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Later the company’s founding in 2005, YouTube rose rapidly through the ranks of online video websites to get an manufacture leader that streams more than a billion hours of video a day. That’south impressive growth for a site that started with a single video of a co-founder’s (Jawed Karim) day at the San Diego Zoo. Today, YouTube includes billions of videos, ranging from clips featuring makeup tips and DIY habitation repairs to music videos and celebrity interviews.

It’s the number one, go-to resource for legally streaming free content — copyrighted materials posted without legal permission are removed — and the platform is very easy to employ. You can watch your favorite videos for hours or tackle the challenge of creating new content of your ain. Here’s a quick look at what you demand to know to start streaming videos on YouTube.

Create Your Ain YouTube Account

Technically, you don’t have to create a YouTube business relationship to merely watch videos on the site, merely signing in allows you to take full reward of all the site’southward features. For example, you lot won’t exist able to like or dislike videos, share videos, save videos to playlists or subscribe to different creators’ channels if you don’t sign in to your business relationship. You also won’t exist able to create your ain content for your own YouTube aqueduct without an account.

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Google acquired YouTube near the end of 2006, then y’all volition always sign in to YouTube using your Google account information. If you lot already have a Google account, simply click Sign In in the height right corner of the master YouTube folio and enter your Google email address and password. If y’all don’t have a Google account, choose the choice to create an account and follow the steps.

In one case you sign in, navigating the site is very straightforward. The navigation bar along the left side of the page gives you lot options for quickly accessing your library, history, saved and liked video choices, subscription channels, feedback and more. The chief screen will feature a changing selection of videos that might interest you based on your viewing history. If you want to find a specific video, use the search bar at the top of the page to type in keyword requests. Clicking your photo icon in the meridian right corner provides access to your account details.

Like most streaming services these days, YouTube offers a few dissimilar options to take care of your personal streaming needs. If you simply desire to spotter free videos occasionally in your spare time, so you may be quite happy with the standard YouTube account that provides access to billions of videos free of charge. All the same, advertising revenue supports the cost of all those free users on the site.

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If y’all want to picket all your favorite content without the nuisance of advertisement breaks, you can do so past paying a modest monthly subscription fee to access YouTube Premium. Besides no ads in videos, YouTube Premium allows you to listen to music on YouTube Music without advertising interruptions. You tin can likewise download videos and music to your device to watch or heed at times (up to thirty days) when you lot don’t have available data or an internet connectedness.

Every bit a meridian tier streaming service, YouTube Telly gives subscribers access to cable-like TV service with no cable box or contract required. Service includes access to more than 85 live Television set channels, including Food Network, HGTV, Nickelodeon and TNT equally well as broadcast icons like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. In addition to live streaming, y’all tin can record all your favorite shows for subsequently viewing without always worrying about how much recording space you have left. Each YouTube TV account is valid for up to six users, although just 3 users tin stream simultaneously.

Upload or Broadcast Your Own Original Content

When yous gear up your account on YouTube, you can create your own original content for your YouTube channel so promote that content to gain subscribers. Your content could be videos you lot film, edit and upload to the site, or you could broadcast live streams with the touch of a button. Many companies have embraced the Streamlabs OBS (Open up Broadcaster Software) on YouTube to create webinars, tutorials, online instructional videos, interviews and other pieces of video content. Even novice filmmakers can easily use the suite of tools.

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But perhaps the nigh interesting chemical element for many people is the ever-growing number of success stories nearly individuals — collectively known as YouTubers — who take turned making videos for YouTube into full-time, successful careers. To earn money for your original content, you must be enrolled in YouTube’s Partner Programme, which requires a review of your channel.

The different types of monetization include payment for ad revenue, aqueduct memberships, views by premium members, merchandise recommendations and a service chosen Super Chat, where subscribers pay to heave their messages in chat streams. Once your YouTube channel is approved, y’all have to meet specific qualifying criteria to plow on the different types of monetization. For case, view count and subscriber minimums must exist met for several acquirement streams, and making money on ads requires you to produce advertiser-friendly content.

Use Third-Party Software or Hardware Encoders to Stream Alive Videos

For live streaming, many YouTube creators stick to using the webcams on their computers or their mobile devices. However, some prefer to use third-political party encoders to create and stream alive videos. This method is specially useful if you want to use multiple cameras to create a more complex production.

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To live stream using an encoder, you must enable live streaming and then install the software or hardware encoder. Software encoding options include Phase Ten and Xsplit Broadcaster. Hardware encoders include Elgato Game Capture HD60 and SlingStudio. Some software, like Streamlabs OBS, is also bachelor for mobile devices.


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