Snapchat reportedly buys Bitstrips: How much are Bitmojis worth?!?

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Snapchat reportedly snaps upwardly Bitmoji app maker Bitstrips for $100 million


Not then long ago, everyone’due south Facebook updates seemed to consist of cartoon versions of themselves, called Bitmoji, created by a company called Bitstrips.

The trend has since subsided, but that didn’t stop Snapchat from acquiring Bitstrips for roughly $100 million, according to a Thursday written report past

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No other details almost the deal were revealed in the report, and neither visitor would confirm it.

The Toronto-based Bitstrips was launched in 2007, only it actually took off after it introduced a Facebook app in 2012. Right now, the visitor offers an Android, iOS and Chrome app, which can be used to create personalized emoji in a variety of situations. Use them in various messaging apps, from iMessage to Whatsapp.

The acquisition is somewhat of a logical fit for Snapchat, which uses emoji heavily in various aspects of its app.

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