The Riddler Does He Know

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When it comes to superheroes, particularly masked vigilantes, function of the thrill is wondering if someone will discover their identity. Matt Reeves’

The Batman

is no exception to this. Part of the paranoia for Robert Pattinson’s distinct portrayal of Batman is the concern that someone will find out who he is beneath his mask. His partnership with James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), sudden alliance with Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz), and crime-fighting activity, already have Gotham residents curious to know who it is behind the mask.

At the start of
The Batman,
the Riddler (Paul Dano) begins to enact his very public and highly detailed programme, immediately knocking the desire to uncover Batman’s identity downwards on Gotham’s list of priorities. The Riddler doesn’t prepare out to reveal who Batman is, either. His infatuation and conventionalities that they are a team, limit any desire he may have to unveil Batman. However, the Riddler fails to realize that in setting his sights on both Batman and Bruce Wayne, he has come dangerously close to cracking the biggest mystery in Gotham.

At each of the Riddler’s staged crime scenes, he leaves some sort of bulletin behind for Batman. His messages are always masked in riddles that only Batman demonstrates any real understanding of. Throughout
The Batman
the Riddler uses linguistic communication that gives the impression that the Riddler knows something that others don’t. His tricky clues stump most, allowing him to weed out those he deems smart enough to understand his message. Batman learns fairly apace that Riddler doesn’t brand any mistakes. Therefore, when the Riddler expresses his want to “unmask this cesspool of a city,” it’s difficult to imagine that his choice of words was purely coincidental. Batman and Riddler’south official coming together in Arkham confirms that Riddler’s language was purposeful.

During their talk, Riddler says that those that want to know who Batman is beneath his mask are missing the betoken. The Riddler reveals that his ain mask allowed him to be himself and that no matter who Batman is under the mask, putting it on is what allows him to get his true cocky. Earlier Batman’due south visit, he and the GCPD uncovered the Riddler’southward last video entitled, “Truth Unmasked.” The initial, natural belief is that in his research into the Waynes, the Riddler has somehow discovered that Bruce is Batman. When the Riddler talks with Batman in Arkham, he repeatedly says “Bruce Wayne,” as if he is talking directly to him, knowingly. Fortunately for Batman, that turns out not to exist the case. Instead, the Riddler repeats Bruce’south name as if information technology haunts him and Batman considering he escaped the clutches of their plan.

While it becomes clear that the Riddler didn’t really know Batman’s identity, he certainly came closer than anyone else to not bad the mystery. The clues to uncover Batman’s secret were right in front of him. The Riddler sends a package to Wayne Manor with the expectation that Bruce volition open up it. Other characters within
The Batman
frequently remark that Bruce is a hermit and remains far more isolated than anyone else in Gotham. Given that Bruce didn’t open the explosive package that almost killed Alfred, and wasn’t home at all, questions of Bruce’south whereabouts should have been raised. Gotham Urban center firefighters may have overlooked this particular, but it is something the Riddler wouldn’t accept missed. The merely matter that kept Batman’s identity condom from the Riddler, was his admiration of the masked vigilante. Now that it’s gone, anything is possible.

The Batman Paul Dano Riddler

When the Riddler talks to Batman about Bruce Wayne, he fails to recognize the irony of his words. The Riddler isn’t the only person in Gotham to brand this error. At the funeral for the former Gotham mayor, Bella Reál corners Bruce and tells him that he should be doing more to help the people of Gotham, and commit himself to do more philanthropic work like his parents. Bella, like the others in Gotham, remains unaware of Bruce’southward nighttime activities where he is helping Gotham in his own fashion. Selina criticizes Bruce as another one of Gotham’s elite that people pay far too much attention to, to Batman. The Riddler criticizes Bruce similarly and remarks that Bruce isn’t a “real orphan,” given the money and condolement that having that money gave him. Orphans like the Riddler were left fending for themselves, specially later Thomas and Martha were murdered, unable to follow through on their promises.

As someone who praises themselves for their intellect, the acrimony Riddler feels later their talk in Arkham has a strong chance of boiling into a newfound desire to reveal Batman’s identity. Had the Riddler taken the time to fully consider the data he had gathered about the Waynes and his own obsession with Batman outside of his plan, he probable would’ve discovered Batman’s identity. The Riddler was bent on revealing the dark truth about the Waynes to the public, and discovering that Bruce was the violent Batman lurking in the shadows of Gotham would’ve been a huge revelation for him. The true identity of Batman is arguably the biggest mystery in Gotham, and solving it would reaffirm the Riddler’south ain thoughts about his intellect. Given the new friend he has fabricated in the Joker (Barry Keoghan) in Arkham, the damage the ii could cause for Bruce’due south secret and the entirety of Gotham is endless. Now, the two take zip merely time to programme their revenge and potentially connect the dots about Bruce and Batman.

The Batman

is now streaming on HBO Max.

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