Ubisoft’s New Mobile Battle Royale Was Supposed To Be A Far Cry Spin-Off

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A new mobile game released past Ubisoft last calendar week was actually supposed to exist a Far Weep game, it’s been claimed.

Mobilegamer.biz reports that Wild Arena Survivors, which arrived on the iOS and Google Play stores with little in the way of announcement from Ubisoft, had the working championship Far Cry: Wild Call.

According to Mobilegamer.biz’s sources, the 40-player battle royale title was developed by Ubisoft Paris‘ mobile team.

In it, players fight on an exotic isle while defending themselves from wild fauna, as in the Far Cry games.

The site’due south sources merits that the game was originally given a soft launch without any Far Cry branding in an attempt to see if it could prove successful on its own merit.

When this soft launch didn’t gather any momentum, the decision was reportedly made to release the game globally, without any major fanfare, in an effort to compensate some evolution costs.

“Knowing Ubisoft like I do, I’d imagine they spent more coin than they should have on development, and this is an attempt to recoup what they can and also acquire from pushing a fully realtime multiplayer game out,” Mobilegamer.biz’due south source told it.

The site notes that none of Ubisoft’s master social media accounts have made mention of the game, and while information technology does have its own social media accounts they’re pocket-sized – the Twitter account has 306 followers at the time of writing.

It’due south not clear if Wild Arena Survivors will get an official ‘launch’ announcement at the Ubisoft Forward presentation on September x.

In July, Ubisoft announced that it would be releasing a mobile spin-off for The Sectionalization, chosen The Partitioning Resurgence.

The game will be a complimentary-to-play, third-person shooter RPG which the publisher says volition let players roam freely in an open up earth New York. It volition exist playable solo or co-operatively and promises a range of PvE activities including story missions and globe activities.

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