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The world of Minecraft is gigantic, and at that place are various biomes like plains, deserts, savanna, and many more than. You tin can discover mountains in almost all of them, and they are of great heights, so when you are wandering on them, and all of a sudden fall and die in a new un-discovered place and lose all your belongings, what are y’all going to exercise? This is where Feather Falling Enchantment comes upward.

Today we will unveil a necessary Enchantment for the players who beloved heights in Minecraft, so buckle up and read this guide until the terminate. This will surely exit you excited as we discuss everything you demand to know about Feather Falling Enchantment.

What is Feather Falling in Minecraft

Plume Falling is one of many enchantments in Minecraft, and it is helpful because falling damage from any superlative can be reduced using it. Therefore, many players die from falling, and so this is for you if your base of operations is located on heights.

This enchantment can be washed on your boots and has four levels, as seen in the table beneath.

Enchantment Level Protection Percentage
Level 1 12%
Level 2 24%
Level iii 36%
Level 4 48%
Level 4 with Protection Enchantment 80% + increased durability

By looking at the table to a higher place, you can see how the percent of damage will reduce when your boots are enchanted with it, and it also reduces the Ender Pearl Teleportation damage.

Here is a display of before and afterwards jumping from a adept elevation with level-i enchanted diamond boots.

And here is later on we jumped; you tin can notice i.five hearts being lost.

At present we volition elaborate on jumping without the enchanted diamond boots.

And the below image is after jumping, where you lot tin encounter 5.5 hearts existence lost.

Feather Falling Minecraft; How to Brand information technology

Start, you need to know about Enchanting, and we have compiled a detailed guide about information technology, and so practise give it a visit before moving forward.

You lot tin take Feather Falling Enchantment by whatever one of the following methods.

Enchanting Boots with Feather Falling

To enchant your boots with Plume Falling Enchantment, the following items are required

  1. Enchanting Table
  2. Bookshelves
  3. Boots (Diamond boots recommended)
  4. Lapis Lazuli and XP

And luckily, we got Plume Falling Level-ii Enchantment.

Finding Boots with Plumage Falling Enchantment

There is a slight chance that you may find a pair of boots in Buried Treasures or Chests, which can be in almost every biome of Minecraft.

Trading with Villagers

In that location are many Villagers in Minecraft, and the people living there are called Villagers who may trade Feather Falling Enchantment with other items, but it takes time to find the correct trade.

Find Enchanted Items with Fishing

There is a rare chance that you may observe some valuable items (mostly enchanted) while fishing, requiring considerable time.

How to Level up Feather Falling Enchantment in Minecraft

Initially, yous can attempt your luck on the Enchantment Table. In one case you get Level-one of Feather Falling, you can utilize Anvil to level up any of your Enchanted tools past using the books of Enchantment, which the following methods can obtain.

  1. Fishing
  2. Cached Treasure or Chests constitute in Dungeons

You can likewise get college-level enchantments using the enchanting tabular array by surrounding it with more Bookshelves, and it has just a two.five% adventure of getting a level 4 enchantment. As well, make certain to have at least one cake vacant between them.

What does Plume Falling do in Minecraft

Feather Falling in Minecraft tin can be super-effective in the following situations.

Urge to Jump from High Altitudes

Whenever there is a need to spring from college altitudes in certain situations, like when being chased by enemies or you are knocked downwards from a cliff by an explosion.

Increased Immovability

Feather Falling Enchantment is just uniform with Protection Enchantment when your boots are enchanted with both, their durability increases, making them last longer and reducing autumn harm past eighty%.

How many Blocks can you Fall from using Feather Falling Enchantment

At max level, a total of xc-blocks can be withstood without dying at max level, and nigh forty-blocks at level i, so continue it with you when traveling on higher altitudes, especially on Taigas biome.


There tin can be accidental expiry from falling in Minecraft, and to reduce the fall damage, Mojang introduced Feather Falling Enchantment which significantly reduces the damage making it possible to jump from college altitudes. Today’due south guide covers everything you need to know about Feather Falling in Minecraft, including how you tin get your boots enchanted.

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