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The Telegram is not like WhatsApp where all your media files become saved in your gallery as soon as you lot come across them. Instead of that in
Telegram app, all media files similar
and other document files remain on the Telegram’southward server unless yous salve them to your phone manually. If you lot are new to Telegram then you might exist confused and looking for a
Telegram file downloader
selection to salve them. Hither is the step by step tutorial on that…

How to Save Telegram files on Android, iPhone, & Desktop

The process of saving audio, music, video, images, and GIF files is same for both Android and iPhone.

  1. Go to the
    Telegram app.
  2. Open up the
    chat of Telegram
    from where you want to
    download the media.
  3. To download and
    save the Videos, music, GIFs, and other document files you need to
    tap on the iii dots

    given on the right elevation corner.
  4. As presently as yous tap it a
    pop-upwardly menu

    will open.
  5. Select the choice
    Save to Galleryoption. In this way, you tin can save the files including music and videos.
  6. For
    saving the images,

    merely tap on them.
  7. The picture will appear in
    full screen.
  8. At present tap on the
    3 dots
    given on the
    right top corner.
  9. A
    bill of fare
    volition appear.
  10. Select the option
    Relieve to Gallery.
    This will
    save the images of Telegram
    in the Phone Gallery whether it is
    Android or iPhone.
  11. To
    Salvage GIF

    exercise the same, tap on the
    three dots
    and cull
    Save GIFselection. All the same, to save the GIF into the telephone select the
    Save to downloads
  12. Now come to the Desktop. To save the
    Telegram media files
    on the
    you just need to right-click on the files.
  13. If it is video, you will become the option “Save video As“.
  14. For images on Telegram Desktop app, a “Save Image Every bit” option will announced.
  15. And in the same fashion, if you want to Save some
    from Group or personal conversation into your
    Telegram GIF gallery
    then just right click on it and select the option
    Save GIF.
  16. To salvage GIF on reckoner PC correct click on it and select the other selection “Save File As“.

For better agreement delight see the screenshots:

For Android and iPhone

To save the flick: Tap on the
Prototype->iii dots->salvage to gallery

To Relieve Video: Tap on the
three dots-> Salvage to gallery.

Save video from Telegram app

To Salve GIFs on Telegram: Again Tap on three dots and and so choose
Salve to GIFs
to save it to your Telegram GIF gallery. And to get it on your phone gallery select the
Salvage to downloads.

Save GIF from Telegram APP

But after saving GIFs to your Telegram Gallary, how to utilize information technology?

How to detect saved GIF on Telegram?

So, after saving it when you lot want to use that particular savedGIF
while chatting but click on the emoji icon and swipe emojis to left in order to get GIF section.

how to save gif on Telegram

For Desktop Telegram App to Save videos, images, audios gifs or other files you lot just demand to click on them and save pick will announced.

save Telegram files such as GIF, video, audio, images on Desktop

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I promise this small tutorial article will assistance you. In case you take any confusion please let united states know the comment department is all yours!!