YouTube Increases Premium Family Plan Rates — Who’s Next?

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YouTube Premium is getting a price hike — here’s what we know

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YouTube just got a major update — hither’south all the new features.

YouTube Premium
may not be the most popular
streaming service, only information technology all the same has its fans. Our ain Jordan Palmer even claims it’south the
but streaming service he pays for, offering him tons of quick, enjoyable content with no ads. Subscribers even go the YouTube Music streaming service included with their subscriptions.


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reports that YouTube Premium subscribers can look a price hike starting November 21, 2022. The outlet cited several annoyed Reddit users complaining that the price of their subscription was increasing.

Specifically, it appears that YouTube Premium family plan subscribers are getting a toll hike. Based on the Reddit posts, it appears that customers in

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and the
are seeing their family program prices increment dramatically — over 27%.

For other customers across the globe, it looks similar the price hike isn’t express to just Due north America. In the U.K., YouTube Premium family unit plan subscribers reported increases of more than 10% on

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, and in Argentine republic, the toll of YouTube Premium for anybody is increasing by more than than 290% — not just family unit plan subscribers.

YouTube Premium: Is my price going up?

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Later on reached for comment, a YouTube spokesperson provided us with the following quote. “We adjusted pricing for our Premium family plan subscription in the United states of america, Canada, the U.k., Nippon, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina. Users can find their updated pricing on their Purchases and Memberships page
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. We don’t make these decisions lightly, and nosotros realize how hard this may be for our members. This new price reflects the complete value of YouTube Premium and will permit us to develop even more Premium features and continue to back up the creators and artists you watch and listen to on YouTube.”

For now, a lot of the toll increases seem limited to YouTube Premium family plans. U.South. and Canadian users are seeing their monthly subscription fees increase from $17.99 to $22.99 and CA$17.99 to CA$22.99, respectively. In the U.Yard. family plans will increase from £17.99 to £19.99.

Still, the real shock is the cost hike in Argentina. For YouTube Premium, the subscription is reportedly jumping from ARS119 to ARS389; family plan subscribers will come across their price get up from ARS179 to ARS699. Both of those increases are significantly higher p than what we are hearing from other parts of the world. Several other countries are also seeing price hikes, including Turkey, Japan, Republic of indonesia and Brazil.

Unfortunately, TechCrunch says that users with grandfathered monthly subscription fees, specifically those who had Google Play Music subscriptions, are not safe from this cost hike. Luckily, they exercise go to stave off the inevitable a bit longer; their price hike reportedly won’t take effect until April 2023.

What are my alternatives to YouTube Premium?

If are you suffering from sticker stupor and looking to abandon YouTube Premium after this news, make sure to bank check out our guide to the
best streaming services
before you switch.

But keep in mind that YouTube isn’t the just 1 increasing its prices.
Netflix is increasing its prices
if you share passwords,
ESPN Plus, Hulu and Disney Plus all recently saw toll hikes
Amazon Prime got a cost hike back in Feb. So while it is definitely frustrating to see all these companies increment their prices without adding much value, it may be tough for consumers to avert this wave of inflation.

Editors’ Annotation:

This story has been updated with comment from YouTube.


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