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Reddit communities, or subreddits, are habitation to some of the about intriguing and insightful posts on the internet. Whenever something in the world happens, Reddit seemingly knows about it immediately due to how rapidly word gets around on the platform. If you want to outset your own Reddit community, you will want to know how to create—and delete—subreddits.

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To create a subreddit, click the
+ Create Community
push in yourMY COMMUNITIES
list. Fill out all necessary fields, and then click
Create Community.

To “delete” a subreddit, yous canready the community to private, and so get to the moderators list and selectGet out every bit mod. Aside from this, your subreddit cannot entirely exist deleted from the organization.


  • How to create a subreddit
  • Is it fifty-fifty possible to delete a subreddit?
  • How leaving a subreddit every bit a modernistic works
  • Setting a subreddit to private

How to create a subreddit

If you tin can’t notice the perfect subreddit for your post, y’all may simply need to start your ain. Yous can create a subreddit for whatsoever topic or purpose, and you can do then from your calculator or mobile device.


in your browser. From the front end page, click the house-shapedDwelling house
button along the summit to open the communities dropdown.

home dropdown menu reddit

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Click the
+ Create Community
button under

click create community

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On theCreate a customs
page, fill out all of the fields. This ways giving your community a name and type, as well as designating it as an NSFW community if it volition permit developed content in posts.

  • Blazon the name yous desire to requite your subreddit after “r/” under theName
    field. Note that the name of your subreddit must be unique; if someone else has already created a subreddit with your desired name, you lot must cull a new one.
  • NetherCommunity blazon, click the bubble next toPublic,Restricted, orPrivate, depending on the purpose of your subreddit.
  • UnderDeveloped content, check the box adjacent toNSFW
    if yous intend to allow members to mail service mature content.
when ready create your community

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When ready, clickCreate Community
to create your new subreddit.

Android & iOS

Open up the Reddit app. From the Home screen, tap the menu push button () in the top left.

creating a community on reddit mobile

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Printing+ Create a customs
at the lesser of the menu, then fill up out all of the fields for the subreddit you wish to create.

  • Type the name you want to requite your subreddit later “r/” in the
    Community name
    field. Note that the name of your subreddit must be unique; if someone else has already created a subreddit with your desired proper name, y’all must choose a new one.
  • UnderCommunity type, select
    Public,Restricted, orPrivate, depending on the purpose of your subreddit.
  • Side by side to
    xviii+ community, tap the slider if you intend to allow members to post mature content.
press create community

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When fix, tap the big bluishCreate community
push button at the bottom.

Tin can y’all delete a subreddit?

Later you click thatCreate Community
button, there’s no going back. You cannot delete a subreddit afterwards it’s been created, and that subreddit’s proper name will not be usable once again. Information technology’southward not similar deleting a reddit business relationship, which is pretty piece of cake.

However, you lot tin
ready a subreddit to private
leave the subreddit as a mod. This volition remove the subreddit from your communities list, even though you lot created it. This will too make it so nobody else can join that subreddit without an invitation link.

How to set up a subreddit to private

Become to your subreddit and click the shield-shapedMOD TOOLS

select mod tools

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Curl downward the carte du jour on the left until yous reach theOTHER
department. Locate theCustoms settings
button and click it.

community settings location in reddit

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Within Customs settings, make sure you lot’re on theCommunity

community tab

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Scroll down until you reach theType of Community
section. Click the empty circle next toIndividual
to privatize the community. This will make it then that “only approved users tin view and submit to this customs.”

type of community location

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ClickSave changes.

save changes button location reddit

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How to exit a subreddit equally a mod

Go to your subreddit, then scroll down until you lot see theModerators
box on the right side. ClickVIEW ALL MODERATORS.

location of moderators list

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At the summit, click theExit as mod

location of leave as mod

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Y’all will receive one last warning notification. ClickExit
to leave your subreddit equally a mod.

leave warning reddit

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