US Army to Take Delivery of First Microsoft HoloLens Devices After Successful Tests

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Microsoft now seems to have a better handle on the technical challenges of adapting Hololens two data spectacles for utilize in armed services combat. The The states Ground forces is now accepting at least a first small tranche of the loftier-tech combat goggles from Redmond, citing promising results from field tests, according to the Bloomberg financial service.

Douglas Bush, who is responsible for procurement, logistics and applied science at the Regular army, is said to have given the go-ahead for delivery in Baronial. Co-ordinate to a Bush spokesman, it is nigh some of the first of the 5,000 units ordered with technically enhanced perception capabilities (“augmented reality” – AR). The Ground forces had previously postponed the supply agreement pending thorough testing due to concerns about the devices’ performance.

Microsoft’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) is designed to provide Us ground forces with a special brandish that doesn’t require them to lower their heads themselves. The system is an adapted version of the HoloLens. It should enable commanders, for instance, to projection information onto a visor in front of the soldier’due south confront.

The military HoloLens reportedly displays a schematic map of the area, including buildings and entrances, every bit well equally your position and that of others with such glasses nearby on its transparent visor when you wait downwardly. Functions such as night vision should exist integrated. United states fighter pilots already have similar technical tools at their disposal.

In April last year, the Army gave Microsoft a large production order, after which information technology plans to provide upward to $21.ix billion over the course of a decade for initially more than than 120,000 AR glasses, spare parts and supporting cloud services. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the It giant meets all the specified requirements.

In Oct 2021, the U.s.a. Army decided to postpone the first major IVAS field test and the commissioning of the devices to a later engagement in 2022. It was said at the time that they were sticking to the “partnership with Microsoft in order to advance specific technologies that encounter operational requirements and maximize the benefits for the armed forces”.

An initial check on electronic warfare and cyber security was carried out in September 2021, with further checks to follow throughout 2022. This conclusion allows the Army and industry team to “continue to enhance the IVAS engineering science platform to ensure Soldiers achieve superiority in operations across multiple domains.”

“We’ve had a adept dry run and we’ll learn from it,” Bush said recently after being briefed on the latest results. He reiterated, “The Army remains confident that the program volition be successful.” Microsoft declined to comment to Bloomberg.

In March, the US Army initially ordered 5,000 AR glasses worth 373 1000000 US dollars, but later put the order on concur. The electric current audit report, which has not yet been released, is intended to help the US Congress decide whether to corroborate the US$424.2 meg that the Army intends to spend on the IVAS plan for the fiscal year beginning in October. The responsible committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate had pleaded for deep cuts in the army’due south application for authorization in anticipation of continued poor test results.

In the meantime, the US armed services has too signed a contract with the New York company Clearview AI, which specializes in biometric facial recognition, to test AR glasses. Respective Air Force procurement documents show that the controversial company is to demonstrate options for “airfield protection” for 49,847 US dollars. The main focus hither is on identity checks that tin be carried out by hand. A possible broader utilise of the technology should be decided afterward the pilot project.


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