Steam’s Big Halloween Sale: The 10 Most Terrifying Deals To Check Out

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Steam sale dates: When is the next Steam sale?

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Wondering near the dates for the next Steam Sale? Luckily, Steam’s sale dates aren’t the privileged info they used to be at Valve HQ: the auction agenda is revealed well in advance—usually, anyway—and the seasonal sales serve as predictable quarterly landmarks for expected savings. Notwithstanding, with Steam now rolling out frequent genre-specific sales, there’s notwithstanding
soothsaying involved. Luckily, you’ve got someone handling the calendar-keeping for yous. Nosotros’re tracking all the confirmed Steam Sale dates every bit they’re announced, so you can focus on curating your latest wishlist.

Steam sales happen on a pretty regular rhythm throughout the year, making them fairly like shooting fish in a barrel to predict fifty-fifty if we don’t know the dates but nonetheless. Fifty-fifty with continued pandemic delays in development, Steam sales have been chugging along since 2020. Zilch stops this train.

The seasonal sales during Summer, Autumn, Wintertime more often than not offer the widest and deepest selection of discounts, and now a Leap sale volition take the place of the Lunar New Year sale to fill up out the seasonal rotation. Whether yous’re looking for dates for the next genre-themed sale, or mark your calendar for the tentpole seasonal sales, hither’s your handbook for the best times to expand your Steam library without emptying your wallet.

When is the next Steam sale?

Steam’due south adjacent major sales event is happening right now with the Halloween Auction running from October 25 to November 1, 2022.
Steam is calling it the “Steam Scream Fest” this twelvemonth, simply we can expect the usual accent on horror games and suitably spooky savings. In a few weeks we’ll also get access to the Steam Fall Sale.

Here are all the sale dates we know so far for the year:

  • June 23 – July 7, 2022:

    Steam Summertime Sale

  • August 1 – August eight, 2022:

    Steam Survival Fest

  • September xix – September 26, 2022:

    Steam Bash Fustigate

  • Oct 3 – October x, 2022:

    Steam Adjacent Fest
  • October 25 – Nov 1, 2022:
    Halloween Auction (Steam Scream Fest)
  • November 22 – November 29, 2022:
    Steam Autumn Auction
  • Dec 22, 2022 – January 5, 2023:
    Steam Winter Sale
  • March 16 – March 23, 2023:
    Steam Leap Sale

How long do Steam sales concluding?

The Summer and Winter sales are the big ones. They tend to final two weeks (ish). Other sales similar the Spring sale and Black Friday sale concluding about i week.

What times of the twelvemonth does Steam take sales?

Steam now has sales nearly every calendar month of the year, but the seasonal sales most folks look forward to are the Summer Sale and Winter Sale and to a lesser extent the Halloween Auction and Black Fri (Fall) Sale.

As for which Steam sale is biggest, we tend to come across the steepest discounts in the Summer and Winter sales, with the Summer sales offering the choicest option. With Autumn and Winter sales following then shut on the heels of Fall release flavour, in that location tend to be fewer big, recent titles with hefty discounts. By the following summer y’all can get not bad discounts on relatively new games. (Hither’s how long it usually takes for games to get cheap on Steam.)

In the by, when we’ve rounded upwards the best Steam deals e’er
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, we’ve seen some remarkable discounts. Valve’s Portal 2 went from $fifty to $5 in the Summer Sale a twelvemonth later on release.

Don’t entirely ignore the smaller, genre-themed sales throughout the twelvemonth, though. They might not offering as deep discounts on as wide a choice as the seasonal sales, but they’re withal worth a look if you’ve been peckish the kind of gameplay being highlighted and can’t look until the next headliner sale.

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When is the side by side Steam Next Fest?

The next Steam Next Fest hasn’t been appear withal, merely these fests usually pop upwardly multiple times a year between the major seasonal sales. The October Steam Next Fest 2022 ran from Oct 3 – October 10, 2022.

Steam Festivals (now chosen Next Fest) aren’t sales, exactly, simply they’re another way to play games for cheap. Since 2020, Steam has been running regular festival weeks where hundreds of upcoming games offer free demos for you to play. Information technology can be a daunting listing to sort through, like sales are, simply it’s a bang-up fashion to try something yous’ve had your eye on.

Steam sale tips

Utilize your wishlist

Whenever yous run across a game yous might want, add it to your wishlist. You will receive notifications when wishlisted games are on sale and having a list makes it easier to resist buying unlisted games for the sake of it on impulse. If a game is not on your list, practice you lot
want it?

Looking for a way to quickly fill up your wishlist? Check out our round up of the top 100 games
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yous tin play on PC today. Here are 100 other smaller games
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judged past algorithm to be the all-time hidden gems on Steam. And these are the best PC games we recommend right now.

Keep an eye on publisher bundles

Publisher bundles tin knock lots of money off entire series or catalogues. If you want to buy an private Hitman game and so you lot might want to check for a serial packet—chances are y’all could get all of the games for non much more.

Snap up expansions and DLC

Expansions tin can often feel a little overpriced, particularly if they’re only adding a few hours of new stuff to your game. In Steam sales you lot tin option up a lot of DLC for only a few bucks and reinvigorate games in your back catalogue.

Stock up on indie treats

You can become big percentage discounts on big budget games in the major Steam Sales, but even with a hefty trim those games can however cost 20 or 30 bucks. If you want to maximise the amount of play time you lot become out of a Steam auction, quality indie games go down to dollars, and fifty-fifty cents. If y’all need more storage to concord them all, these are the best SSDs for gaming correct now.

You tin can ever wait for another auction

If you’re not going to play a game before the side by side big Steam sale rolls around, you lot might as well wait. Chances are the discounts will increase as the annual sales ringlet by, all while yous’re clearing your backlog.

It’s also much easier to look on a purchase these days because in that location are no daily or flash deals. If you run into a disbelieve, you know that’south going to be stable until the end of the sale so you lot tin wait a few days to make a decision. Mayhap that’ll give yous fourth dimension to upgrade to one of the all-time gaming PCs, or pick out a new graphics carte du jour if y’all need to upgrade.

Check on weekends for publisher or themed sales

It’s non uncommon for a publisher to showcase all of its products on sale during a weekend, an effect which is unremarkably marked past a homepage takeover of sorts. Look out for these if you’re after a blockbuster game at a amend toll.

Consider Steam resellers if you lot don’t want to wait for a sale

Check out our guide on where to purchase PC games
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, if you want more than places to store around.

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