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Spider-Homo is a timeless character; drop him in any yr (after 1962), in any part of the earth, and his popularity remains sky-high. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures proved this argument with
Spider-Man: No Manner Home
(2021), which may take marked the terminate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU)
trilogy – and the beginning of something new.

No one actually knows where Curiosity, Sony, and Tom Holland will have the Web-Head at the moment – but that doesn’t mean nosotros tin’t speculate. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Sam Raimi’due south
Spider-Man (2002), which means nosotros’ve got an fantabulous excuse to look at 12 of the strangest Spider-Homo stories always put to impress – or celluloid.

Amazing Spider-Man #386–388

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Aunt May and Uncle Ben are core Spider-Human being characters. Even when they aren’t on-screen (or in-console), their influence on Peter Parker is ever-nowadays. The aforementioned can’t exist said for Richard and Mary Parker – Peter’south deceased parents. Marvel’south tried to change that numerous times – first making them secret agents in
Spider-Man Almanac #v, then seemingly resurrecting them in
Spider-Man #386.

Before long, nosotros learn that “Richard” and “Mary” are Life-Model Decoys created past the Chameleon. The Parker family reunion gets cut short, and Spider-Man trades blows with a Terminator-like version of his dad. In the stop, we’re left with a de-anile Vulture and tons of loose threads that will eventually pave the mode for one of the strangest sagas in Marvel Comics history.

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Many superheroes are and so deeply linked to their costumes that changing one element can incite full-blown riots. Spider-Man is a rare exception to that trend; the Web-Head has worn dozens of outfits over the years, including at present-iconic costumes like the Scarlet Spider accommodate and even the Bombastic Bag-Homo suit.

Spidey’s Symbiote costume is easily one of his most famous outfits. It debuted in
Hugger-mugger Wars #8
and marked the commencement major costume change for the Wall-Crawler. The Symbiote flung itself at Peter and bonded to his damaged costume. A fan named Randy Schueller originally conceived the Black suit, selling it to Jim Shooter in 1982. The strangest part of this story? Marvel only paid Schueller $220 for his idea.

Astonishing Spider-Man #100–102

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“Spider-Human, Spider-Man, does whatsoever a spider can.” Without looking anywhere near as creepy, that is. Peter’due south literal and figurative humanity is a major office of his charm. The sales numbers for
Astonishing Fantasy #15
would’ve been much lower if Spidey was covered in hair and shot webs from his, ahem, nether regions.

Stan Lee and Roy Thomas gave us the next worst thing in
Amazing Spider-Man #100; Peter creates a serum to suppress his spider powers simply inadvertently gains four new arms instead! He then spends the next few issues swinging around with eight limbs and slap-fighting with Morbius the Vampire. May the image of Spider-Homo’southward ridiculously buff rib-arms be forever burned into your mind. It certainly is for us.

Vault Of Spiders #two

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What’s that, you want more than nightmare fuel? Then be it. Directly your attention to
Vault Of Spiders #two. This result ties into the 2018
event. Several Spider-People (and animals in Spider-Ham’southward case) announced during this outcome, including Spiders-Homo.

That’south not a typo — this character is a walking, talking, crime-fighting colony of spiders who
Peter Parker and captivated his consciousness. Wait, it gets better; Spiders-Man primarily operates in “Vicious York”, simply he has spider spies in every corner of the multiverse. Every corner… maybe including our own.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. two: #17–20 (Changes)

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Marvel writers seem to get a kick out of, well, kicking Spider-Homo. Few characters have endured as much tragedy, calamity, and sheer insanity every bit he has. To brand matters worse, these events often occur for the sake of a retroactive continuity modify (or a “retcon” for brusk).

Take the
storyline, for case. Peter’southward body horrifically mutates throughout 4 issues until he transforms into a gigantic spider (for real this time), dies, then gives nativity to another human version of himself. Peter undergoes all of this trauma… for the sake of making organic web-shooters canon. Want to know the strangest office? That’s non the worst retcon Spidey has experienced.

Spider-Human: Ane More Twenty-four hour period

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Oh no, that dishonor goes to
Spider-Man: One More Twenty-four hour period. The mere mention of this storyline might boil the blood of longtime Spider-fans. Here’southward the matter; as endearing as Peter’s loftier school antics are, a lot of readers enjoy watching him mature and navigate the pitfalls of adulthood. We likewise appreciate seeing his relationship with MJ evolve from an unrequited crush to full-blown union.

Back in 2007, then-editor-in-master Joe Quesada said, “screw all that, the status quo is King!” Okay, he didn’t say that, but he did conceive
One More Day.
Quesada wanted Peter to be a broke, single, stressed-out young adult one time once more, and he didn’t mind killing Aunt May to make that happen. Mephisto, one of Marvel’southward stand up-ins for the freakin’
Devil, offers to resurrect Aunt May — in exchange for Peter and MJ’s marriage.

For his part, Quesada genuinely apologized for
One More Solar day
afterwards fan backlash grew. Nonetheless, the fact remains; Spider-Human being made a deal with the Devil for the sake of a retcon. Believe information technology or non, we’ve yet to reach the bottom of this messy iceberg.

Spider-Homo’s Tangled Web #21

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Let’s take a pause from some of Spider-Man’southward more rage-inducing stories. Trust united states, we’ll need information technology before delving into the final few entries.
Spider-Homo’south Tangled Spider web
refers to a series of stories that primarily focus on the Web-Head’s vast supporting cast. ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas
continues that trend, admitting with a whacky, lighthearted holiday twist.

Sue Tempest, Jane van Dyne, and Crystal the Inhuman are the real stars of this evidence. They get into all sorts of vacation hijinks as they search for Christmas gifts and battle the Puppet Master. Spidey swings in near the terminate to shell the baddies, help Crystal buy a chainsaw for Black Bolt, and wish readers “happy holidays.” Honestly, the strangest office about this story is how well it works. And the chainsaw bit. That’s weird, even with context.

The Superior Spider-Man

Event… Saga… Thing

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We hope the title of this entry confused you. That way, you can empathize with our experience reading this storyline.
The Superior Spider-Human
sees Otto Octavius (a.k.a. Md Ock) hang upward his villain bailiwick of jersey and become a hero. Cool — if Venom tin alter, nosotros all can change! But Venom didn’t accept to hijack Peter Parker’s torso to plow over a new leaf. Doctor Ock didn’t have to either, but y’all can probably run across where this is going.

From March 2013 to September 2014, Doctor Ock ran around in Peter’s body while the real Spider-Man just sort of floated in the groundwork. The then-called “Superior Spider-Man” committed most every heinous act y’all could imagine; dude tried to seduce MJ, toyed with Aunt May’due south emotions, vanquish virtually of his foes to a lurid, and straight-up

The point of
The Superior Spider-Man
arc was to prove that Peter’s idealism is preferable to Otto’south pragmatist, “ends-justify-the-means” worldview. And hey, we certainly agree. We’re just non sure if that point needed to drag on for over 30 issues. Plus spin-offs. Plus tie-ins.

Maximum Carnage

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The ‘90s were a weird fourth dimension for comics. DC legitimately killed Superman for a solid year, ultra-violence was all the rage, and a slew of edgy, ‘roided-out anti-heroes took the globe by storm. This decade besides produced Cletus Kassidy and Carnage, two Spider-Man villains who were similar to Eddie Brock and Venom, but with an extra dose of sociopathy.

Maximum Carnage
(dis)graced the Marvel Comics universe in 1993. If you lot’re a die-hard Carnage fan, this fourteen-effect storyline might float your boat. But most Spider-Human fans should steer clear, lest they witness one of Marvel’south near love heroes only sort of mope around through the unabridged outcome.

“Highlights” from
Maximum Carnage
include Spidey ditching his friends, many senseless deaths, a Spider-Homo clone with half dozen artillery and Chupacabra teeth, the “Proficient Bomb”, and a priest rescuing Peter from a demon-possed Hobgoblin. Every bit we said, the ‘90s were a weird time for comics.

“Emo Spider-Human being”

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This entry likely needs little introduction, because how popular Emo Spider-Human memes nonetheless are to this twenty-four hours. Halfway through Spider-Man 3, Peter gets infected with the Symbiote and gradually becomes darker and edgier. He’due south merciless to his foes, he’s abusive towards his loved ones, and he ducks his rent. What a monster, right? Just Peter doesn’t stop at that place; he dons all black dress, gets an atrocious haircut, and starts… dancing.

This entire sequence is hilarious in hindsight – and it feels like Sam Raimi’s manner of sticking it to Sony as he was practically forced to include the Symbiote/Venom in Spider-Man three. But attempt to empathize how listen-extraordinary this was for anyone who saw this back in 2007. Back then, we didn’t have “Dandy Maguire” memes to make sense of things. Nosotros were all but genuinely confused.

“Lizard Land”

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Andrew Garfield gave a stellar functioning in No Style Dwelling. He was so great, in fact, that folks started begging Sony to release The Amazing Spider-Homo (TASM) 3. If such a matter were to ever happen, I just hope the powers that be learned from the past. In the first TASM film, Spidey faces off against Curt Connors, aka the Lizard.

TASM wouldn’t be a loftier-concept superhero film if the villain didn’t have a nefarious scheme up his sleeve. In the Lizard’s case, he wants nothing more than than to transform anybody in New York into lizards. That’s not some sort of euphemism or slang; he wanted big, scaly reptiles to run rampant in the Big Apple. And he succeeds for a brief moment, approval (read: blasphemous) united states with an image of one-half-human, half-lizard people merely sort of flopping around the place.

The Spider-Clone Saga

Photo Courtesy: Marvel

At last, we’ve arrived at the 9th circle. This is the big one — the story to end all strange Spider-Man stories.
The Spider-Clone Saga. Many readers likely expected to notice this storyline in this article, and with skilful reason.
The Spider-Clone Saga
is 1 of the most infamous tales in comic book history!

Sometime editor-in-chief Tom DeFalco and assistant editor Marker Bernardo originally conceived this storyline every bit a “3-act play” filled with shocking twists, unexpected turns, and startling reveals. This series initially got off to a keen commencement, garnering critical acclaim and financial success en masse. Then it kept on going, and going, and going. A storyline intended to run for several months ran for a footling over
two years.

Peter Parker was labeled a clone, prompting Ben O’Reilly to accept his identify. Subsequently, it turns out that Ben was the real clone all along. But await, information technology turns out that Peter and Ben are both clones! Then, some dude named Kaine started ripping people’s faces off. Then, long-dead villains came dorsum to life with no rhyme or reason. If all that seemed contrived or sudden or overwhelming to you, then congratulations — y’all now have the consummate
Spider-Clone Saga
feel without having to spend a dime!

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