Realme Watch 3 Pro with in-built GPS launched in India: Check price, specifications

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AMOLED Display

Health Monitoring

Cywee Professional Sports and
Sleep Monitoring Algorithm

Standalone GPS

AMOLED Display
Spotter Your Vision
Become Reality


Screen-to-body Ratio

The realme Watch 3 Pro is equipped with a retina-grade 4.52cm(1.78″) AMOLED Hard disk curved brandish
with narrower bezels, a larger field of view, and a faster response time for a smoother feel than ever before.

100 Fashionable Watch Faces
Show Off Your Style

100 stylish watch faces including dynamic and static ones, also equally customized and anthology lookout faces, alter them as you similar every day and feel new fun. It even has two rest screen clock display with lower power consumption, effectively extending the watch battery life.*

Clear Bluetooth Calling
Let Your Vox Brand Waves

Calls have never been clearer, with a built-in advanced dual-mode Bluetooth chipset and high-performance microphone, equipped with professional AI racket reduction algorithms for stable and articulate calls fifty-fifty in noisy environments, and upwards to ten hours of continuous calls.*

10-Day Battery Life

Supports Magnetic

With a built-in 345mAh battery and a low-power chipset, the realme Watch iii Pro can achieve 10 days of long battery life with standard daily utilise of GPS and Bluetooth calling.*

Multi-arrangement Standalone GPS
Rail Every Pace

Thanks to the multi-system standalone GPS and cywee’s professional person GPS positioning algorithm, the watch accurately records your motility track and lasts up to 20+ hours under continuous GPS utilise.*

110+ Sports Modes
Take Your Sentinel to Sports

Take the picket and go for a workout. The watch can record your conditioning duration, calories burned and many other exercise information to meet your dissimilar training needs. It also supports personalised exercise goals, helping you to accurately schedule your training intensity and ameliorate your performance.

Cywee Professional person
Sports Algorithm

Train Smarter. Gain Faster.

Cywee professional sports algorithm tin intelligently identify walking, running, cycling, elliptical, rowing machine 5 major sports state, making sports smarter.

Comprehensive Health

Enhance Your Wrist. Watch
Your Health.

Equipped with avant-garde heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, the sentry supports all-day heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, equally well as all-twenty-four hour period sleep and pressure monitoring to go on yous healthy at all times. *

More than Health Functions


Activity Monitoring

Throughout the

Whole Mean solar day

Existent Quality

realme Watch 3 Pro has passed several stringent manufacturing standards for reliable and long-lasting quality.*

100,000 Times

Cardinal Life Test


High Temperature
Resistance Examination

Screen Scratch

Resistance Test

72 hours

Common salt Spray Corrosion
Resistance Test


Low Temperature
Resistance Exam

realme UI for Watch
Smooth & Efficient

Afterward 6 months of software testing cycle and 40 software testing version iterations, we finally achieved high accurateness of the algorithm and high stability of the system to bring the ultimate smooth UI experience.

realme Link
Smart Connection

realme Watch 3 Pro supports a smooth connexion with realme Link, where y’all can see your daily activity data and monitor your health, creating a convenient, comfortable and good for you smart life for yous.*

More Functions

My Phone

Photographic camera








* The to a higher place features are supported past both
Android and iOS systems.



Weight :

40.7g(with wrist strap)


Screen size :


Refresh Charge per unit :


Screen-to-trunk Ratio :


Screen Effulgence :


Wrist strap

Type :

Removable wrist strap

Adaptable length :



Battery life :

10 days (Theoretical working time)


Accelerometer sensor

Centre rate & SpO2 Blood Oxygen
Saturation sensor


Bluetooth 5.three

realme Link

Support iOS11 and in a higher place, Android 5.1 and above

Health monitor

Automated eye charge per unit measurement, 24-hour center rate measurement, resting heart charge per unit, exercise heart rate, heart rate alert, claret oxygen measurement, emotional stress monitoring, sleep detection, steps throughout the whole day, calories, distance, do elapsing

Other function

Bluetooth call, Cloud watch faces, photograph album watch faces, dynamic watch faces, customizable watch faces, watch faces switching, breathing training, Event Reminder, bulletin notification, music control, timer, stopwatch, alert clock, weather, mobile phone search, flashlight, remote photography controller.

Sports modes

Outdoor run, Outdoor walk, Indoor walk, Outdoor cycle, Indoor run, Force training, Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Indoor wheel, Elliptical car, Yoga, Cricket, Mountaineering, Trail running, Skiing, Free preparation, Spinning bicycle, Rowing machine, Air walker, Hiking, Tennis, Folk dance, Trip the light fantastic toe, Cooldown, Cross training, Pilates, Cross fit, Functional training, Concrete grooming, Mixed cardio, Latin dance, Street trip the light fantastic, Kickboxing, Barre, Australian football, Baseball, Bowling, Racquetball, Crimper, Hunting, Snowboarding, Fishing, Disc sports, Rugby, Golf, Downhill skiing, Cadre training, Skating, Fitness gaming, Aerobics, Grouping training, Kendo, Fencing, Softball, Stairs, American football, Volleyball, Rolling, Pickleball, Hockey, Battle, Taekwondo, Karate, Flexibility, Handball, Hand cycling, Heed & Torso, Wrestling, Step preparation, Tai Chi, Gymnastics, Runway field, Jump rope, Martial arts, Play, Snow sports, Lacrosse, Single bar, Parallel bars, Roller skating, Hula Hoop, Darts, Archery, Equus caballus riding, Shuttlecock, Water ice hockey, Sit down up, Waist grooming, Push-ups, Treadmill, Battle rope, Smith machine, Pull-ups, Zumba, Plank support, Kabaddi, Shot put, Solid ball, Javelin, Long jump, High jump, Rock climbing, Trampoline, Square dance, Dumbbell, Karting, Dodgeball, Yoyo, Kendo, HIIT.

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