PSO2 Overlord Crossover Scratch Tickets on the Way Next Month

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This post is updating in existent fourth dimension. Contents are subject area to change.

Waker Class

  • Waker Class can summon 3 types of Familiars to set on and defend.
    • Fredran specializes in long-range attacks
    • Wulfen specializes in close-range attacks
    • Marmelo mixes defense with counter-attacks.
  • Familiar Attacks are considered “Tech Attacks” regardless of the color scheme the Familiars apply.
  • Consuming the Harmonizer Focus Gauge volition unleash powerful Familiar moves.
  • Class Instructor: Welmina.

Side Story

  • New Side Story: Favors for the 5
    • Meri is and so absorbed in her research that she doesn’t return to the gild, and asks that you deliver Ilma’s lunch.
  • New Mini Episodes will exist available where you can learn more about the characters.

New Trials

  • EmpeRappy and Smashing Rappy will make their appearance.
    • The Great Rappy is fifty-fifty rarer.
  • New Rank ii and Challenge Settings for some Trania.
    • Increase enemy Max HP
    • Increase Enemy Attack Ability
    • Increment Resta Sign Consumption
    • Increment Max Resta Sign Bear Limit
    • Increase Enemy Level
    • Make All Boss Enemies Enhanced
    • Make All Boss Enemies Megalotix
  • Reduced the enemy HP in All Battledia Yellow
  • Battledia Triggers are no longer location specific and are unified across regions.
    • At the Quest Counter, you can select which Battledia yous want to do.
    • The existing Battle Triggers tin can be traded in at the Item Trader for the new ones.

Add-On Skills

  • Improver Skills provide diverse effects and sub-effects.
  • They can be caused by spending N-Form-EXCubes and N-Meseta.
  • The Main Effects mostly increment stats like PWR and PP.
  • The Sub-Effects provide boosts such as increased movement speed when charging.
  • The Main/Sub Outcome level and Result Type are randomly chosen each time they are generated. Still, the level of the primary upshot will not be lower than the level of the same effect generated in the past.
  • You can raise the “Minimum Level” to some extent by spending additional Meseta when generating Main and Sub Effects.
  • The generated add-on skills are shared within your account, and i can be set for each class per grapheme.
  • At that place is also an Add-On Skill Boost that raises EXP/Meseta/Rare Drop Rate.

Add-On Skill Effects

  • PA Charge Movement Speed Up
  • Encore Jump
  • HP Recovery upon Joining Trial (HU)
  • Burn down Resistance Up (HU)
  • Freeze Resistance Upwardly (BO)
  • HP Up (HU)
  • HP Up (BR)
  • Burn Resistance Upwardly (BR)
  • PP Recovery Upon Joining Trial (BO)

This is a pocket-size portion of the bachelor skills.

Addition Skills Flow

  1. Select a Class you wish to generate an Add-on Skill.
  2. Spend Northward-Meseta and N-Course-EX-Cube to generate.
  3. The Main Issue and Sub-Effect is randomly generated.
  4. Register (or Overwrite) the Add-On Skill into the available slot for the grade.

Assist NPCs

  • These NPCs volition exist available in all combat sectors.
  • They will fight alongside you when you are in room with few players.
  • Up to 6 NPCs can automatically join in.
  • Assist NPCs practice non count towards increasing the Enemy’s HP.
  • Help NPCs tin be disabled in the Room Keyword Settings.

Special Ability Capsules

  • For CERTAIN Abilities, you’ll now need fewer capsules when exchanging for stronger ones, and you won’t even need Photon Quartz.

Team Task Records

  • Teams on the same ship can compete against each other by clearing the virtually amount of Squad Tasks.
  • Based on the concluding ranking, they could win Beta Reactors worth 100,000 Meseta each, SG Tickets, and more than!
  • To qualify, y’all need to consummate three Team Tasks during the tallying period.
  • All participants will receive i Beta Reactor regardless of their Team’s Ranking.

Master Menu Sorting

  • At that place will be a sorting option to the carte du jour list for when each bill of fare is open.

Redeem Multiple SG Tickets

  • You tin can at present redeem multiple SG Tickets in your inventory at once.


  • You tin change the groundwork of the ARKS ID.

Elementary Creation Tool Easier

  • The Uncomplicated Creation Tool volition now focus on customization options of the body blazon y’all select.
  • This volition brand it easier for beginners to create characters without being dislocated.

Unproblematic Model Silhouette

  • Character models that oasis’t loaded yet will now be displayed as silhouettes.
  • PC version can now display upward to fifty character models.

Volume Settings

  • Change the book of your graphic symbol and other graphic symbol voices separately.

Improved Room Transfer

  • You can now narrow down to rooms in the same sector and rank every bit you.
  • The sorting order will evidence what rooms are almost full.
  • You can striking the refresh button without moving the cursor.

Play Navigator

  • Displays advice on the World Map how to increase your Boxing Power.
  • You tin toggle the display of this feature.

Air-conditioning Scratch: Sunshine Marine Stars ’22

  • Marine style Outfits, I-Piece swimsuits, and glistening shirts.
    • Motion: Dash – Marlin Rider
    • Move: Glide – Marlin Rider
  • Count Bonus: Motion Nuance Marlin Rider EX & Motion Glide Marlin Rider EX

SG Scratch: Waker Caprisun

  • Obtain outfits based on the new Waker Class.
    • Foyer Action: Waker Pose
    • HNP: Open & Close two
  • Count Bonus: Motion Swim – Surfing
  • Scratch Ticket Prize Slips for Waker Caparison are available Correct NOW through the current Mission Pass!

Baronial 10th

Revival Scratch

Revival AC Scratch: Rewind Collection 3

  • Brings back pop NGS-spec items that haven’t been re-released since terminal August.

Revival Air-conditioning Scratch: Seaside Memories

  • PSO2-Spec swimwear themed outfits and accessories.
  • Due to the removal of the Item Catalog, we will non be covering this.

New Quest Blazon

  • Trania Advance: Bunker Blazon one: Cannonball Rumble
    • No Triggers Required!
    • Cannonball volition announced after the enemies are defeated.
    • Use the cannonballs to destroy targets.
    • This will crusade an enemy to appear.
    • Articulate past destroying the targets before time runs out.
    • The settings are random, so you can bask a fresh experience each time you play.
  • New Abilities
    • Super Stamel I: HP+15 & STR WPN PWR +2.0%

Arks Records

  • Compete confronting fellow players within the specified content.
  • ARKS Records will occur at prepare time periods during the week.
  • The offset event eight/17~8/24 will target solo scores from Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth.
  • ARKS will exist ranked into Gold, Silver, or Statuary based on their score.
  • You lot will earn ARKS Record Badges which tin be traded in for items.
    • *Prim Armati CV | *Glissen Armati CV | *Frostel Armati CV
    • Artillery Refiner | Northward-EXCube
    • Kaiseram Mk.I Series
    • Laurel Wreath
    • 121 “Winner’southward Circumvolve”

Kaiseram Mk.I Series
(Kaizaar Mk.I Series)

  • The ATK is lower than the original Kaiseram weapons.
  • It’due south appearance and potential ability are the aforementioned as the original Kaiseram weapons.
  • This Mk.I version is treated equally the same serial every bit the original Kaiseram weapons.
    • This means yous can use it as materials to create Multi-Weapons.

SG Scratch: Refined Grade 5

  • Contains items from Mother, Phaleg, and Hagito in NGS specs.
  • Scratch Count Bonus: Motion Idle – Phaleg Pose
  • Female parent, Phaleg, and Hagito items will exit the lineup at the next SG scratch.

Mission Pass Flavor 11

  • Mag Course / Arion Machina
  • Dash – Ninja
  • Refined Form five Tickets

AC Scratch: Air conditioning Support Item Selection 3

  • Adi-type Capsules and Heave Items
  • Same as the ane released in Apr.

August 24th

Hololive Collab

hololive ten NGS

  • Coming Baronial 24th
  • NGS First 3rd Party In-Game Collaboration!
  • Apparel up as your favorite VTubers similar Shirakami Fubuki, Ninomae Ina’nis, Kageyama Shien.
  • You can become their outfits, accessories, and voices!

NGS Creators

  • Official NGS Creators will have items appearing in-game.


  • You lot may take seen this character all over NGS Twitter, simply they’ve been an NGS Streamer for quite some while.


  • Popona originally started as a VTuber for the cancelled IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga mobile game. She was then converted into the Official NGS Vtuber and she’ll finally accept an outfit to clothing in-game. Her catchphrase is “Poppo~”

Emergency Quest: Mining Rig Defense: Kvaris

  • Enemies are level 60 and it requires a BP of 2,647+.
  • It is gear up in South Kvaris and volition utilize Floating Boards.
  • New Dominate: Vardias
  • At that place are more than Mobile Cannons than previous quests.
  • Drops Include
    • Rugged Serial Weapons
    • *Kaizaar Armati
    • Icicle Orb

ARKS Record

  • Arks Record will accept another round between 8/31 ~ ix/7
  • This will comprehend the following Field Races!
    • South Aelio Run Stage i
    • Westward Retem Run Stage 1
    • Central Kvaris Run Phase 1

Ac Scratch: Virtual Streamers

  • Collaboration with Hololive VTubers:
    • Shirakami Fubuki, Ninomae Ina’nis, Kageyama Shien
  • Items from Popona, and a mag of Sabakuro.
  • Items from previous Ac Scratches.

August 31st

PlayStation 4 Launch

PlayStation four Launch (Global)

  • Y’all tin play with the same account from other platforms by linking them.
  • You lot can also crossplay with players on other platforms.
  • Bonus Items are available if you lot log in via PS4.

PlayStation ARKS Cash (Air conditioning) Management

  • Arks Cash is managed separately on the PS4 version.
  • You volition demand to purchase AC from the PlayStation Store to employ it.
  • AC purchased from other platforms cannot exist used on the PS4.
  • AC purchased from the PlayStation Store cannot be used on other platforms.


  • Express Time Event Quests
  • Limited-Fourth dimension Randomite Event
  • New Floating Board Field Race
  • Cannonball Rumble Office 2


  • Level Cap 65
  • Loftier Rank Sectors added to each Region
  • Additional Mini Episodes
  • Crossover Scratch Tickets with video game developers.


  • Express-Time Event Quest
  • New High difficulty Trania Quest
  • Crossover Scratch Ticket with anime production studio


  • New Region
  • Level Cap raised to 70
  • New Grade Skill

Spring 2023 or Subsequently

  • Player Rooms and Squad Rooms
  • A new class utilizing Gunslash.

Arks Operation Report

Question and Answer Session

Will at that place be more chances to get the particular codes distributed to the attendees at Anime Expo 2022?

We are currently discussing ways of making them bachelor at a afterwards appointment for players who couldn’t nourish. Please wait for an announcement on the official site when the details are finalized.

I don’t think defeating equalizing Enemies or Captans should be required to complete Tasks.

In response to your concerns, we have decided to exclude enemies such as Equalizing Enemies and Captans from chore requirements equally of an update in July. This will remain the same for all tasks moving forward likewise.

In a June update, there were new Course Skills likewise as some balance adjustments, but there all the same seems to exist some rest discrepancies between diverse classes. Are yous planning to make any other further adjustments?

We plan on implementing further balance adjustments in Oct after seeing how things go following the Waker release in August.

Why was the new Waker class name inverse from the original Summoner from PSO2?

As nosotros’ve mentioned in past announcements, the Waker class is only somewhat similar to the Summoner. Upwardly until now, all NGS classes were designed to follow specifications from onetime classes from PSO2. However, certain adjustments were made for NGS, causing some confusion regarding the differences betwixt the new classes and the PSO2 originals. This is why nosotros decided to create an entirely new grade that uses the Harmonizer (Takt) weapon, just is otherwise completely different from the Summoner. We were concerned that if we kept the aforementioned form proper name, many players would exist confused by differences from the old Summoner class, and decided that it would be best to come up with a new name altogether. Nosotros were also hoping that players who weren’t every bit interested in the PSO2 Summoner would cover the Waker as an entirely new form.

Will Techniques be the Waker’s main course of attack? Or will the attacks be divided into Melee or ranged depending on which Familiar you’re using?

The Waker’due south Harmonizer (Takt) and 3 types of Familiar attacks volition likewise be techniques. Please notation that the colors and assault animations for Fredran and Wulfen may expect like melee and ranged attacks, these are display choices to make them more visually appealing. They are notwithstanding technique attacks.

Nosotros actually appreciated how low rarity equipment didn’t drop in Kvaris and overwhelm our Inventory or Storage. Practice you plan on implementing this in future regions besides?

With the August update, we plan on making changes to enemies appearing throughout Aelio and Retem, and so that they are less likely drop low rarity equipment relative to their level, and drop meseta instead.

Satellite Information


PSO2 10th Anniversary Campaign: Connected

  • Get PSO2 tenth Anniv Special Select Tickets and other items.

Cheers For Raising Me! Pet Campaign

  • Go your PSO2 pets as Mags if you’ve raised them to level lxxx.

Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quests

  • Mining Rig Defense:Aelio & Retem.
  • Enemy HP will be 50% Less.
  • EXP Boost Effect

Express-Time Login Bonus

Enhancement Support Boost

  • Boost event for Augmentation and Enhancement.
  • Air conditioning Back up Detail Selection 3
    volition also occur.

Buy AC, Become SG Back Campaign

  • Purchase 10,000 AC and get SG worth x Scratch Tickets!

SG Shop Bargains

  • Item Set containing EXP Boost And Ability Capsules.

hololive production collab beginner’south boost campaign (8.24~)

  • Log into NGS to get stickers!
  • Get EXP Earned +20% Boost

ARKS EXPO 2022 Online

  • Bank check out the exhibits from the 10th Anniversary Offline Event.
  • See the original Night Falz Nebuta, 10th Anniversary Mosaic, and more than!

Satellite Data JAPAN

Japan-Only Events

PSO2 10th Anniversary Projection: Tokyo Skytree Town Collaboration

  • The Dark Falz Original Nebuta will be on display at the Tokyo Solomachi B3F Archway Infinite.
  • In add-on, a Collaboration Cafe will be open on the Tokyo Solomachi 1F.

PSO2 10th Anniversary Project: PSO2 JAM

  • The results of the Vocalize Music Survey volition be appear!
  • This is a special program highlighting the famous songs related to PSO2/NGS.
  • Come across a live performance past Azusa Tadokoro, the phonation of Nadereh!


  • Schedule: Baronial 5th @ xx:00 JST
  • Channel: YouTube PhantasyStarCh
  • Guests: Haruko Momoi / Haruka Yanagawa / Nayuki Amano / Sega Sound Team
  • Singing: Azusa Tadokoro
  • Host: Yui Hasegawa
  • Sponsor: Wave Master