Push To Talk Windows 10

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Video beyond Phonation Button-To-Talk

ProPTT2 PC Client

“ProPTT2 PC Client tin use video/voice PTT, chat, location sharing with smartphone app users and can connect up to 64 channels at same time.”

(A Channel)
Vox/Video Push-To-Talk

(B Channel)
Real-time video sharing

(C Aqueduct)
Voice Button-To-Talk

Section Minimum requirements Become to Download foliomore
ProPTT2 PC Client with Border Windows 10 64bit or above
Microsoft Edge
GPU is required


Video/voice PTT (1:1, Grouping, i:N)

Communicate with users in a same aqueduct using video and voice Push-To-Talk.

Instant Messaging(IM)

Text chat(Group, ane:1) with users within a same channel.

1:1 Conversation

Without connecting a aqueduct, you can accept a ane-to-one text chat with your friend.

Transfer images

You can transfer ../images/photos on your PC and send it to other users.

Transfer location

Yous tin can transfer a location to other users.

Location sharing

User tin can share their location information while sending PTT.

Push-To-Talk History

You can replay other users video and voice PTT.

Multi channel connectedness

PC Client users can connect to 64 channels at same time including 1:1 channel.

(Sender) Real-time video transmission

A channel user can ship a real-time video of the field by tapping video transmit button.

(Receiver) Real-time video play

Aqueduct users can play the real-time video that is being sent by another user. (play upto sixteen channels’ videos)

(Sender) Select video quality

Video sender tin select transmistting video-quality depending on device specifications or network status. (4 types of quality choice, manual setting bachelor)

(Receiver) Video recording

Video receiver can record and salvage the video on their device. (Auto-recording can exist ready)

Vocalisation PTT during video share

Yous tin apply voice Push-To-Talk while using existent-time video share.

Instant Messaging(IM) during video share

You can do text conversation while using real-fourth dimension video share.

View who’s on video share

You can view the sender and who is participating the video sharing on the current channel.

Real-time sharing of PC screen

PC client user can transmit the PC screen to users connected to the aqueduct in real time.

Vocalism PTT batch manual by admin

PC client user can select serveral channels and send voice PTT letters at once.

PTT Interrupting

PC customer user can interrupt conversations during emergency and deliver voice PTT messages to connected channels

Location controling and tracking

PC Client user can view user location and tracking users’ location. Google/OpenStreetMap are supported.

SOS bulletin

Using the activated func key, you tin can send SOS messages to channel users at once.
– ProPTT2 Server Bundle/Cloud service only

Warning bulletin

PC client user tin select serveral channels and ship alert letters at once. and PC client user can receive channel alarm messages sent by administrator via Admin Web.
– ProPTT2 Server Bundle/Cloud service only

Existent-time channel synchronization

When the administrator inverse and synchronized channel information, it is applied to PC Client in real-time.
– ProPTT2 Server Package/Cloud service only

DNS based Server Detection

Without having to enter the IP address of server, users can easily log in to the sub domain linked with the IP address of ProPTT2 server.

Supports PC device’s IMEI hallmark

With the authentication of the PC device’s unique number(IMEI), only the PC device’s user that has been authenticated through the ProPTT2 server can be logged in and utilise the service.

supports low quality sound(VBR~8kbps)

ProPTT2 app tin recognize your voice to adjust the data, transmitting it with relatively low audio quality to use low capacity.

Bluetooth device connexion

You can transmit PTT by using bluetooth headset or PTT push.

disassemble/adhere windows

You lot can disassemble/attach channel/friend/PTT windows every bit you desire.

Drag & Drib

Drag & Drop is supported for direction of PTT channels and Video play windows.

ProPTT2 Service

We provide ProPTT2 App / Cloud service to individual users/organizations
/enterprise customers by using ProPTT2 applications.

Source: https://www.proptt2.com/en/product_app_pc.html