Samsung Electronics Introduces a New Era of Calm Technology Centered on SmartThings at SDC22

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every bit of September viii, 2022: New activation in Discord added

Attending all metaverse fans:
For the first time e’er, Samsung’s big quarterly sales outcome, Find Samsung, is coming to Discord starting Monday, September 12th.

Our online customs is growing, and we are excited to reward some of our almost engaged fans who take helped make our metaverse experiences a success. Since our Samsung 837X launch in Decentraland earlier this year, nosotros’ve been able to connect with users in a whole new mode that encourages boundary breaking creativity and self-expression. Now, for the first time, nosotros are giving our Discord community the sectional opportunity to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through a make new, gamified hunt for clues.

Begin the game on Samsung’due south U.S. Discord server to see which clues y’all’ll need to find to answer iii questions. Answers to the questions will exist scattered throughout and Discord. While on, users tin curate customized wish lists, and feel great doing it with offers on eco-conscious products, including the Galaxy Z Flip4 and ENERGY STAR certified appliances.  Once the game is complete, users can submit their MetaMask wallet address on Discord for a chance to earn an NFT worth up to $500. [1]

The game volition be open from Monday, September 12 at 10 AM ET to Midweek, September 14 at v PM ET. On Thursday, September 15thursday, Samsung will airdrop the NFTs which will take a random value of $0-500. For the first fourth dimension, winners who receive a monetary value NFT will be able to redeem their NFT for an eCertificate to store and save during the Discover Samsung Event. To do this, users need to open a Discord ticket and trade in their winning NFT. There will be a total of 30 winners and $x,000 in prizes, in addition to all participants receiving an NFT!

Discord users can keep to keep the excitement going each twenty-four hours and stay connected with the Samsung’southward metaverse community past sharing their customized wish list with friends, learn about deals of the twenty-four hour period on Samsung eco-conscious products, ask questions before they buy and so much more. Then, caput over to Samsung 837X in Decentraland to watch alive streamed commerce events highlighting wish list products from some of your favorite content creators.

If this is your kickoff time visiting our Discord and Web3 community, welcome! Click here to find out how to join in on the fun and stay tuned for another heady activation in Samsung 837X and on Discord coming sooner than you call up.

We look frontwards to seeing how you shop and save during the autumn Discover Samsung Issue and wish you the best of luck!


Bank check out some of our previous multiverse activations below!

Connect, Collect and Countdown to Samsung Milky way Unpacked at Samsung 837X in Decentraland

Innovation was unlocked and greater possibilities than ever before were unveiled at this yr’s Samsung Milky way Unpacked. Building on the epic event, fans participated in the first-ever scavenger hunt and entered raffles to win express edition wearables or fifty-fifty Samsung products!

On August 10thursday
at ix:00 AM ET, fans joined an Unpacked watch party at Samsung 837X, every bit the Connectivity Theater and digital billboard tower broadcasted a livestream of the result, including a sneak peak of Samsung’s latest collaboration with BTS. 1,000 lucky audition members were entered in a raffle[2] to win a limited edition habiliment. Following the livestream, guests visited the Samsung United states Discord server and embarked on an all-new scavenger chase on For only 48-hours, users unpacked the mystery and followed diverse clues to larn more about the Unpacked innovations. With each inkling revealed, participants were one step closer to the possibility of winning one of iii Samsung production prizes. The winner was revealed the following week.

Users headed over to Samsung 837X on Baronial 10th
for a $200 Reserve Credit[3] toward pre-orders, and returned on August 13th
with new wearables for another special music event.

Samsung Fans to Create a Next-Level NFT Mosaic During Samsung’south 837/Next

In true Samsung manner, we raised the bar for customization and innovation at 837/NEXT past introducing a next-level, new experience that activated our communities beyond Samsung 837X in Decentraland, Samsung 837 in New York Metropolis and the Samsung US server in Discord.

On 8:37 AM EDT, Samsung fans cultivated a massive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) masterpiece created across channels in partnership with Nouns, an open-source generative art project designed to amend on-chain avatar communities. Participants expressed themselves through their custom Substantive avatars that were the building blocks of the larger NFT mosaic. To create this masterpiece representing our multiverse community, Samsung partnered with Then Youn Lee, a Korean contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, whose piece of work is known for its “ethereal, dream-like aesthetic with explosions of colors and random textures.”

Guests at Samsung 837X emoted to create their Nouns, while visitors at 837 used on-site Milky way products to contribute—all for the hazard to win rare 837/NEXT wearables. Guests coming from Discord to 837X besides had a gamble to win special prizes. Contributors had a chance to own the finished NFT mosaic, equally well equally a Samsung 837/NEXT participation badge. A few lucky winners were able to evidence-off ultra-rare prizes – with 10,000 participants receiving a pair of Nouns glasses, x winning an 837/NEXT artist’s one-piece wearable and only i winner receiving the ultra-rare Gilded Glasses.

Connect and Create at Samsung 837/Adjacent During NFT.NYC

Samsung invited members of the Web iii.0 community to participate in an entirely new form of self-expression at 837/Next during NFT.NYC. To celebrate and cultivate a community of pioneers in this space, we hosted daily events at our flagship Samsung 837 location in New York City, as well equally in the metaverse at Samsung 837X and on our newly introduced Discord server. From Monday, June 6, through Thursday, June 23, Samsung 837 was home to many dissimilar events designed to connect creators and push the boundaries of innovation each twenty-four hours. At that place was also a brand new quest that bridged the gap between the physical and virtual worlds in Samsung 837X and at Samsung 837 in NYC.

Samsung is continuing taking a multiverse approach to create epic consumer experiences effectually its strategic pillars – sustainability, customization, and connectivity – in the metaverse space, including Decentraland, Roblox and most recently, Discord. These virtual playgrounds have allowed us to engage with our community in new ways, while educating fans on our approach to sustainable, customizable and connected innovation.

Celebrate World Calendar month in Samsung 837X

Samsung took its sustainability story to the skies and whisked guests off their feet in celebration of its Earth Calendar month in Samsung 837X. On April 29 at 8:37 PM ET, visitors in Samsung 837X were greeted with an all-new sustainability-focused quest and the risk to win an ultra-rare Earth Month wearable. Upon inbound this digital world, users were asked to ride four hot air balloons, each showcasing Samsung’s environmental progress with the opportunity to earn different sustainability badges.

Users then returned to the 837X roof and received a badge entering them in an exciting wearable raffle. Guests could continue exploring the external space of Samsung’due south metaverse and learn well-nigh the visitor’s sustainability initiatives for an additional risk to claim one of the 10 epic collection exclusive Earth Month wearables raffled alongside 100 tree wearables.

Afterward, guests were welcomed to join a celebration on April 30 beginning at 6:00 PM EDT. AY Young, musician, entertainer, and United Nations advocate for global energy sustainability, took the phase at Samsung 837 in New York City and was exclusively streamed to Samsung 837X for fans to savour. The concert was a part of AY’s Bombardment Tour, powered by 100% renewable energy and designed to positively affect communities and build a better, more sustainable future together.

Create the world you want in Samsung 837X. Here’s how.

On March 21, 2022, at 8:37 PM EDT, 837X visitors took the lead and curated personal experiences with an all-new customization-focused quest called Y’all make it. As a artistic hub that transcends the digital and concrete, 837X was home to this ane-of-a-kind “choose your ain journey” quest. The You lot make it quest was inspired past all of the means Samsung empowers people to express their unique style, raising the bar for personalization and option. Fans were greeted past a completely redesigned 837X interior, filled with vibrant colors, new worlds to explore, characters to interact with and prizes to win.

Greeted by iii mystical characters embodying the pattern, flexibility and connectivity of Samsung’s customizable technology, fans explored patterns and colors of the sea, traveled through a jungle temple and climbed mountain islands aslope each graphic symbol. Downward each path, visitors began curating their own special not-fungible token (NFT) art, personalized and designed based on their decisions along the way. All participants who completed the quest unlocked ways to earn You brand it NFT badges to add to their growing 837X collection. The first 20,000 people to successfully complete the quest received their own special one-of-one creation to exist revealed the calendar week of March 28. Then, people were able to share or display the collectible art pieces to commemorate their chance inside the metaverse.

Plow Ruby-red Hearts Greenish at Samsung 837X for Valentine’due south Day. Hither’s how!

On Feb nine at 10 AM ET, fans watched Galaxy Unpacked alive in the Connectivity Theater for the get-go fourth dimension e’er in the metaverse. Then, from the 837X lobby, a new character guided players on how to brainstorm the scavenger hunt quest to highlight the everyday changes nosotros tin make to have a meaningful touch on the surround. In and around the building, visitors searched for upwardly to 10 recyclable product boxes to be upcycled into something magical. When finished, players received a seed to plant a tree in the Sustainability Forest and earned a special Non-Fungible Token (NFT) badge. They were able to return on February 14 – Valentine’due south Day – to finish the quest and become their unique wear by showing love for the woods. There were more surprises forth the way, including a hunt for another sectional NFT badge.

Samsung 837X’s initial launch in January at CES 2022 drew 52,000 unique visitors in simply 2 days – one of the most ever for a Decentraland experience. Players wowed us by collecting 149,000 NFT badges at launch, with more than than 90% of visitors challenge at least 1 badge and the majority of which claiming all 4. The new quest was a tribute to Samsung fans who made the debut a success. 837X is just another way Samsung offers people next-level experiences and connects with them where technology and culture collide.

Samsung Debuts New Fan Experience in the Metaverse with Samsung 837X. Here’s How to Go far!

On Jan 6 at 8:37 AM ET, Samsung Electronics America opened the doors to Samsung 837X. Modeled on the physical Samsung 837 flagship location in New York City, Samsung’s new metaverse feel brought its spirit as an experiential playground for people to discover the amazing possibilities when technology and culture collide.

Samsung 837X debuted in Decentraland, a blockchain-powered metaverse, and it was one of the largest brand country takeovers in Decentraland. Fans embarked on a digital adventure through the Connectivity Theater and Sustainability Forest and completed quests forth the way for 837X Not-Fungible Token (NFT) badges before joining a celebration at the Customization Stage.

The Connectivity Theater livestreamed Samsung’south news from the CES stage every bit visitors were immersed in the seamless connectivity and customized solutions powered by Samsung technology. Equally guests ventured into the Sustainability Wood, they were welcomed into a portal filled with millions of copse – and even had a mythic encounter. To celebrate the debut of 837X, visitors were invited to our offset-ever metaverse mixed reality alive dance party hosted by bright producer, DJ and Vibraphonist, Gamma Vibes, from the physical Samsung 837 location. 837X NFT badge holders were entered into a raffle to win i of 3 limited-supply wearable collections from Ballsy to Mythic levels for their Decentraland avatar. Winners were appear at 8:37 PM ET on Jan vii, 2022, to boot off the memorable metaverse functioning.



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