Steelrising: How To Defeat The Selenite Of The Louvre

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There are plenty of big Steelrising bosses to fight throughout the game, with the likes of Unstable Automaton and Titan bosses on every level. One of the first you encounter is the Selenite of the Louvre, which is a shielding soldier with a long-reaching pike, along with a few alchemical attacks. While the foe is troublesome we’ve cracked the code, and here are our tips to beat the Selenite of the Louvre in Steelrising.

Nosotros guide yous through beating the boss, with tips, and the moves y’all need to be aware of.

Steelrising Selenite of the Louvre Boss Guide

Nosotros have cleaved the boss strategy downwards into 3 sections since she has three different phases of how her moves alter and adapt. Expect to see what they do, and how y’all can tell she is doing it, forth with tips to avert taking damage from them.

Before heading into the fight, we recommend taking the post-obit consumables and armor modules if possible.

  • Ful resistance consumables – Helps mitigate any Ful damage you take from the boss and tin be a lifesaver in P3 moments.
  • Ful resistance module – Increases your threshold against Ful attacks, which tin can be useful, particularly for phase ii/three.
  • Explosive Grenades – Deal roughly 300 damage, which is very strong.
  • Endurance Module – Extra Endurance in example you need that one extra ringlet before overheating.
  • Ordinary Health Potions – Passively heals you for xx seconds, rather than wasting your flasks
  • Frost Grenades – Takes about 3 to freeze in place for a few seconds.

If you lot’re really struggling with this boss, you can stock upward on 30 explosive bombs and kill her that way. Endeavour to throw the bombs when she is stationary, as bombs can miss on fast-moving targets or shielded targets. This will cost around 9000 anima though, so exist warned.

Phase one

Charged uppercut into 360-caste attack: The boss charges forwards, and swipes her sickle into the air. She then spins her shield and sickle in 360-degree rotations twice. Y’all respond with two dodges backwards to avert the collision with both aspects of the move.

Tower Shield and Electric Blast: Selenite crouches downward and puts her tower shield in forepart of her. Her right shoulder then blasts electricity in front of her. Simply movement to the side and and then behind her to get attacks while she remains crouched. Attacking her from the side counts every bit the shield hitbox unfortunately.

Two Swipes: The boss swipes her sickle, 1 swinging left to right, and and then the shield from right to left. Simply avoid the first assault, then dodge to her back to avert the next hit, while even so getting a take chances to slash her.

Phase 2

Afterwards she is knocked into the 4th bar of heath (roughly 1250 damage taken), she will get new skills.

Molten Affinity
– The dominate stands upright, brings the shield to her breast, and and then uses the sickle to ignite her shield. While she does this, y’all are free to assault Selenite from her back. From henceforward, her moves now exercise bonus damage, and she gets more than skills.

Tornado Forward: Selenite raises her sickle over her left shoulder, and and so dashes towards y’all, spinning her sickle and shield in her circular motions four times, with her shield slamming down at the end of the dash. Over again, you lot need to either dodge backwards three or more times, or dash sideways twice if y’all’re reactions are godly. Ensure you accept enough Endurance at all times for when she makes this move.

Electric rounds: The dominate morphs her previous electric move into ranged projectiles, firing several electrified rounds in your direction. Rather than crouching downward backside her shield, she bends her legs instead, which is how you know she uses this movement. You lot need to dodge as the rounds are most at your position to avoid the damage, as the follow-upwardly rounds hit if you lot exercise information technology also early. Alternatively, you can stand behind her or nether her to avert existence hit.

Lastly, she performs the same moves that she does during phase i, albeit they hit harder considering of the fire issue added to the weapons.

Phase 3

The boss enters Phase 3 with around 1500 HP remaining (3 bars left), and gains an extended electrified sickle. While her sickle deals much more than impairment, she can pounce around and fall over, then at that place’s risk and advantage during this phase, where you lot tin can accept the opportunity to kill her.

Spark Sword: The boss does a 180-degree swipe, with her blade scraping the floor. You can leap over this move to avoid the damage if you lot and then wish or dodge away from the attack’s sideways swipe.

Lightning Thrust: The dominate stabs her Sickle forward, launching lightning forward. You dodge this by dodging sideways.

As for the residuum of her moves. She so switches between her Stage ane skills rather fast. Moreso, the electric rounds she now does while moving towards you, making it more difficult to contrivance. In addition, her 360-degree spin now uses her fire damage shield and the lightning sickle for even more status effects and harm.

Later all this, though, Steelrising’s Selenite of the Louvre will get down. Once she is dead, you volition rescue a primal story graphic symbol and pick up the Selenite Momentum, a new movement skill for Aegis to have long distances on the basis or in the air, even applying frost to enemies in gainsay.