Reset Wordle For The Day

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Waiting a whole day to play your adjacent game of Wordle can be excruciating, especially if y’all end the 24-hour interval’due south discussion in just a few minutes. Wordle is addicting, so it makes sense that you’d want to play another round equally soon equally possible — and fortunately, you can.

Yous may non know it, but you can easilydownload Wordle to your device, because the game exists entirely in your web browser. All the $.25 and pieces you need to play Wordle are on the webpage, and that includes thousands of future words. Yes, you don’t have to await to attempt the give-and-take for tomorrow — or for the next few years.

The way Wordle feeds you your daily discussion is by using the engagement and time pulled from your reckoner, telephone or tablet. This means that if you manually change the year, month, day or hour you can keep playing Wordle until the supply of words runs out.

Modify the date and fourth dimension to keep playing Wordle.

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How to change the appointment and time on your computer, phone or tablet

The way yous alter the date and fourth dimension obviously varies depending on your device and the software it’s running, but we’ll cover the large 4: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

You may play Wordle more often than not on your phone or tablet, then let’due south start with
iOS, which covers devices such equally the iPhone and iPad. To change the date and time on iOS, go to
Settings >
General >
Appointment & Fourth dimension. To change the engagement and time, toggle off
Set Automatically
and and then tap on the engagement and/or time to change it.


Changing the date and time on an iPhone.

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If y’all’re on
Android, whether it’southward a Galaxy S22, Pixel vi or a Galaxy Tab, the process to change the engagement and fourth dimension is like. To change the date and time on Android, become to
Settings >
General Management >
Date and fourth dimension. Toggle off
Automatic appointment and time
and and so become into
Set engagement
Set up fourth dimension
to make whatsoever changes.


Date and time setting on a Galaxy S21.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

And if you’re someone who plays Wordle on your estimator, there are a couple easy ways to change the date and time. On
MacOS, go to
System Preferences >
Date & Fourth dimension. Next, unlock the setting, uncheck
Set engagement and time automatically
and use the calendar and clock options to change the appointment and time.


Go to System Preferences -> Date & Time to edit the engagement and time on MacOS.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Finally, on
Windows, go to
Settings >
Fourth dimension & language >
Date & fourth dimension. Now toggle off
Fix time automatically, clickChange
side by side to
Set up the date and time
manually, and set the date and fourth dimension. ClickChange
to set the new date and time.


On Windows 11, go to Settings -> Time & language -> Date & time to change the date and time.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Note: Accessing the date and time setting may vary for all of the options to a higher place, depending on your software version and device model.

Refresh the Wordle webpage to play another game

Once the appointment and time are changed on your computer, tablet or telephone, become back to your web browser and refresh the Wordle webpage. Depending on which date you chose, whether information technology’s for tomorrow, a calendar week from now or even a year afterward, you’ll get a new round of Wordle to play. Once you lot end that game, you tin either change the appointment and time again to play another circular or you tin can go back to the current date and time to use your device as normal.

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