Samsung’s $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 4 Seems Out of Reach — and That’s the Point

At Wednesday’s Unpacked event, samsung announced a new flagship Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone with better multitasking software, a slimmer design and a more than durable trunk. But one affair that hasn’t changed is the staggering $1,800 price tag. This is an corporeality that well-nigh consumers cannot beget. But that exclusivity is why the Fold 4 exists.

Keeping the Z Fold 4 at virtually double the price of other premiums can be baffling phone When Samsung wants foldables to become more than mainstream, as CEO TM Roh said in Unpacked.I argued that a toll cut was the best mode
Samsung tin compete with Apple
this holiday flavour. Given that Samsung has maintained the price of his Z Fold 4, it’s clear the visitor is happy to remain a niche device only available to well-funded tech enthusiasts.

The Z Fold 4 sits on a tier with no truthful rivals. It’southward essentially a Ferrari among Mercedes and BMW. Creating that level of exclusivity is entirely on point, giving Samsung an exciting and aggressive product that will generate buzz and interest across the lineup. He said he wouldn’t mind a few hundred dollars lower.

Keeping the Z Fold 4 at $1,800 “is the right move in my stance, even if information technology’s not affordable for the masses,” Popal said.

This dynamic, which runs counter to the thought that lower-cost foldable devices could boost involvement in this category, is one of the woes facing the sector equally a whole. Foldables occupy an heady niche in the phone business, an endless slab of dusty metallic and glass for over a decade. However, due to its high cost, it never actually breaks.

The only answer is to combine heady just unlikely options like the Z Fold 4 with a relatively affordable $1,000 to slowly build marketplace and interest. Z flip 4.

Samsung hopes the Z Fold 4’s dynamic design (which is impressive in person) will get ahead of the competition. appleevent takes place next month, creating excitement effectually foldables in general.

Samsung relies on selling the Z Flip serial.
A foldable, shape-shifting transitional phone. Enquiry firm IDC estimates that just over 7 million of his foldable devices will ship in 2021, compared to his one.three billion smartphone sales last year.

From a marketplace perspective, lower sales volumes for the Z Fold 4 could help Samsung regain some of the global share of loftier-end phones, equally Apple does.
7 tenths
$800+ premium telephone worldwide.

Screenshot by CNET

No toll reduction even though parts are expensive

Toll cuts would assistance Samsung succeed foldable telephone Going more mainstream, the company may have little pick simply to proceed prices steady. Unlike truly mainstream products like Samsung’due south Galaxy S series, which feature flat displays and components used in many other smartphones, the minor number of foldable devices sold each year apply specialized parts. It has been.

Technalysis Research analyst Bob O’Donnell said:

This leads to a craven-and-egg problem that affects all specialty devices. Parts don’t get cheap until they’re manufactured on a large calibration. And it doesn’t brand sense to manufacture parts on a large calibration unless consumers buy very few expensive devices that use them. parts. That’southward why most cell phone makers, including Apple, don’t make foldable devices, according to O’Donnell.

“Nosotros cannot ignore the fact that the supply concatenation is not ready to accept Apple-level products. [made a foldable] Either,” said O’Donnell.

Samsung splits the deviation with a clamshell-shaped foldable Z Flip four that has half the footprint of a “apartment” smartphone when airtight, but unfolds to reveal an interior that’southward equally big equally a normal phone’s display. Samsung calls the Z Flip 4 an “entry device” that will turn intrepid buyers into foldable living, a gateway for consumers to eventually upgrade to the larger and more expensive Z-Fold line. I regard information technology as

Samsung says the Z Flip is the higher-selling series, accounting for lxx% of the company’s foldable devices shipped, merely both devices cater to different demographics. The is fashionable, but ultimately merely a scaled-downward version of the typical “apartment” smartphone, not a junior edition of the productivity-enhancing Z-Fold device that unfolds on a tablet-sized screen.

More foldables are sold each twelvemonth, and IDC predicts shipments will achieve 25 million units by 2025. It’s difficult to predict whether this volition be plenty to permit for cheaper foldable products. Samsung is at least getting creative by offering more than value-for-money foldable products.

Facebook on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Screenshot past CNET

Inexpensive foldable products through merchandise-ins and carrier deals

The industry is working to make foldable products. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available for nether $1,800 thanks to Samsung’due south generous trade-in price and deals with various carriers. Samsung will keep its elite pricing, carriers will sign more customers on for the service, and customers will become the next evolution of their phones.

Send in your old Z Fold 3, Z Fold 2, or this twelvemonth’southward Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Samsung’s trade-in deal will get you lot $1,000 off the list cost of the Z Fold 4. Just the trade-in price is nevertheless pretty generous for the original Z Fold and other flagship Samsung smartphones of the past few years. Even Apple’south most expensive phone is bachelor for a hefty trade-in. Google, motorola, LG Also one plus.

Carriers can besides save money with the Z Fold 4. verizon, AT&T When T-mobile We offer a diversity of trade-in deals to reduce the price by up to $1,000. Verizon is as well offering $800 off a second Z Fold 4 after you buy your beginning Z Fold 4, just in case you need two foldables at habitation.

Some other pick is to wait black friday Or the holiday flavor, when Samsung could introduce new deals to discount foldable devices.

Don’t be afraid to permit Samsung discount its most premium mobile devices.Dissimilar the acquired Z Flip 3
$150 off
When the successor was revealed this calendar week, the Z Fold iii is priced at $i,800 on Samsung’s website, the aforementioned price as when it launched a yr ago. High component prices, years of R&D paybacks, and a lack of competition don’t put much pressure on Samsung to cut prices.

“Samsung currently leads the field and can afford to charge a premium before other Android players enter the space, and perhaps in a few years time for Apple tree every bit well,” Popal said. I’k here.

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