Spider-man No Way Home Extended Edition: All The New Scenes

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Spider-Man: No Way Home: every new scene in the More Fun Stuff version

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Spider-Human: No Way Domicile has been re-released – with enough of new, never-before-seen scenes that are well worth a render trip to the cinema.

The ‘More Fun Stuff’ edition comes packed with eleven minutes of deleted scenes, including some extended counsel with a really good lawyer, more than Tom Holland stunts, plus bonus material with Peters 2 and 3.

Whether y’all’ve already seen it or are on the fence about double dipping on No Way Home – we’ve put together a quick guide to all the new Spider-Human: No Way Habitation scenes in the extended re-release. We’ll keep spoilers to a minimum, though, considering in that location’due south plenty of fun – the clue’s in the name – in experiencing these with fresh eyes for the first time.

A new intro

Spider-Man: No Way Home

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The More Fun Stuff edition comes frontloaded with a new intro, with Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield welcoming everyone. They thank the fans for the “continued dear and support” before Peter ane and 2 (that’south Holland and Maguire, in case yous had forgotten) have an announcement for Peter 3: they honey him too. You nearly had us in that location. We half expected an Amazing Spider-Human being 3 reveal.

Spider-Man catches a thief

As the famous 1960s Spider-Man theme goes, the webhead catches thieves just like flies. One of the first deleted scenes in No Way Dwelling house’southward re-release involves Spider-Man stopping a criminal, played by Tom Holland’s blood brother Harry Kingdom of the netherlands. Unfortunately for the webhead, this generates some backlash from New Yorkers, who question whether the vigilante is too young to be making those sorts of decisions, despite ane NYC bystander pointing out he’south been to space. He fifty-fifty gets some green paint thrown over him by an onlooker, who shouts “Mysterio forever.” Poor Pete.

Undercroft montage

Spider-Man: No Way Home plays the mash… the monster mash. The 1962 hit by Bobby Pickett plays during a montage showing Ned and MJ preparing to circular upward the villains in the Sanctum Sanctorum. They even chance across a baroque mini-Sanctum with its ain mini-Strange silhouette.

Gym class at Midtown

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Prototype credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel)

This was a scene originally listed on the bonus features for the home release. Then titled “Peter’s Day at Midtown High”, information technology’s by far the longest scene previously left on the cutting room flooring.

Clocking in at effectually five minutes, gym teacher Mr. Wilson is seen goading Peter to climb up the walls to show off his skills to the students. Betty Brant also interviews a handful of faculty and students for her news show, including Mr. Harrington, who seems troubled by his ex-wife’due south browsing habits. Flash – woefully underused in the original film – is also spoken to about his book; Ned gets an awkward commutation with his ex Betty, and Peter gets a truly bizarre interview most thanking the spider that bit him.

A new Daily Bugle scene

Spider-Man and MJ in No Way Home

(Epitome credit: Curiosity/Sony)

The Spider-Menace loses the court of public opinion, largely thank you to J. Jonah Jameson’s ravings on his news show. More Fun Stuff has another Daily Bugle boom, this time including a phone caller from the electric company who witnessed the fight betwixt Spider-Human being and Electro. Unfortunately for Triple-J, things become s the caller starts talking well-nigh a “clay man” and a monster made of electricity. Jameson then starts to discredit the caller before cutting it brusk.

An awkward elevator ride

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Image credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel)

Chances are, you’ve already seen this as information technology was released to the public prior to release. If non, you watch watch it on the Sony YouTube channel
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. Information technology’s a minor addition, with Electro (Jamie Foxx), Md Ock (Alfred Molina), Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and Peter (Tom Holland) taking a very awkward trip upward in an elevator to Happy’s flat building.

Damage Control and Daredevil

Charlie Cox in Daredevil

(Image credit: Netflix)

Matt Murdock’s cursory scene in No Way Home hinted that Happy (Jon Favreau) could be in slightly more problem than was originally thought. That’south picked up later in More Fun Stuff, with Amanuensis Cleary – final seen in Ms. Marvel, MCU fans – leading a hearing.

Happy, who is defended past Charlie Cox’s Murdock, looks worse for wear when he checks his apartment’s camera feed on his phone. On it, multiple Spidey villains are shown walking into his building. Murdock tells Happy to stop sweating. Happy wonders how he could peradventure know he’s sweating despite existence blind…

Impairment Control have an extended presence earlier in the film too, carrying out farther interrogations of May, Ned, and Peter. The latter even has to explicate why he doesn’t accept a vendetta against national landmarks.

An extended Peter two and Peter iii scene

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Prototype credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel)

This is almost worth the price of admission solitary. This is an extended scene with the three Spideys on the Statue of Liberty before their final battle. Before, Tom Holland’s Peter mentioned he was an Avenger which, no, was not some kind of ring. Here, their banter is extended to include an extended history of which villains they’ve fought, how organic web shooters work, and simply general riffing. You can tell how much fun each of them are having too, which is cute.

A darker mail-credits scene

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Image credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel)

The new mail service-credits scene in the More Fun Stuff extended cut shows Betty Brant hosting a segment of “Betty’southward Corner” on Midtown News. This time, she’s in a more than celebratory mood and shows pictures of the students’ fourth dimension at Midtown High, including their Far From Home trip to Europe. Liz from Spider-Man: Homecoming is likewise feature.

Peter, however, is absent from all the photos, barring one that obscures his confront. It seems that Physician Strange’southward spell has not only made everyone forget who Peter Parker is – simply has also removed him from all photos and other media.

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