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Apple inc is always upgrading iPhone cameras and video recording capability, only their video editing capability lags behind their other functions. So, if you want to dull downward or
speed up video iPhone, you may need to pay for a great iPhone video editing app or download a big video editor. In this commodity, nosotros will share some iPhone slow down fix and show y’all
how to speed up video on iPhone. Apart from learning how to speed upwardly a video on iPhone, yous’ll also acquire about various apps to speed up iPhone and achieve a great outcome.

  • Part 1. How to Speed Upwards/Slow Down Video on iPhone with FilmoraGo
  • Part 2. How to Speed Up/Slow Down a Video on iMovie on iPhone
  • Part 3. How to Speed Up/Tiresome Downwardly iPhone Video on Windows/Mac
  • Part 4. How to Speed Upwardly/Slow Down a Video on iPhone with Top ix Apps

Function 1. How to Speed Upwards/Slow Down Video on iPhone with FilmoraGo

is a loftier-powered video editing app that is widely used to speed upward video iPhone. Since information technology is a video editing app, it includes several other exciting features for its users. With this app, you can speed up or slow down a video on iPhone, add together music effects, PIP, and so much more than. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you lot to know how to speed up iPhone 5s video and before versions of iPhones.

Learn how to
slow downwards a video on iPhone
how to speed up iPhone video
with FilmoreGo beneath.

Steps to speed up and slow down video with FilmoraGo:

Step 1: Import video.

Download and open the FilmoraGo video editor app. Tap on import and select your desired video.

Step 2: Adjust speed control.

Next, tap ‘Speed Control‘ to adjust the speed of the video. The audio included in the video volition as well adjust accordingly.

Pace 3: Save and consign.

Finally, save and consign your video file to your iPhone or social media platform.


Wondershare UniConverter – Your All-in-one Video Toolbox

  • Convert videos to iPhone 11/Xs/Ten/viii/vii Plus/7, MP4, VOB (DVD-Video ), AVI, MKV, MOV and 1000+ other formats.
  • Burn iPhone videos to DVD disk to play with your DVD player at 30X fastest speed.
  • Optimized conversion presets for iDVD, iMovie, Final.
  • Edit iPhone videos with avant-garde video editing functions, like trimming, cropping, calculation watermark, subtitles, etc.
  • Download videos from YouTube and other 1000+ video sharing sites.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/seven/XP/Vista, macOS 11 Big Sur, ten.xv (Catalina), x.14, 10.13, x.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.viii, 10.7, 10.half dozen

Part 2. How to Speed Up/Slow Down a Video on iMovie on iPhone

iMovie is a free video editing app for iPhones. With this app, you can speed up video on iPhones, add text, effects, and much more than. The app has a uncomplicated user interface, which means you don’t demand to have professional person video editing skills before you can alter the playback speed of a video with the app.

Steps to speed up and slow downwards video with iMovie:

Step 1: Import video file.

Open the video editor and create a new project. Side by side, import the video file into the new projection.

Step 2: Accommodate speed.

One time the video has been imported, tap on the
icon to suit. Y’all can reduce speed to as depression as 1/eight original speed or increase it twice its original speed.

Step 3: Save and export.

Play around with the speed slider until yous get your desired effect. Once done, save and consign. Yous tin can as well tap the reset push if yous desire to return to the original playback speed.

speed up video iphone

Part 3. How to Speed Up/Deadening Down iPhone Video on Windows/Mac

Slowing down or speeding videos is another ballgame when information technology comes to computers. One of the best tools we recommend for doing so is
Wondershare Filmora. This total-featured app tin be used on Windows and Mac computers to edit videos, slow downwards and speed upwardly videos, and add furnishings, such every bit music upshot, picture-in-flick-out, and background blur. Filmora9 also allows y’all to edit most all types of video formats: MP4, EVO, VOB, MTS, MPEG, 3GP, MOD, AVI, and more.

how to speed up a video on iphone

Steps to speed up and slow downwards video with Wondershare Fimora nine

Step 1: Add required video files

The start affair to do is to open up the Filmora9 video editor and add your required video files. To do so, click on the
button from the media library. The entire files on your PC will exist displayed, select the required video file, and click done. An alternative and easier method would be to elevate and drib your video file directly into the video editor and under “User Anthology.”

Step two: Speed up / slow down with one click

From the “User Album,” drag your video to the video rails on the Timeline. Right-click on the video, a list of options volition be displayed, click on “Speed and Elapsing.” You should run into a pop-up window where you can adjust the speed with the employ of numbers. 1 indicates the original speed, ii means ii times the original speed, 0.5 means half the original speed. More often than not, the higher the number, the higher the speed. Numbers beneath 1 volition allow you to slow downward the video. Y’all can hands view the effects via the preview page earlier saving and exporting.

Alternatively, an easier and faster method would be to elevate the speed slider. Dragging to the right will speed up the video, and to the left will slow down the video playback.

how to speed up iphone

Step iii: Adapt the audio of the audio.

This third pace is optional but useful. When you change the speed settings of a video file, the audio speed automatically adjusts to conform the new video. However, if you would prefer to continue the original audio speed sound, yous can do and so in a few steps. Remove the audio from the video by double-clicking the sound prune. You will find the sound clip in the audio editing panel where y’all tin can also remove groundwork dissonance, fade in or out or add new audio entirely.

Pace iv: Export video file.

After making all adjustments to your video file, the terminal step would exist to export it. Click on the export push button in the video editor. You too accept the option to salvage in any video format equally well equally the pick to save and play your video on any device you lot wish to: iPhone, iPod, iPad, or share directly to YouTube and Vimeo.

Part four. How to Speed Up/Wearisome Down a Video on iPhone with Height 9 Apps

ane) Slopro

Slopro is a video editing app that can exist used to slow downwardly a video on your iPhone. It includes advanced editing features that deliver incredible motion effects. With the app, yous can share your edited video straight to your favorite social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

how to slow down a video on iphone


  • Aught annoying ads while using the app.
  • Allows for multiple batches downloading.


  • A free version may hinder your video editing capabilities.
  • Watermark included at the stop of the video unless you purchase the app.

2) Slow-motion video camera farthermost

This app offers various editing options for your video file as well as slow downwards video iPhone. With it, you lot can speed up iPhone 6 videos or reduce the speed by 25%, l%, or 75%. It too has the feature that allows you to add together audio to a video. For more editing features, you should consider buying the paid version of the app.

speed up iphone


  • Produces high quality dull/fast motion effects.


  • The free version simply allows 10 seconds of video recording.
  • Watermark included in edited clippings unless you buy the app.

3) iMotion Hard disk

This app unremarkably comes pre-installed on iPhone 5 and earlier versions of iPhones. If you want to learn how to speed upward iPhone X or how to speed up iPhone 7 and record videos, you tin count on this app. You lot tin can besides boring downwardly iPhone video speed with the app and share it to social media platforms.

how to speed up iphone 6


  • Piece of cake to use and navigate.
  • Clean and classic design.


  • It contains limited editing options in the free version.

4) Vizmato

if you’re looking for how to speed up iPhone 6 video as well as other versions of iPhones, and so yous should consider Vizmato. This video editing app that delivers quality recordings and allows users to speed or boring down videos using the Slow and Fast option. You tin also preview the video to ensure information technology is satisfactory before saving and exporting to your device or whatsoever social media network.

slow down video iphone


  • Includes over twenty templates.
  • Exports videos in high definition.
  • Seamless video playback.


  • Watermark included in the free app version.
  • Frequent app crash.

5) Videoshop

Information technology’southward now quite easy to make stunning videos and sharing on the cyberspace without having professional editing skills. With Videoshop, you can slow and speed motion videos, record voice-overs, and alter audio furnishings.

speed up iphone 6


  • Ho-hum and fast videos are created with ease and of high quality.
  • Video reverse feature is too available in the app.


  • Limited editing tools on the free app version.

6) SlowCam

If you lot want to edit or you’re looking for how to speed up a video iPhone, and so SlowCam video editor might be your best mode to get. The app is unproblematic, like shooting fish in a barrel to use, and tin fifty-fifty shoot loftier definition videos and record them in slow motion.

how to speed up iphone video


  • Simple and easy to use user interface.


  • Only available as a paid version.
  • Editing features are limited.

vii) Vlogit

YouTubers and Vloggers enjoy using this app as it is specially designed with all the tools they require. With Vlogit, y’all tin can edit videos and learn how to speed up a video on iPhone 7, 8, & X. You can also salvage and share from the app to your social networks.

how to speed up a video iphone


  • It allows yous to record a video directly from the app.
  • Seamlessly edit and fast frontward video iPhone.


  • Frequent app crash.
  • Audio editing tools are limited.


Quik is yet another speed upward video app iPhone that is favored by YouTubers and content creators. It comes with 26 customizable themes that permit y’all to combine videos and photos. Learning how to speed up your iPhone is also piece of cake and possible with a few taps.

how to speed up my iphone


  • Information technology is uniform with many GoPro cameras.
  • It tin combine over 200 photos/videos in one project.


  • File sharing and file format options are express.


KineMaster is one of the all-time and reliable app to speed up video iPhone and edit videos on iPhones. It supports 4K resolution videos, can effectively produce slow and fast movement video effects, and includes several audio editing tools.

how to fast forward video on iphone


  • Superb file-sharing options.
  • Robust and detailed audio editing tools.


  • Technical, and requires necessary editing skills.
  • The paid version is quite expensive than almost editing apps.


Wondering “how to speed upwardly my iPhone,” “how to fast forward video on iPhone,” or “how to slow downwardly video on iPhone,” then you lot’ll find this guide helpful and resourceful. This guide has shown you how to dull downwardly a video iPhone with different iPhone speed upward video apps that can help you achieve not bad results.

Source: https://videoconverter.wondershare.com/iphone/speed-up-video-iphone.html