Spam Warning Issued For Millions Of Google Gmail Users

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While Google has dropped some Chrome bombshells in recent weeks, Gmail users have had a tougher fourth dimension. And it just got a lot worse.

Serious Alert Issued For Millions Of Google Gmail Users
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While Google has dropped some Chrome bombshells in contempo weeks, Gmail users have had a tougher time. And information technology but got a lot worse.

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Gmail’s spam filter is sending potentially

Picked upwardly by the always-excellent Android Law, Gmail appears to exist suffering from a widespread problem with its email filters which is causing potentially dangerous, exploitative and NSFW messages to exist sent direct to users’ inboxes. Furthermore, while Google has recently recognized Gmail issues “affecting a significant subset of users” information technology at present lists the service as fully operational, when ane wait at Reddit or Twitter makes it clear this is far from the example.

“Why did the gmail spam filters break?!”“Did gmail’southward spam filter and category function just completely close down for anyone else? Everything’southward now going straight to the chief inbox.”

Google has responded to my inquiry and best-selling the problem, surprisingly pointing out that the spam flaw was actually part of a bigger issue which caused Gmail emails to be delayed, both when sent and received. The outcome of this was “some messages were delayed enough that they resulted in commitment without all spam checks completing.” Near importantly, Google states that “During this fourth dimension, scans to filter malware and the most egregious spam and harmful content remained fully operational.” Google says the result has now been resolved. That said, information technology is worth noting that some users are withal reporting spam problems in Gmail (1,2,3,four,5,6,vii etc) and then you should remain cautious, both when opening unfamiliar new e-mail and going through older messages that may have arrived during the main outage.

while some users are still reporting problems with Gmail spam, over the last 24 hours the number of reports appears to have reduced dramatically. Google is clearly getting this problem nether command, but users must stay alarm – both when opening emails sent over the terminal few days and also in case they are an exception, such as this afflicted user who messaged Gmail support today:

“@Google Can you explain why every spam mail is flooding my primary inbox of #Gmail?? & SM of these r pretty nasty, seemingly harmful. What am I supposed to practise with these?”

The quality of modern spam filters means it is easy to get coincidental opening e-mail from unknown sources. This incident is a proficient reminder to always keep your wits most you.

For the tech savvy, a flurry of spam striking your inbox is something which tin be navigated. But everyday users could be caught out by some of the more than sophisticated malware and exploitation strategies these emails can contain. Later on all, there’due south a reason Gmail (usually) works so hard to keep these messages from your inbox.

I have contacted Google most this and will update the mail service when I know more.



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