The sixth generation of consoles was divers past its vast catalog of experimental, over-the-top IPs that prioritized gameplay with a very straightforward approach to design. Partially designed that way due to budget and technical constraints, it can exist difficult to observe this style of game these days.

Gungrave 1000.O.R.Due east.
, developed by Iggymob, feels like a render to the simplicity and absurdity of those PS2-era games from 20 years ago, featuring insane, over-the-top gameplay sequences and a unproblematic, no-nonsense design philosophy that gets players focused squarely on the action.

Throughout 4 chapters in a preview build of
Gungrave G.O.R.Eastward., Iggymob demonstrates that it is ready to carry the torch of the
games of the by while as well giving the franchise a much-needed visual update using Unreal Engine four. While
Gungrave G.O.R.E.
tin undoubtedly experience a piffling rough sometimes, its well-thought-out gameplay and intermission-neck action sequences appear to choice up the pieces to deliver a fun experience that is both old-schoolhouse and refreshing in 2022.

At the forefront of
Gungrave G.O.R.East.
are some new and familiar faces. Yasuhiro Nightow, the art and game designer from the outset two games, is dorsum to bring Grave to life in yet another gory adventure. What’s more than, fans wondering what Ikumi Nakamura has been up to since her reveal of
Ghostwire: Tokyo
at E3 2019 will be happy to acquire that this is her latest projection. She has been working as a freelance creative managing director, fine art director, second artist, and character design consultant. Visually, the game looks similar a 3D anime mixed with a hint of realism in its character models. The gear up pieces and graphic symbol models in the opening chapters are distinct and pleasant to look at overall.

Gungrave K.O.R.Due east.
does have some issues that seem to come from resurrecting a franchise after such a long hiatus. Early, the game’s story is already awkwardly paced and mostly wants to show off great activity sequences. So far,
Gungrave G.O.R.E.’s story feels almost like an afterthought, offer a large exposition dump at the start virtually the four Raven Clan leaders that the main characters are hunting before taking a backseat to the activeness. Cutscenes are cursory and by and large show the star character, Grave, traveling from one identify to another and occasionally brutalizing an enemy on the way. Throughout the beginning four chapters, in that location wasn’t much to excerpt from any character besides agreement that Grave is an anti-hero badass who is content with shooting swarms of Raven Clan members for hours on end.

Moreover, in trying to bring back that classic PS2 feel,
Gungrave 1000.O.R.Due east.
seems to take too brought with it the growing pains of action games of that era, featuring stiff animations for Grave and his enemies forth with a very straightforward level blueprint that may put some players off. The refinement and production values of today’s games are not so nowadays in Iggypop’s revival of
aside from the modern graphics. The term “upkeep” might definitely exist thrown effectually in discussions near this game; withal, these announced to exist intentionally made decisions for the type of gamer that Iggypop’s
is trying to reach.

Despite those bug and nitpicks, the game
is however a lot of fun. Throughout the preview,
Gungrave One thousand.O.R.E.
demonstrated that its core strengths prevarication in its wide suite of combat mechanics which all come together to create a very entertaining loop of gore, shooting, destruction, and explosions. UI problems, janky animations, and the occasional performance hitch become not-issues when players go right into the action, thanks to a solid gameplay foundation.

Gungrave GORE villains

To start, Grave has two guns that he uses to auto-lock onto enemies and blast them to smithereens, leaving piffling but limbs and blood behind. His signature Death Hauler melee weapon is a coffin custom fit with a chainsaw to give the character another layer of anime-like absurdity. From here,
Gungrave G.O.R.E.
crafts some exciting interplay between melee and ranged attacks, where players would need a mixture of both to take downwards shielded enemies or anything that isn’t a regular Raven Clan grunt. Withal, simple shooting, punching, and dodging aren’t the only things
has going for it.

introduces a stun mechanic, where Grave tin can stun an enemy, take hold of them, and perform a finisher to regain some shield energy. Afterward which, the game introduced the Demolition Shot ability, which triggers a massive explosion that recovers HP upon hit. As the activity picked up, enemies flooded the screen, and all the game’s systems came together; suddenly,
Gungrave Thousand.O.R.E.
had get a
DOOM-similar experience where constant aggression would exist rewarded with more shields and more than health. This gameplay loop, where players need to keep the heat up at all times to increase their score while likewise stowing in mind the total extent of their kit to resupply shields and health, becomes intoxicating and wildly rewarding as players continue to create carnage on the screen.

Due to the brief nature of this preview, it wasn’t possible to swoop into the total extent of
Gungrave’s combat system, merely at that place volition definitely be more for players to notice in the full release. When accessing the skill bill of fare, players can upgrade Grave with better base stats, new Decease Hauler melee combos with unique use cases, and plenty of new Demolition Shots for more cool kills. The potential depth possible with
Gungrave G.O.R.Due east.’s combat is heady, given the great foundation hinted at in this preview.

Gungrave GORE Combat

At the end of chapters ane and three,
Gungrave G.O.R.E.
besides gave a sense of taste of its dominate fights, which stay in line with the general retro action game design philosophy so far. The kickoff boss was a huge Wasakin Spider machine sent to take down Grave. The Wasakin Spider fight
ensured that the players had the fundamentals down, requiring constant shooting, timed dodging, and constant special moves to get through the fight. It’s a dominate battle that looks larger-than-life and gives the game a feeling of spectacle that it seems peachy on accomplishing.

However, the second dominate was where the game’due south general clunk showed the most. Ligabu, a reptile monster boss, is agile and fast, while the player-controlled Grave most certainly is not. The tried and true dodging and shooting pattern that
hammers into players early on on seemed to fail, every bit the game doesn’t do well with invincibility frames and hitboxes. Eventually, the brute did fall, merely it by and large came down to trying to fight with the game’s less-than-stellar move and dodging mechanics to get enough shots in earlier Ligabu attacked again.

The biggest takeaway from this preview is that
Gungrave Grand.O.R.Due east.
doesn’t seem like it wants to practise anything to revolutionize the
games from 20 years ago. Instead, Iggypop seems content with updating the formula with new graphics, striking cutscenes, and a more than modernistic approach to general movement and shooting mechanics. Any fans who remember
Gungrave: Overdose
volition chop-chop notice that even the original HUD layout is back for
along with the exact same shooting stance and gait that Grave is known for.
is shaping up to be more than of an evolution than a revolution, and that could be totally fine for the audience this is targeting.

Gungrave GORE Wasakin Spider Boss

Iggypop’south upcoming
resurrection would be a tougher game to be excited for if information technology wasn’t so over-the-acme and its gameplay wasn’t so entertaining. It is a ballet of bullets and explosions that volition exist carried by how much players can invest in its gameplay mechanics when the story and presentation both take a very budget feeling to them. When
Gungrave G.O.R.E.‘south combat comes together and its early on 2000s techno soundtrack kicks into high gear, it’southward a thrilling ride.

When looking at the game’south base components in isolation,
Gungrave G.O.R.E.
does seem rather basic. Grave’s animation transitions are choppy, the level design is entirely linear, and everything almost it screams old-fashioned; yet, many of those choices seem to be deliberately made for fans of the original games. The design philosophy behind
is to make a
game from the past but with three console generations’ worth of paint, which may but be what some gamers are looking for right now

Gungrave G.O.R.East.

releases Nov 22, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, and Xbox Serial X|Southward.

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