Why Won’t My Iphone 13 Connect To My Car

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In this troubleshooting guide, we will allow you lot know how to prepare iPhone xiii non connecting to the car Bluetooth issue.

Owning the brand-new iPhone gives you immense pleasance that cannot exist described in words. Since Apple has introduced several advanced features in its latest flagship phone, you cannot wait to try these out. Only what volition you lot practice if you find out that one of its functionalities is not upwards to the mark or not working at all? Of form, it would not be less than a heartbreak keeping in mind the price of the Apple tree phone.

Nevertheless, this nightmare has turned out to be truthful. Several iPhone 13 owners are constantly reporting that they are unable to connect their iPhone thirteen to the car Bluetooth. Similarly, some users are facing issues while connecting their iPhone thirteen to the Bluetooth speakers.

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Whether exist the issue, we volition assist y’all set information technology. In this troubleshooting guide, nosotros volition assistance yous resolve the iPhone 13 not automatically connecting to car Bluetooth result through some of the proven fixes.

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1# Toggle On/Off Bluetooth

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    1# Toggle On/Off Bluetooth

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      ii# Restart iPhone xiii
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      3# Strength Reboot
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      4# Forget This Device
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      v# Reset Your iPhone 13 Settings
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      6# Update your iPhone’s software

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If the Bluetooth error has been initiated due to the recently updated software, then simply disabling and enabling the Bluetooth may help fix the issue. To is and then considering it volition help set up a new connection. Here is how you can enable and disable Bluetooth on your iPhone 13:

  • Go to the iPhone 13 settings
  • Look for the Bluetooth option and turn on the toggle next to Bluetooth.
  • After this wait for at least xxx seconds and enable the Bluetooth switch once again.
  • Now effort connecting the iPhone xiii to any other Bluetooth-enabled device.
iPhone 13 not connecting to car Bluetooth
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2# Restart iPhone 13

As you know, restarting an iPhone has always had a reputation for fixing some of the random glitches on your device. And so, in that location is a practiced probability that restarting your iPhone volition aid fix this upshot besides. Restarting your iPhone xiii is pretty simple; merely long-press the wake button until the ability slider is visible on the iPhone 13’south screen. Now drag the slider all through the correct to switch off your iPhone.

Now wait for a minimum of 30 seconds and hit the power push button once again. Y’all volition encounter the iPhone thirteen screen light up and it will boot upwards in no fourth dimension. Now effort connecting your iPhone via Bluetooth; most probably it volition work now.

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iii# Force Reboot

If this did not work, you tin can try to force restart your iPhone 13. To do it, striking the Volume Up fundamental and then the Volume Downwards key immediately. At present printing and hold the wake push until the iPhone 13’southward screen goes black and so you run into Apple tree’s logo. At present permit become of the wake push button and wait until your iPhone forcefulness restarts.

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iv# Forget This Device

Many a time, wrong Bluetooth settings also foreclose your iPhone thirteen from connecting with any Bluetooth device including Car’southward Bluetooth. To rule out this possibility, it is best to forget the Bluetooth device and set up the connection from scratch. Hither’s how you can forget the Bluetooth device on your iPhone 13:

  • Get to the Settings app > Bluetooth
  • Here y’all will see the list of the Bluetooth devices currently paired. At present press the ‘i’ push adjacent to the Bluetooth device.
iPhone 13 not connecting to car Bluetooth
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  • Tap the Forget This Device button to unpair the Bluetooth device
  • At present ready a fresh Bluetooth connection and see if the problem is resolved.

5# Reset Your iPhone xiii Settings

If the trouble is nevertheless not fixed, the next thing you should exercise is reset the network settings of your iPhone 13. This is important as it will assistance reset your iPhone 13’s default Bluetooth settings and in turn solve this annoying issue. Follow the steps given here to reset your iPhone 13’s network settings:

  • Once again go to the iPhone xiii’s settings and access the General settings.
  • At present look for the Reset option hither and tap it.
  • Side by side, press the Reset Network Settings on the next screen.
  • Yous volition exist prompted to enter the passcode. Later on doing it, press the Reset Network Settings button to confirm the activity.

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6# Update your iPhone’s software

Every bit iOS 15 is relatively new, it is full of bugs and issues. Apple is constantly releasing new updates to patch these bugs and issues. So there is a good run a risk that you are unable to connect your car’south Bluetooth due to an event with the software. To fix this bug, you should update your iPhone 13 to the latest iOS 15 version available. Hither is how you tin can do information technology:

  • Get to the Settings App > General.
  • Now click the Software Update push button you see hither.
  • If your device volition take any awaiting updates, it will be visible hither. Click on the Install Now button here to let iOS to install that update on your iPhone 13.


That’s pretty much information technology! Hopefully this very strange ‘iPhone 13 not connecting to car Bluetooth’ issue is fixed at present. If the issue is not yet solved, you can contact Apple Store to make sure there is no hardware issue in your brand-new iPhone. If you know any other way to fix this issue, don’t forget to comment beneath.

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