Why Do Schools Send So Many Emails? They Don’t Have To

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Get Classroom electronic mail summaries (for guardians)

This article is for guardians. Teachers go here, or students go here.

Equally a guardian, you lot can go email summaries about your student’southward activity in Classroom. Email summaries practice not include grades. For grades, enquire your pupil or contact the teacher.

In email summaries, you lot tin can review:

  • Missing work—Work non turned in when the summary was sent.
  • Upcoming piece of work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or that’s due in the upcoming calendar week (for weekly emails).
  • Class activities—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers.

If there’s no activeness to report or if a teacher turns off electronic mail notifications, you might not get an email summary.

Earlier yous brainstorm

Yous tin can get email summaries sent to any electronic mail accost. However, to view or update email summary settings, you need a Google Business relationship. With a Google Business relationship, you tin modify the frequency of your emails, update your time zone, meet the students connected to your account, and unsubscribe from email summaries. For details, go to Create a Google Account.

If you lot unsubscribe from email summaries, you’re all the same connected to a educatee as long as you lot have a Google Account. Otherwise, unsubscribing removes you as a guardian.

You lot can only get summaries if your student is using Classroom with a Google Workspace account, which looks like
[email protected]. If you’re not sure, ask the teacher or school administrator.

Get email summaries

To get electronic mail summaries of your student’south work, yous must take an electronic mail invitation from a instructor or administrator. Yous have 120 days to have an invitation earlier it expires. You lot can unsubscribe from summaries or remove yourself as a guardian at whatsoever time.

  1. The teacher or administrator emails yous an invitation to join your student’s course.
  2. In your e-mail program, open your electronic mail invitation.
  3. Click
    If you’re not the guardian, click
    I’grand Not The Guardian.
  4. Click
    to confirm.

When yous have an invitation, you and your student get an email confirmation.

Manage summaries

View or update your email summary settings

Create a Google Account in the email summary to access summary settings

If the e-mail accost that you become summaries delivered to isn’t a Google Account, you lot can create a new Google Business relationship with that address. So, yous can meet and update the electronic mail summary settings.

  1. In your email programme, at the bottom of any email summary, click
  2. On the electronic mail settings page, click
    Create New Business relationship.
  3. Fill in the requested information and submit.

Change the e-mail accost where you go summaries

To go guardian emails at a different electronic mail address:

  1. Contact the student’due south teacher or schoolhouse and ask them to delete your current address and re-invite you at the new address.
  2. In your web browser, open an Incognito window.
  3. Sign in to the email account of your new address.
  4. Confirm that yous’re signed out of all other email accounts.
  5. In your new email account, open the invitation and click

Unsubscribe from email summaries

Alert: If you don’t have a Google Account, this action removes y’all every bit a guardian from your educatee.

You can unsubscribe from email summaries at whatsoever time. At the lesser of any email summary, click

Remove yourself as a guardian

You can remove yourself equally a student’s guardian at whatever time. If yous desire to remain a guardian, but not get the summaries, you can Unsubscribe from email summaries (details above).

If you have a Google Account:

  1. At the bottom of any e-mail summary, clickSettings.
  2. Next to the student’south name, click Delete
    and then

If y’all don’t have a Google Account:

  1. At the bottom of whatsoever email summary, clickUnsubscribe.
  2. Click
    to ostend.

 The educatee gets an electronic mail that y’all removed yourself from their account.

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