Woman Receives $6,000 At&t Bill

Afterward one month of service on a program that AT&T calls its “Unlimited Starter” plan, TikToker Lulú (@luluxv.xo) shared on the platform that her neb came out to almost $6,000.

“I wish this was a joke,” she wrote in the text overlaying the video. In the caption, she added, “My whole day is ruined.”

The video currently has over 519,000 views.

@luluxv.xo My whole mean solar day is ruined. I spent an one.5 hour on the phone with customer service crying. Ive called multiple times in the past few weeks & everyone told me my beak was going to be $120. Idk how this happens. @att #greenscreen #attscam #phonebill #capitalism ♬ Not me starting a TikTok tendency purrrrr – Prestonisoverparty

“I spent an 1.5 hour on the phone with customer service crying. Ive called multiple times in the past few weeks & anybody told me my bill was going to exist $120,” the explanation continued. “Idk how this happens.”

In a follow-up, Lulú shares the breakdown of her bill.

@luluxv.xo Replying to @Rebecca Anchondo #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Lulú Tovar

In this video, the majority of the debt comes from “Data Pay Per Use,” in which AT&T charged Lulú $ii per megabyte for iii,003 megabytes. For context, Tech Counselor notes that a YouTube video playing at 1080 pixels uses nigh 50 megabytes of data per minute.

On its site, AT&T claims that the “Unlimited Starter” plan has “unlimited talk, text & data.” Information technology is unclear why Lulú was charged for information usage or for sending film and video letters, which is also visible in the bill.

In the follow-upwards video, Lulú says that she most probable will not have a resolution until Sept. 2 at the earliest. She besides says that AT&T claims it is going to file a dispute, though she notes that she has not been able to go anything the representatives said in writing.

“I told them I’m going to continue calling them, because this is ridiculous,” she says. “I just retrieve information technology’due south very unfortunate that we have to leap through all these hoops to go our service.”

“In that location’s literally nobody we can talk to that tin help with this at this moment,” she continues.

Lulú and so says that she filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

In the comments section, viewers encouraged her to go further.

“File a complaint with BBB someone will contact you from the company asap and set up it,” i user wrote. “This happened to me with a phone line they added.”

“As a Att employee. i would definitely take this to a Corporate store and speak with the manager,” offered another. “A coorperate shop should exist able to fix all this and similar i said if non ask to speak to the District Manager or the Arsmi. And they tin can fix this…i’ve been with the visitor for a infinitesimal and it’southward not a hard fix. Just takes a willing employee.”

Others remarked upon the high prices for out-of-plan data.

“$ii per MB is insane,” a user shared.

“I literally employ like 700GB a calendar month in data with Verizon, which is 700k MB. That bill would be $i.4 mil for me,” a further user noted.

Fifty-fifty more users shared their AT&T-specific gripes.

“AT&T did the same affair to us,” a commenter recalled. “it was supposed to be a $120 phone bill everything unlimited for two lines and information technology concluded up beingness a little over $500.”

“Yep they been playing with me these last 2 months. I’ve been having credits put on my account,” a second claimed. “Presently as I pay this phone off i’m switching.”

We’ve reached out to both Lulú and AT&T via email.

*Outset Published: Aug thirty, 2022, viii:38 am CDT

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/6000-dollar-att-bill/

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