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World War 3

Earth War 3 is a multiplayer military machine FPS fix in a modernistic, global conflict

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    Oct nineteen, 2018

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World War 3 is a multiplayer armed services FPS set in a mod, global disharmonize. Strong teamplay, national armed forces, real locations, full trunk sensation and a versatile customization system all contribute to the authenticity of the modern combat feel enhanced past other essential elements such every bit a robust ballistic system, advanced armors and life-like weapons. Produced in cooperation with armed forces R&D centers and consultants, World State of war iii shows the consequences of every boxing in the context of a global state of war campaign on a strategic war map.Central FEATURES:Modern Battlefield ExperienceWorld War three presents a modern conflict with tactics, techniques and procedures inspired past true combat engagements. All of this packed into 2 exciting game modes. Warzone offers opportunities for dynamic, intense firefights in teamwork-focused battles of infantry and armored units over fortified points. The tactically-oriented Recon allows players to cooperate within pocket-size reconnaissance squads left on their own to survive and capture high-value targets in hostile territory. Together these modes create a coherent gameplay experience aimed at presenting the actual feel of modern warfare.Real Life LocationsWe are proud to requite y’all one of the most realistic levels in the history of FPS. Join the battle on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow. Take reward of the urban environs to surprise enemy forces and dominate the battleground.Versatile CustomizationFind your own unique combat gear up fitted to your needs and way without existence bound by classes or roles. Choose from hundreds of combinations of unique weapon parts, attachments, skins, camos and paints. Aforementioned rules apply to vehicles, tactical gear and uniforms. If it’due south possible in real life, information technology’s possible in World War 3 – uncomplicated as that!National PrideWorld War 3 is heavily grounded in military realism, offering accurate depictions of weapons, uniforms and equipment of national armed forces. All of information technology to inspire yous to make the state of war effort personal and prove that your country is the dominant force on the battlefield. All maps are based on existent-life locations such equally the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow (more than locations planned) recreated with an unprecedented attention to detail.Potent TeamplayWorld War three supports team-based gameplay rewarding the initiative in playing every bit a part of a team. Responsible cooperation within a team is the best recipe for combat effectiveness. Players can choose between assuming the function of an Attacker or a Defender, and apply whatsoever gear available to support their playstyle – what matters is the victory.Armor vs ProjectileThe nigh accurate bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date, accomplished through years of research and evolution with military professionals. Ballistics, a weight system, full body awareness, vehicle physics, and an extensive customization organization all impact the gameplay in a meaningful style.Strategic State of war MapTo show consequences of every battle, role player performance is rewarded with resources used to conquer or defend a territory. Proceeds boosted bonuses via the metagame and plow the tide of war! Every destroyed vehicle, every kill, every bullet fired, every accomplishment affects the large movie presented on a constantly evolving, interactive state of war map eventually covering the entire planet.Customs Driven DevelopmentWorld War iii is being developed by competitive gamers who grew upwardly playing FPS games. As an indie studio we strongly believe that customs input is crucial in creating enjoyable and memorable games. We want to invite all of you to take role in the common try of making Globe State of war 3 the game you ever wanted to play!!

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