The Rogue Company Update 2.10 Restore This September 7th

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Rogue Visitor Rails Update Patch Notes for September 7

Meet the new Rogue!

Rogue Company
drafts a former Common cold State of war spy as the new Rogue. Bound into
Rogue Visitor
now and try out the new playable graphic symbol, but before that, let’south take a look at the Runway update patch notes.

Subsequently trying out the new grapheme in the test servers and applying all the necessary changes, now Runway steps into the world of
Rogue Company
with the latest update.

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    ESO Update Patch Notes for PC on September 7, 2021

One time upon a time, Runway was a spy covered as a way model. But now, she runs a classy business of weapons, providing everyone with all that is needed for a successful assasination.

Without farther ado, allow’s see what the
Rogue Company
Runway update brings to the game, and what distinguishes the new Rogue from the others.

Rogue Company Rail Update Patch Notes


New Rogue: Runway

  • Weapon Classes: Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle
  • Melee: Katana
  • Gadgets:

    • Trip Mine
    • Semtex Grenade
  • Perks:

    • Berserker
    • Padded Steps
    • Helping Paw
    • Nimble Easily
    • Tracker Rounds
    • Headstrong
  • Abilities:

    • Supply on Need:
      Throw a briefcase that grants infinite ammunition and refills gadgets.
    • Fully Loaded:
      Carry two chief weapons.

New Weapon: Hydra

  • Torso Damage: xxx
  • Range: 24
  • Magazine Size: 20
  • Burn Rate: five.5
  • Handling: 30
  • Reload Time: ii.9

Weapon Mastery Organization

  • The Weapon Mastery system is a make new mode to progress your favorite weapons, earn new wraps, and unlock the ability to use your favorite weapons on other rogues that fight with the same weapon types.
  • Weapons will no longer exist confined to specific Rogues, merely each Rogue volition exist assigned classes.
  • Weapon Classes are Assault Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR), Light Machine Guns (LMGs), Sniper Rifles, and Submachine Guns (SMGs), Pistols, and Melee.
  • Each fourth dimension you play with weapons in their class, you will receive Mastery Points to unlock those weapons to utilize with other Rogues who share that class.
  • Mastering each class volition earn you a unique advantage.

Shooting Range

  • Fifty-fifty elite Rogues need practice, and what better identify to practice this than a brand new shooting range? Endeavour diverse Rogues, weapons, abilities and prepare yourself for your adjacent mission.



  • Max firing accuracy gain reduced
  • Max aimed firing accuracy gain reduced
  • Accuracy gained per shot has been reduced


  • Impairment reduced from 34 to 30
  • Damage falloff increased


  • Damage falloff increased


  • Headshot damage increased from 29 to 31
  • Damage range increased
  • Accuracy loss per shot reduced


  • Increased impairment falloff outside of the optimal range


  • Accurateness loss per shot increased



  • Replaced EMP with Adrenaline Shot


  • Passive deals 2x damage now


  • Adapted projectile speed and gravity


  • Stock-still an issue with the Palace map not rewarding progression
  • Stock-still an outcome where the game would occasionally crash when trying to ping during the ping tutorial
  • Stock-still the Rogue Company: Year One pass parcel name and description
  • Fixed an outcome where aim help became jittery when enemy players would spam crouch
  • Fixed an upshot where winning a round in the Dodgeball LTM played the round loss music
  • Fixed an issue where the Scoreboard was brought up when using sprays or emotes
  • Fixed an result where being hacked occasionally made your gadget appear hacked on the UI in the next round
  • Fixed an outcome where the game occasionally would become stuck in the joining friction match popup
  • Fixed an issue where some players would crash when joining a political party
  • Fixed an event where the graphic symbol stance and the weapon position would break subsequently a histrion used a zipline
  • Fixed an outcome with Night Sky Dahlia on Switch not appearing correctly during the Rogue walk-out sequence
  • Fixed an issue where rejoining a match would not rejoin squad voice chat
  • Fixed an result where the D40-C’s upgrade to remove weapon inaccuracy while jumping wasn’t working as intended
  • Stock-still a grammatical issue in Demolition: the prompt now says “Pick upward bomb.”
  • Reordered the perks of the following Rogues from least to most expensive: Lancer, Dallas, Gl1tch
  • Fixed an result where a match would not end, despite players passing a successful surrender vote, until a player was downed
  • Fixed a spawn signal in Breach that would spawn players within of a crate
  • Stock-still an issue where automatic weapons would stop firing after throwing a projectile
  • Stock-still an outcome in the Spectator Mode where the cash amount shown under the mini-map would be displayed as $0
  • Fixed an issue where player avatars would occasionally overlap the Diamond edge
  • Stock-still an outcome where Anvil’due south Snow Jackal Outfit was missing a skirt
  • Fixed an result with Chaac’s SMG upgrade for No Jump Penalisation not working equally intended
  • Fixed an issue where the planted flop animation would merely play afterwards the bomb was planted
  • Fixed an effect where, once a player died afterward flashbanging the enemy, the Flashbang icon would announced in the center of a histrion’s screen when they respawned
  • Fixed an issue where standing on top of plane droppings on Icarus would cause the photographic camera to shift into first person
  • Stock-still an issue where Gl1tch’due south ability appeared on cooldown and did not work subsequently he respawned without a hack charge
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the ping carte du jour to exist brought upwardly over the suspension menu
  • Stock-still an issue where an empty Gadget slot would become highlighted after the player would be EMP’d or hacked
  • Fixed an issue that caused asunder players and made them “Immune” and run in place
  • Fixed an upshot with the aim animation breaking after throwing the bomb and contrivance rolling
  • Fixed diverse grammatical issues in several Rogue bios
  • Fixed several line-of-sight issues on the Palace map where the terrain would cake clear shots
  • Stock-still an result that caused Rogues to sprint or hunker without toggling “Concur to Crouch” or “Hold to Sprint.”
  • Fixed an consequence where the point concord time for players in Strikeout would occasionally reset
  • Fixed an outcome where Ronin’s pocketknife would occasionally disappear when using a zipline
  • Fixed an issue where Ronin’s ability would fail to play when using a zipline
  • Fixed an outcome that occasionally caused female person Rogue’s easily to announced broken when reloading secondary weapons
  • Fixed an event where players could utilize “Bleed Out” while being revived by Saint’s Drone
  • Fixed an upshot where players occasionally respawned in the dropship upon decease at the end of a friction match
  • Fixed several issues with the announcer reading the wrong lines in Squad Deathmatch
  • Fixed an event where a player would respawn with Gl1tch’due south hack result stuck on their screen if they died while hacked
  • Fixed an upshot where Saint’southward drone did not reset if the person downed was instantly killed, despite the drone never making it to the role player
  • Fixed an effect where both teams would receive an incorrect message when a role player would cancel planting the bomb
  • Stock-still an issue that allowed the defending team to see the bomb’south constitute progress
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bomb icon to not appear correctly at the pinnacle of the player’south HUD
  • Fixed an issue where Rogues would quip “Backside us!” when stepping on barbed wire
  • Fixed an issue where the ping icon would flash in the center of the screen when a teammate used any comms
  • Fixed an consequence where the “Toss Bomb” option was shown when contrivance rolling within the bombsite
  • Fixed an issue where the colina timer at the top of the HUD would flicker when a player moved on or off the hill in Rex of the Hill
  • Stock-still an issue where animation would not play when players scored points
  • Stock-still an consequence where the capture progress in King of the Colina would occasionally display inaccurately
  • Fixed an outcome where players occasionally became spectators later on dying in respawn game modes, such as Strikeout
  • Fixed an issue where matches would end abruptly, with no victory or defeat screen
  • Fixed an result with the photographic camera “popping” subsequently Lancer used dodge curl
  • Fixed an issue with effect outlines non displaying correctly with upgraded Incendiary Grenades
  • Fixed an upshot where the bomb would not respawn at the base of operations if thrown onto an unintended location
  • Stock-still an issue where Dahlia’southward ability animation would non play while on a zipline
  • Fixed an issue where Dahlia occasionally could not use weapons or abilities after canceling her link with another role player
  • Fixed an issue on Canals where Rogues would be slowed downwards while running shut to the corners of the containers located on either side of the map
  • Fixed an issue where Lancer’s ability blitheness would occasionally proceed to play after her ability concluded
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the interior of the dropship to exist dark
  • Fixed an upshot that acquired the Rogue portrait to appear banned when selecting said Rogue later on the ban phase
  • Stock-still an issue where the flash on Mack’south Lightbomb would fail to eject when placed next to an APS
  • Fixed an upshot that caused Seeker, Kestrel, and Sigrid to exist unable to use their abilities while on a zipline
  • Fixed an upshot that caused Rogues to run awkwardly when sprinting immediately afterward picking up a dropped bomb
  • Fixed an issue where crouched players failed to take harm from a lunging enemy set on
  • Fixed an issue where a Rogue’s outline would appear behind an emote prop or dropped weapon or gadget
  • Stock-still an consequence that acquired Saint’s drone to be allowed to Gl1tch’s hack
  • Stock-still an issue that caused players to stand after rolling if automobile-sprint was enabled
  • Stock-still an event that caused Phantom to receive a red indicator for her Nano Fume when standing inside the smoke deject
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain would occasionally disappear on the Lockdown map
  • Stock-still an upshot with Mack and Anvil where their ability detonators would float in the air when triggered while holding the flop
  • Fixed an issue on the Glacier map that allowed players to shoot through unintended locations
  • Fixed an issue that acquired Mack to be unable to detonate his ability later on respawning
  • Fixed an result for PS4 players where Headphone Mix would remain ON when set to OFF.
  • Fixed an consequence that caused Mack’s Lightbomb to be unequipped if no valid placement was found while Quick Cast was enabled
  • Stock-still an issue where multiple emotes could be exploited during matches
  • Fixed an issue that acquired some emote music to double-play when re-triggering the aforementioned emote
  • Stock-still an issue with the Nightshade Replenish perk not working every bit intended when purchasing Upgrade Level 2 or higher
  • Fixed an issue with deployable gadgets doing harm exterior of their area of effect

Rogue Visitor
is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series Ten, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Rogue Company
Runway update is at present live beyond all platforms and the maintenance is over.