aspiring gamers challenged as their gaming skills develop.

Wii vs PS3 – What Are the Popular Games?
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The coolest feature of the Wii games is that you lot are the star of the testify. By using the Wii mote controller to perform real globe actions, you experience like you’re living inside the game.

The near pop games on the Wii are games that encourage family members and friends to play against each other.

Mario Kart is one of the smash hit games on the Wii. Players choose their favourite Mario characters and race confronting each other. Players control their cars plow by turning their remote controllers like real steering wheels, while fugitive other characters from knocking them off the rails. There’southward even a huge range of racing tracks to choose from to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart is one of the near popular games on the Wii

A lot of the nearly popular games on the Wii star Nintendo’s famous characters like the Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong. These blast striking games have topped the charts around the globe and are simply available on the Wii. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you lot’re a fan of the Mario Brothers or other Nintendo games, because you lot won’t be able to play these on a PS3.

An important feature of the Wii, is that about of the truly archetype games on the Wii panel encourage players to accept fun rather than winning at all costs.

Fifty-fifty though Nintendo has a big library of games that you can only play on the Wii, in that location’southward likewise a huge range of games that are bachelor for both the PS3 and the Wii. So buying a Nintendo Wii doesn’t hateful you won’t be able to play the same neat games that are bachelor on the PS3.

The PS3 is aimed at serious gamers. The games on the PS3 are more often than not more complex than the Wii and you’ll demand to use all the buttons on the PS3 remote controller to perform actions in the game. This means that you’ll need to be comfy using a lot of buttons at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

The Wii has a feature that lets yous play your old Nintendo Gamecube game discs on the Wii, and it’s called the Wii Virtual Console. Nintendo Gamecube is the video games panel that Nintendo made earlier the Wii.

Nintendo stopped making the Gamecube a few years ago. Because so many people owned this console and accept bought a lot of games for it, though, Nintendo accept created a feature that lets you play these former games on the Wii.

Nintendo have also made their old classic games available to buy as downloads from the Wii online store. These are games from every Nintendo console going back to the 16 bit era of the early 90’s. You can admission the store straight from your Wii console, buy the games yous fancy, and download them instantly to your Wii.

Unfortunately on the PS3, you won’t be able to play your former PS1 or PS2 discs.

Sony does, however, take their own Playstation online store (like to the Wii online store), and they’re starting to re-make old PS1 games to purchase and download onto the PS3 console.

Wii vs PS3 – Graphics
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The Wii has been designed to play games with good graphics and incredibly addictive gameplay. When it comes to comparing the graphics of the Wii vs PS3 though, the PS3 console has astonishing graphics considering they’re in Loftier Definition. The Wii doesn’t take High Definition graphics.

High Definition, or Hd as it’due south known, is a new engineering that makes pictures look lifelike (if yous own a High Definition Telly). The PS3’due south games have all been created in HD, but the Wii’s games don’t have HD graphics and there’southward a skilful reason for this…

The Wii is 1 of the most affordable video games consoles on the market. I of the reasons it’due south so affordable, is that Nintendo doesn’t include expensive graphics hardware in the Wii. The aim of the Wii is to give gamers fun and hugely entertaining games at an affordable price.

The PS3’s games have stunning graphics. The expensive graphics cards and figurer power of the PS3 are one of its key features. Remember I said that the PS3’s games ofttimes have engaging story lines, well the lifelike Hard disk drive graphics are a big function of the way the PS3’due south games tell their story.

In many of these games, the graphics are stunning to behold and you oftentimes take to wait twice to make sure it’s just a game. This is part of the package that actually appeals to more serious gamers as information technology often adds to the complexity of the gaming experience.

Metal Gear Solid PS3

The stunning High Definition graphics of the PS3

These amazing graphics though exercise come at a price. The PS3 console is a lot more expensive than the Wii and so is the ongoing cost of buying PS3 games.

Because the Wii doesn’t emphasise graphics as a key characteristic of the Wii experience, the Wii console is about 30% cheaper than the PS3. The Wii’southward games are also effectually 25% cheaper than games for the PS3.

Wii vs PS3 – Cyberspace Access
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Both the Wii vs PS3 accept similar internet features. Both consoles let y’all play games online against people from around the world without paying whatsoever actress membership fees. You tin also buy and download games and other content from their online stores.

Both consoles have wireless internet capability built in equally standard so you won’t need to plug in any cables if y’all take a wireless internet router.

The Wii Carte du jour is the Wii’s dwelling house page. Every time you turn on the Wii you will start at the Card. Think of the Wii Carte du jour as the gateway to all of the Wii’due south features. A few of the areas you can go to from the Bill of fare are the Wii online store, the Mii Channel, the Conditions Forecast Aqueduct and the News Channel.

wii online

Connecting to the internet on the Wii console is really easy. The console automatically detects your wireless net connection. All you lot have to do is enter the password or code that came with your wireless internet box and the Wii will connect automatically.

The Wii has a actually funky net feature called
WiiConnect24. With WiiConnect24 the Wii console is e’er connected to the cyberspace, even when y’all turn the console off. This means you lot can choose to download games and other software from the Wii online shop and turn the panel off – and it will withal download.

One of the coolest features of the Wii is the personalised characters yous can create, called Miis. Y’all can create as many Miis as you lot like and give them all sorts of weird and wonderful looks. Once created, y’all tin can apply your Miis as characters in a lot of different Wii games.

When your Wii panel is turned off, your Miis utilise WiiConnect24 to travel the world visiting other people’s Wii consoles. Look out for other people’s Miis coming to visit your panel while you’re playing. If you similar other people’s Miis you tin can adopt them and use them as characters in your games.

The PS3 besides uses wireless internet so you don’t need to connect whatsoever wires to your wireless internet router. The PS3’s unique online characteristic is a cool online virtual world called
Playstation Dwelling.

Playstation Domicile is but getting going, and it works like this…

You create an online character that represents y’all in Sony’s online virtual earth. The idea is that yous interact with other PS3 users from around the world using your online grapheme.

In this virtual world, you lot take a virtual business firm and decorate information technology in your own personal way. You’ll collaborate with other people past visiting their virtual houses or inviting them round to your pad.

The PS3 also has its own online shop. In the store you can download free game demos and purchase old Playstation 1 games to play on the PS3. Even though you tin’t play old Playstation i discs straight on your console, Sony are re-making some of these quondam games to purchase and download from the Playstation Store.

ps3 online store

The free game demos are a keen little idea. The game companies put short demos on the Playstation Store for you lot to download and play. The demo normally lets you lot play one level of the real game and is a great way of trying games out earlier splashing out on them. The Wii online shop doesn’t have game demos available all the same.

When it comes to the internet, the Wii vs PS3 boxing is a stalemate. The Wii Online Shop has a great pick of cheap games that yous can buy and download directly to your console. The Wii besides lets you play games online against other people from around the world, and the Mii characters are loads of cracking fun.

Playstation Home is starting to come up together nicely. This online world should prove to exist unique and exciting once it’due south up and running fully. A few PS3 games have struggled online with gamers lament that they don’t run smoothly, but the vast majority of games have non given any problems online.

Wii vs PS3 every bit a Full Entertainment System
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Sony Blu Ray HD DVDThe Wii is mainly a games machine and it tin’t play your favourite DVD movies or music CDs. You can listen to MP3 and AAC music files on the Wii but you’ll need to load them onto a SD retentiveness bill of fare.

The Wii can likewise exist used to bear witness off your photos and videos by loading them onto a SD memory card and plugging the SD carte into the Wii.

One of the key features of the PS3 is the domicile amusement package that’s built into the PS3. The PS3 comes with a congenital in Blu Ray Loftier Definition DVD role player. This lets you watch new Blu Ray DVDs in lifelike High Definition. You tin can besides use the PS3 to watch normal DVDs with a slightly better motion-picture show than yous’ll get on a normal DVD player.

The PS3 is the cheapest Blu Ray DVD role player on the marketplace. If you’re thinking of ownership a Blu Ray thespian then remember about buying a PS3 and yous’ll get the entire video games system included for less than the price of a stand-alone Blu Ray actor.

The PS3 likewise plays normal music CDs and you lot tin can copy your CDs directly onto the PS3 (the aforementioned every bit yous practise with iTunes). If y’all already have your music in iTunes you can copy the music files from your computer onto the PS3, or plug your MP3 histrion into the console and listen through your TV.

The PS3 online store even has a video download service. It’s the aforementioned as renting a moving picture for the dark only instead of going to the video shop or waiting for it to make it in the post, you lot simply download the movie directly onto your PS3.

If you lot want to play games, watch High Definition movies, listen to music and cruise the internet, and then the PS3 is a loftier quality home amusement system.

If you take a DVD player, CD player, MP3 player and iTunes already, then remember that the PS3’s amusement features come up at an actress cost. The PS3 is about forty% more expensive than the Wii and these amusement features are a big office of that price.

Which brings us to the adjacent question in our comparing of the Wii vs PS3…

If price is important in the boxing between the Wii vs PS3, and so the Wii console is much cheaper than the PS3. Don’t forget that subsequently you purchase your panel you’ll too have the ongoing cost of games.

Nearly of the games for the Wii are also cheaper than the PS3. The Wii doesn’t use such intense graphics so the cost of making Wii games is a lot less than PS3 games.

So what is the toll of the Wii vs PS3?

In the

The toll of the Nintendo Wii console has simply been reduced, and now costs $199.99

Sony has just replaced the original PS3 console with a new version that’s smaller in size and also has a bigger hard drive. The best news of all is that this new PS3 Slim panel is cheaper than the original version and costs $299.99.

In the

The Nintendo Wii panel costs £189.99 and at present comes bundled together with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and the new Wii MotionPlus sensor.

The new PS3 Slim console costs £249.99.

Friends playing the WiiThe Wii is your panel if y’all don’t have a lot of experience with video games or if you’re looking for a more casual gaming feel, and desire to have a groovy time playing party games with your friends. The Wii is all nigh fun and sharing more than winning.

The Wii’s remote controllers create a truly immersive feel, while using the controllers to play sports games or as real weapons really gets the sometime adrenaline going!

The Wii also has a corking toll tag, and value for money isn’t even a question with the amount of fun you’ll have playing it.

The PS3 is a serious games machine if you have a lot of experience playing video games or if you want to get more involved in playing video games. The games are complex with astonishing graphics simply they’re aimed at people with a more competitive spirit.

PS3 console

The PS3 likewise plays Blu Ray DVDs and tin store and play all your music CDs. The PS3 is more of a consummate amusement system than the Wii only this also makes it more than expensive.

If you’re a difficult core gamer, or you want to spotter High Definition Blu Ray DVDs (and listen to music while playing games or chilling with mates), and then the PS3 is actually good value for money.

When you’re comparing the Wii vs PS3, the best advice I can give you is to buy the panel that matches
needs. These 2 consoles are and so different from each other, and each ane will give you a completely different experience.

If you’re looking to buy either the Wii or PS3 (or both!), I ever recommend ownership from a retailer you tin can trust similar Best Buy or Amazon in the U.s.a., or or britain in the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland.

Yous know you’ll become decent customer service and the reliability of a big retailer.

I live in the Great britain and I always buy my consoles and games (and I accept a few!) from, Amazon UK and Play and Amazon United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
have the best prices and vivid customer service. Whenever I order from them I ever get my order within a few days.

Here’due south a good example of why I like ownership from…

When I ordered my Wii console from Play I wanted information technology delivered to a different address so someone could sign for it. Play chosen me before dispatching my Wii to confirm that information technology was me who placed the gild. This gave me confidence that Play has good fraud protection in identify.
is more than expensive than Play and Amazon generally but their customer service and delivery times are but as good. They do ofttimes have great deals though and I regularly buy from Game if they have something I want at a proficient cost!