You Can Push the Google Pixel 6a’s Display to 90Hz

Google’south Pixel 6a comes with a vi.i-inch OLED display that supports a 60Hz refresh rate. Notwithstanding, recent reports reveal that there is a fashion for users to unlock a college refresh rate. The report claims that this smartphone can back up up to 90Hz refresh rate. Nonetheless, to exercise this, users will accept to utilize a separate modern. The mod from TheLunarixus unlocks 90Hz mode on the Google Pixel 6a phones. The team is also working on a custom ROM that will make it easy for any Google Pixel 6a possessor to unlock the higher refresh rate.

The test plant that the Pixel 6a can indeed unlock the 90Hz mode through this MOD. It’southward unclear if the Pixel 6a’s display panel actually supports 90Hz, or if it’southward overclocked to get a faster refresh rate. All the same, it is important to note that to unlock 90Hz style on the Google Pixel 6a, users need to enable debug mode and OEM unlocking in settings. Then load the bootloader, manually flash the Android 13 beta, disable parts and check to flash the modified vendor_boot mirror.

google pixel 6a

However, information technology is of import to note that some users found that the mobile telephone had a green screen problem later on applying this MOD. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski has warned that Samsung may not rate the Google Pixel 6a display at 90Hz. However, this display has the capacity to overclock its electric current rating.

google pixel 6a

Google tests new features – users tin can play cloud games directly in search results

Google Search will show users which cloud streaming services have specific video games based on existing support for movies, Telly and music. Furthermore, users will be able to play certain games directly in the search results. For years, Google Search has been the aggregator of streaming services around the world. If you want to lookout man a detail evidence, you can use Google Search or Google TV to get the exact information on which streaming service the show belongs to. A search for The Simpsons, for case, will reveal that the evidence can be streamed from various apps including Disney+ and Hulu, every bit well every bit purchased from multiple stores.

Over the by few days, Google Search has expanded this feature to include support for video games. However, instead of including various console storefronts or links to many PC gaming retailers, Google is focusing on deject gaming.

Leakster, Bryant Chappel seems to be the first to detect the alter. He found that the change wasn’t express to Stadia, Google’s own cloud gaming service. The feature also appears to be available for cloud gaming from platforms such as Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce At present, he said.


Of course, there are nonetheless limitations to this office. Users first demand to log in to an account associated with these cloud gaming services. Otherwise, they will be directed to the registration page, and there may still be many intermediate prompts. As well, the feature doesn’t seem to work with all games. But for Stadia and Xbox Deject Gaming, at to the lowest degree with i click in Google search results, yous can navigate to your favourite deject gaming service website, select your game, and press the “you’ll find at that place” Start Game push button.

It’due south unclear when or if Google will ringlet out the characteristic in full. The feature appears to have been on and off over the by few months. Or at to the lowest degree, Google keeps manipulating the criteria for accessing this feature. Chappell confirms that he all the same sees Google’s tests at his home in Austin, Texas. There are speculations that Google is using this feature to comport A/B tests to run across how people react.


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