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Danger Mouse: Archetype Collection

Follow the adventures of superspy Danger Mouse and his bumbling sidekick, Penfold, as they jet around the world foiling their enemies’ evil plots.

David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey


Danger Mouse: Classic Collection

  1. Watch Rogue Robots. Episode 1 of Season 1.

    Danger Mouse must fend off e’er-larger robots of destruction unleashed by his evil archrival Businesswoman Greenback.

  2. Watch Who Stole the Bagpipes. Episode 2 of Season 1.

    Danger Mouse must survive a mechanical Loch Ness Monster attack to stop Baron Greenback from taking over the world with stolen bagpipes.

  3. Watch Trouble with Ghosts. Episode 3 of Season 1.

    Baron Greenback kidnaps Colonel Thousand and forces him to ship Danger Mouse and Penfold on vacation to a castle full of robot ghosts and mummies.

  4. Watch Chicken Run. Episode 4 of Season 1.

    When Baron Greenback unleashes behemothic super-chickens on London, Danger Mouse and Penfold enlist the help of Flying Officer Buggles Pigeon.

  5. Watch The Martian Misfit. Episode 5 of Season 1.

    With plans of tunneling into the Banking company of England, Businesswoman Greenback creates a Martian mouse exterminator to take care of Danger Mouse.

  6. Watch The Dream Machine. Episode 6 of Season 1.

    Baron Greenback traps Danger Mouse and Penfold in his Dream Machine, where annihilation Penfold says comes to life.

  7. Watch Lord of the Bungle. Episode 7 of Season 1.

    Penfold thinks he is lord of the jungle when he and Danger Mouse travel to Africa to save 20,000 elephants Baron Greenback turned into carbohydrate cubes.

  8. Watch Die Laughing. Episode 8 of Season 1.

    Danger Mouse must save the prime number minister from Baron Greenback, who is causing the leaders of the world to express joy themselves to decease.

  9. Watch The World of Machines. Episode 9 of Season 1.

    Businesswoman Greenback uses his newly perfected intergalactic traveling device to nail Danger Mouse and Penfold to a planet ruled by talking machines.

  10. Watch Ice Station Camel. Episode 10 of Season 1.

    Danger Mouse travels to the Due north Pole, where Baron Greenback is using an antigravity machine to preclude Earth from rotating.

  11. Watch A Plague of Pyramids. Episode 11 of Season 1.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold must stop Baron Greenback’s latest diabolical plot to sink England with a plague of heavy pyramids.

  1. Watch Custard. Episode 1 of Season 2.

    When Baron Greenback’s latest evil human activity leaves the globe drowning in custard, Danger Mouse must rails downwardly the Custard Mite of Glut.

  2. Watch Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind. Episode 2 of Season 2.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold head to an island nearly the Bermuda Triangle to stop Baron Greenback, but they’re abducted past aliens and subjected to a probe.

  3. Watch The Duel. Episode 3 of Season 2.

    Baron Greenback challenges Danger Mouse to a loftier-stakes duel, with the loser promising to bow out of the world of crime for good.

  4. Watch The Day of the Suds. Episode 4 of Season 2.

    Baron Greenback has gained control of London’s washing machines and is ordering them to destroy Danger Mouse, who fights dorsum using a giant magnet.

  5. Watch The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God. Episode 5 of Season 2.

    When Baron Greenback creates a bad luck ray from a laser and a stolen jewel, Danger Mouse and Penfold must return the gem to its rightful possessor.

  6. Watch The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse. Episode 6 of Season 2.

    Baron Greenback kidnaps Penfold and demands that Danger Mouse round upwardly 4 ingredients for a spell that would summon a powerful monster.

  1. Watch The Invasion of Colonel K. Episode 1 of Season 3.

    Using a ray to shrink himself, Baron Greenback invades Colonel K’s trunk, with a newly shrunken Danger Mouse and Penfold in pursuit.

  2. Watch Danger Mouse Saves the World... Again!. Episode 2 of Season 3.

    Threatening to destroy every signpost in the world, Baron Greenback lures Danger Mouse and Penfold to his secret lair somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Watch The Odd Ball Runaround. Episode 3 of Season 3.

    Baron Greenback pulls out all the stops to thwart Danger Mouse as he transports secret plans hidden in a football from Australia to London.

  4. Watch Strange Case of the Ghost Bus. Episode 4 of Season 3.

    When tiptop secret cargo ships begin disappearing in the vicinity of a mysterious ghost bus, Danger Mouse rushes to the Indian Body of water to investigate.

  5. Watch Trip to America. Episode 5 of Season 3.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold caput to America when they learn that Baron Greenback has devised an ingenious method for stealing the world’southward keen monuments.

  1. Watch The Wild, Wild Goose Chase!. Episode 1 of Season 4.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold travel the globe visiting Baron Greenback’s hideouts after coming beyond his computerized hideout locator.

  2. Watch The Return of Count Duckula!. Episode 2 of Season 4.

    Count Duckula pays a visit to London, where he captures Danger Mouse and Penfold while trying to break into showbiz.

  3. Watch Demons Aren't Dull?!. Episode 3 of Season 4.

    Danger Mouse prepares to confront off against a demon from the time who’south been stealing the world’s most famous buildings.

  4. Watch 150 Million Years Lost. Episode 4 of Season 4.

    Danger Mouse must come to the rescue when Prof. Von Squawkencluck accidentally sends Penfold back to the prehistoric era in his time machine.

  5. Watch The Planet of the Cats. Episode 5 of Season 4.

    When the Mark 5 passes through an electrical tempest, Danger Mouse and Penfold are transported to a future era where Britain is ruled past cats.

  6. Watch Four Heads Are Better Than Two. Episode 6 of Season 4.

    Colonel K’s team creates robot versions of Danger Mouse and Penfold and so one pair can meet with Agent 57 while the other deals with Baron Greenback.

  7. Watch Tower of Terror. Episode 7 of Season 4.

    After visiting the Rock of Gibraltar, Danger Mouse and Penfold track Businesswoman Greenback to a skyscraper in New York Urban center.

  8. Watch The Great Bone Idol. Episode 8 of Season 4.

    Baron Greenback joins forces with Count Duckula to search for the Great Bone Idol, which would enable them to control all the dogs in the world.

  9. Watch Public Enemy No. 1. Episode 9 of Season 4.

    When Danger Mouse loses his memory, Baron Greenback tricks the undercover agent into believing he’s actually a criminal mastermind.

  1. Watch Long Lost Crown Affair. Episode 1 of Season 5.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold head deep into the jungle to find the lost crown of an Aztec ruler — but Baron Greenback has a play tricks or 2 up his sleeve.

  2. Watch By George, It's a Dragon!. Episode 2 of Season 5.

    Sent with Danger Mouse to battle a small-scale but ferocious dragon, Penfold gets himself captured by the brute and imprisoned in his castle.

  3. Watch Tiptoe Through the Penfolds. Episode 3 of Season 5.

    Baron Greenback’s dastardly new invention, a cloning machine, confounds Danger Mouse past creating hundreds of duplicate Penfolds.

  4. Watch Project Moon. Episode 4 of Season 5.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold blast off for the moon to sabotage a communications-jamming base Baron Greenback has synthetic there.

  5. Watch The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight. Episode 5 of Season 5.

    Using his new weather condition-decision-making machine, Businesswoman Greenback pelts Danger Mouse and Penfold with hail and plans to unleash a new ice historic period upon the earth.

  6. Watch The Aliens Are Coming. Episode 6 of Season 5.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold go a frightful awakening when Colonel K chooses them as ambassadors to greet aliens who are well-nigh to land in Scotland.

  7. Watch Remote-Controlled Chaos. Episode 7 of Season 5.

    While henchman Stiletto creates a diversion, Baron Greenback uses a new device to remotely take command of Danger Mouse and Penfold’s flying car.

  8. Watch The Man from Gadget. Episode 8 of Season 5.

    A peddler of gadgets tries to interest Danger Mouse and Penfold in devices to aid them infiltrate Baron Greenback’s new secluded lair.

  9. Watch Tampering with Time Tickles. Episode 9 of Season 5.

    Blasted by Baron Greenback’s historic period-altering bombs, Danger Mouse turns into a boy rodent and Penfold transforms into a geriatric hamster.

  10. Watch Nero Power. Episode 10 of Season 5.

    Nero uses the extraordinary mental powers he accidentally gained from one of Baron Greenback’south inventions to torment Danger Mouse and Penfold.

  1. Watch Once Upon a Time Slip. Episode 1 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold inadvertently get sent back in fourth dimension to the twelvemonth 1215, where they get caught up in a strange Robin Hood scenario.

  2. Watch Viva Danger Mouse. Episode 2 of Season 6.

    All of the most important seats in England are stuffed with cactus needles, so Danger Mouse and Penfold head to Mexico to track down Greenback.

  3. Watch Play It Again, Wufgang. Episode 3 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold accept to rely on a cassette thespian when the earth’s worst composer decides to destroy all music other than his.

  4. Watch Hear, Hear. Episode 4 of Season 6.

    Greenback uses a device to brainwash Colonel K into sending DM and Penfold to the South Pole, merely Penfold’s bad hearing makes him immune to information technology.

  5. Watch Multiplication Fable. Episode 5 of Season 6.

    A spaceship crash-lands in Birmingham, and the alien inside is looking for his pet, a furry brute that multiplies every time something touches information technology.

  6. Watch The Spy Who Stayed in with a Cold. Episode 6 of Season 6.

    Penfold has a cold, so Amanuensis 57 joins Danger Mouse in a plot to defeat Greenback. But 57 gets a cold also, and changes course every time he sneezes.

  7. Watch It's All White, White Wonder. Episode 7 of Season 6.

    An experimental enzyme being developed by the Wonder White Sub company gets loose and starts attacking people and turning everything white.

  8. Watch The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma. Episode 8 of Season 6.

    While Danger Mouse and Penfold are investigating a robbery of the crown jewels, they end upwards in a grandfather clock that’s really a time machine.

  9. Watch What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Book. Episode 9 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse’s flying auto, the Marking III, begins to rebel against him and it’south keeping him and Penfold from attending an awards anniversary.

  10. Watch Quark! Quark!. Episode 10 of Season 6.

    An alien named J.J. Quark arrives and attempts to take command of Earth, believing that he’s entitled to it because of an onetime charter.

  11. Watch Alping Is Snow Easy Matter. Episode 11 of Season 6.

    Greenback hopes to cash in by melting the polar water ice caps and then he tin can sell inflatable rafts and toys at a ridiculously loftier price.

  12. Watch AAAGHHG!! Spiders!. Episode 12 of Season 6.

    While Greenback is abroad on vacation in French republic, Stiletto uses a ray to make spiders get bigger and build webs that envelop all of London.

  13. Watch One of Our Stately Homes Is Missing. Episode 13 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse must work with an organization called Bleep to locate an estate that’s been stolen by a villainous warthog named Hannibal.

  14. Watch Afternoon Off with the Fangboner. Episode 14 of Season 6.

    J.J. Quark proposes peace talks with Danger Mouse in Africa just sends a brute chosen a Fangboner after Danger Mouse and Penfold when they make it.

  15. Watch Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk. Episode 15 of Season 6.

    The villainous El Loco poisons Danger Mouse’s milk, forcing Penfold into action to stop El Loco.

  16. Watch CATastrophe. Episode 16 of Season 6.

    When a mechanical cat kidnaps Colonel K, Danger Mouse and Penfold endeavour to save him. But the cat seems to be able to stay one pace alee of them.

  17. Watch The Good, the Bad and the Motionless. Episode 17 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Stonehenge to investigate a disturbance, and Danger Mouse ends upward having to battle his ain evil side.

  18. Watch Statues. Episode 18 of Season 6.

    Greenback causes trouble in London past using a ray to animate all of the city’s statues, resulting in chaos and mayhem.

  19. Watch The Clock Strikes Back. Episode 19 of Season 6.

    The gramps clock fourth dimension machine returns with a wizard named Master Snozzle on board, and he’s looking to take over the world.

  20. Watch Ee-Tea!. Episode 20 of Season 6.

    Greenback has sent Great Britain into a panic by stealing all of the earth’s tea and replacing it with dirty dishwater.

  21. Watch Bandits Beans and Ballyhoo. Episode 21 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold inadvertently bring back a bandit named El Loco when they return from a trip to United mexican states.

  22. Watch Have You Fled from Any Good Books Lately?. Episode 22 of Season 6.

    J.J. Quark gives Penfold a membership to an intergalactic book club, then brings the monsters in one volume to life to torment him and Danger Mouse.

  23. Watch Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh. Episode 23 of Season 6.

    Greenback wants to acquire an ancient Egyptian amulet, merely instead of looking for it, he plans to steal it once Danger Mouse finds information technology.

  24. Watch Lost, Found and Spellbound. Episode 24 of Season 6.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold get caught up with a witch physician when they go on a mission to an island virtually Communist china to rescue Professor Squawkencluck.

  25. Watch Penfold, B.F.. Episode 25 of Season 6.

    Penfold takes a pill invented by Professor Squawkencluck and turns into a superhero, causing issues for Danger Mouse as he searches for a pigeon.

  26. Watch Mechanised Mayhem. Episode 26 of Season 6.

    All of the world’s machines turn against their owners and refuse to do their jobs, then Danger Mouse has to take activity with his anti-mutiny module.

  27. Watch Journey to the Earth's 'Cor!. Episode 27 of Season 6.

    Tasked with finding the source of an awful noise that’s bothering the world, Danger Mouse and Penfold stop up at the Northward Pole.

  1. Watch DM on the Orient Express. Episode 1 of Season 7.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold board the famous Orient Limited when they acquire of Businesswoman Greenback’south plans for a museum dedicated to Barry Manilow.

  2. Watch The Ultra Secret Secret. Episode 2 of Season 7.

    When an conflicting invasion looms, Businesswoman Greenback offers to squad up with Danger Mouse and Penfold, but his truce could actually be a trap.

  3. Watch Duckula Meets Frankenstoat. Episode 3 of Season 7.

    When Dr. Frankenstoat invents a dastardly device that churns out robot vampoids, Danger Mouse and Penfold storm his castle.

  4. Watch When There's a Well, There's a Way. Episode 4 of Season 7.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold search for Merlin’s wish-granting inkwell, but they’ve got competition from the villainous Copper-Conk Cassidy.

  5. Watch All Fall Down. Episode 5 of Season 7.

    Scottish snake Mac the Fork and wannabe scientist Dudley Poyson bring together forces to steal blueprints for a mortiferous weapon that could destroy World.

  6. Watch Turn of the Tide. Episode 6 of Season 7.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold blast off into space to investigate why the moon’s gravitational pull is causing massive flooding on Earth.

  1. Watch Gremlin Alert. Episode 1 of Season 8.

    After London is shrouded in darkness for almost a week, Danger Mouse and Penfold rocket into outer infinite to investigate the cause.

  2. Watch Cor! What a Picture!. Episode 2 of Season 8.

    When Businesswoman Greenback uses his mind control machine and a passport photo to turn Penfold into an assassin, Danger Mouse is first on his hitting listing.

  1. Watch I Spy with My Little Eye. Episode 1 of Season 9.

    When Baron Greenback schemes to cook the polar water ice caps with sun lamps, Danger Mouse and Penfold head to the Arctic to foil his plan.

  2. Watch Bigfoot Falls. Episode 2 of Season 9.

    Learning that a hairy beast is roaming the countryside and flattening villages with his feet, Danger Mouse and Penfold get to Canada to investigate.

  3. Watch Statue of Liberty Caper. Episode 3 of Season 9.

    When the Statue of Liberty vanishes, Danger Mouse and Penfold leap into action to discover out how Baron Greenback pulled it off.

  4. Watch Penfold Transformed. Episode 4 of Season 9.

    Dr. Crumhorn replaces Penfold with a mechanical double. Not to be outdone, Baron Greenback forces Stiletto to impersonate Penfold, too.

  5. Watch Dune with a View. Episode 5 of Season 9.

    When their Mark III flight machine runs out of fuel, Danger Mouse and Penfold find themselves stranded in the Sahara Desert.

  6. Watch Don Coyote and Sancho Penfold. Episode 6 of Season 9.

    In Spain, Don Coyote takes “Sancho” Penfold as his sidekick. Together, they attack a windmill that houses Businesswoman Greenback’s nefarious new device.

  1. Watch Crumhorn Strikes Back!. Episode 1 of Season 10.

    While Danger Mouse and Penfold are in New York, Physician Augustus P. Crumhorn III poses as a immature daughter and claims her father was kidnapped.

  2. Watch Ants, Trees and Whoops-a-Daisy. Episode 2 of Season 10.

    Danger Mouse and Penfold are off to the Amazon Jungle where a mysterious tribe accept been sacrificing people to an pismire god.

  3. Watch There's a Penfold in My Suit. Episode 3 of Season 10.

    To investigate why all the European countries have swapped places, Danger Mouse and Penfold head to Bratislowakia and find something even worse.

  4. Watch Rhyme and Punishment. Episode 4 of Season 10.

    After Penfold writes his memoir of his life with Danger Mouse, Dr. Crumhorn “Kazonks” them into a hallucinatory world.

  5. Watch Pillow Fright. Episode 5 of Season 10.

    Danger Mouse must stop Baron Greenback’s attempt to accept over London with his army of remote-controlled, allergy-causing pillows.

  6. Watch Heavy Duty. Episode 6 of Season 10.

    Dr. Crumhorn has overtaken London with concrete-swimming country sharks, and things go really dicey when Penfold becomes shark allurement.

  7. Watch The Intergalactic 147. Episode 7 of Season 10.

    A behemothic spaceship, which is part of the “Intergalactic 147” snooker game, is headed straight for Earth in order to sink information technology into a black hole.

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